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August 2020 – Wrapping up the month. A crazy month.

August 2020

August 2020 has been a crazy month! I really mean that. It has been Hectic in our house lately. We have had an emotional month with varies things going on. and of course, yesterday felt like a sad day for us as we should have been saying ‘I do’.

It is sad that we had to postpone our wedding, thanks to the bloody coronavirus. However we still have 11 beautiful months to look forward to our big day. So instead of being negative I am looking forward to our future as always.

So what has been happening this August 2020?

We had so much fun at the sunflower fields!

At the beginning of this month, my beautiful Emma surprised me by taking me to the sunflower fields in Titchfield. We had such a fabulous time. It had honestly been on my bucket list to go to one of these, so to have finally done it has made me feel proper happy! I definitely am lucky to have such a thoughtful fiance.

August 2020

Bella did her very first collaboration.

Bella did her first-ever collaboration with Fab Furry Baby and modelled this beautiful dress on my Instagram this month! Owning Bella has such a positive effect on our mental health. It was quite fun seeing her strut her stuff in such a cute item of pet clothing!

We played with our hair, a lot.

This was such an out of the blue thing! Emma and I both decided that we should bleach our hair. Why I am not sure. Do I regret it? No, actually I’m loving having lighter hair again! Although of course, the bleach has damaged the condition a fair bit, I am using a lot of hair masks and treatment to recover the state of our hair. As you can imagine going from dark to blonde has given us multiple shades of yellow! however we are getting there, and hopefully, I’ll be the actual colour I want to be soon. I’ll do a proper post with pictures in the future!

We’ve had some pretty awesome house guests.

Supporting our lovely neighbours who are going through some difficult times, we have offered them our house until they can get back on their feet. The amazing ‘Crazy M‘ is currently staying with us. I wanted to give them a mention as this month she has been entered into the Be Awards nationals. If you have two minutes, please visit this link and vote for her to win!

Another thing I wanted to mention is Demi has started blogging since she has been staying here, take a second to check out her blog as she is such an inspiring person!

I reached 10 years on WordPress.

Seriously, 10 years? How did that happen? It’s hard to believe that I have been blogging on and off since then. The past 3 years my blogging has grown much more, but I definitely feel like I have learnt a lot in the past few years.

Finally played with the resin liquid I brought ages ago!

A few months ago I finally got my hands on some resin liquid! I hadn’t had a chance to get to grips with actually doing it!, So we grabbed some little decorations (basically whatever I could find in the craft room. The trinket trays we made are absolutely adorable, and I now can’t wait to purchase more resin liquid to be able to make more!

Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way not to drop the resin crafts! As one of them smashed on the floor. 😤.

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