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What our Christmas normally looks like.

I’ve always loved the Christmas period. It’s my favourite time of the year. Everything about the Christmas season fills me with happiness. I’ve always secretly loved the struggle of finding the perfect gift for loved ones and the busy vibes that feels the 2 months up until Christmas.

I am very grateful to say that for the whole of my life I have spent every Christmas period with my mum, dad and brother. With other members of the family joining us later in the day for Christmas lunch.

this year is the 4th Christmas that I am spending with my beautiful fiancé. We started hosting Christmas together as soon as we started living together. Originally at Emma’s dads farm, and this year it will be at our house. Eeeeee, I am actually quite excited.

it’s gonna be so different again this year, I think I’m going to miss having Christmas at the farm, but in the same breathe I am excited to start our new Christmas traditions too.

Christmas shopping normally starts September/October time for me and my Emma. We do a little bit at a time. Normally starting with random things that we pick up in the shops knowing there make lovely presents. We then sit down together with a notebook and go through the haul, allocating them to who we are going to gift them too.

There are plenty of things that make me realise how much we have had to be grateful for in the past. Normally from November onwards we tend to have a Callander filled with days out with family and friends, normally for shopping or meals, etc. So thanks to corona we have had a lot to miss this year. Especially the annual trip to poundberry!

we normally prepare the veg and table on Christmas Eve so we then only have to focus on is cooking the lunch and enjoying time with loved ones. we also make mince pies together. 💛

When it comes to Christmas Eve, the past few years my parents have come to us at the farm, we then sit and enjoy a Camembert and meat platter buffet, whilst having a few drinks and play a few games together. This year won’t be any different as my parents and brother are staying with us here but maybe for a bit longer then a night or 2, who knows.

Christmas morning, we would get up early and walk down the stairs to share Em’s Dads presents with him and get the turkey into the oven, we would have an alarm set for around 6. We’d always come down and find that Pete was already sorting the turkey for us as well.

a few hours would past, and once every one had woken up and had a coffee, I’d bake some croissants in the oven and have these ready for us to east for our Christmas breakfast with Buck’s Fizz!

we sit around in a circle and take it in turns to open presents from our sacks, and it would normally take a few hours to do so as well. But it’s a nice way lot really appreciating the gifts received, and what others are opening.

once we finished opening presents was normally about the time my Nan and uncle would arrive to us, for then more present opening and the drinks start pouring.

we’d sit and eat our Christmas dinner around the big table in the dining room. Until we couldn’t eat anymore. Then continue to the living room for family games and chat. Until eventually the day is gone.

my favourite part of Christmas has always been the Boxing Day party at my nans house however, I have way to many memories of being extremely drunk at my nans, and with her.
pill never forget the screwed up face she made after I convinced her to drink a sours shot.

or the time I got in trouble because I apparently made my grown ass uncle by drink in the corner shop (he full well offered when I walked with him, and I was drunk for goodness sakes!)

I am grateful for all the Christmas memories I have made with my loved ones.

although we know this year won’t be the same. We will definitely still be making memories and enjoying the day!

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