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What I’ve learned 6 months into making Resin art.

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Honestly, I love being able to play with different crafts. I found resin art a long time ago and then I spent actual months looking at resin art and wanting to have a go with this stuff. When I finally managed to get my hands on the set up, that was it. I was completely obsessed with what you can actually create with this stuff. Especially since having more space to do things like this in the craft room.

My first beautiful resin make!

What the actual flip is Resin?

When I say resin, I am actually referring to Epoxy resin.

Basically, Resin starts in a liquid form, of 2 different compounds. When you mix the 2 together, it creates a solid form (after curing for a few days). Once the resin has cured the end result is a high-gloss and durable product with a clear surface. Epoxy resin is not a new thing, It has been used for years for a multitude of things such as floors, tables, and industrial reasons. Not forgetting resin is used for resin art.

So, How do you make resin?

Mixing your resin up is really simple. It will depend on the resin you have purchased. most resin is mixed at a 1:1 ratio, but to be certain make sure you are checking the instructions from the manufacture.
The 1:1 ratio literally means half part a, half part b. So if you are mixing 80ml of resin, you need 40ml part A and 40ml part B.
if you have purchased a resin that is a 1:2 ratio, you are pretty much doing the same thing, except it becomes 60ml and 20ml.

making resin art
Using cake sprinkles to decorate my trinket trays!

Is creating with resin expensive?

This is a bit of a hard question to answer. I wouldn’t say that Resin for a hobby is the cheapest thing, however depending on how much you are creating, and your purpose for creating, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Amazon, & eBay have some amazing starter kits, to help get you started on the resin journey, however you do need a few bits before you can start creating.

What you should have to make resin art, A full list.

Epoxy Resin

The main ingredient to making resin art, you will need your epoxy resin. I highly recommend Dr. Crafty Resin starter kit. I regularly buy this one, and I have had no issues with it!

Silicone mat

I have a silicone mat to protect my work surface! it really has been a godsend having this, because no matter how hard you try not to drip your resin it does have a tendency to managing to get in places you don’t want it to be.

Safety bits

So like I have touched on already, You will need safety bits to keep yourself safe whilst playing with Resin Art.

Make sure that you have Vinyl gloves and a respirator as a bare minimum. But you may also want to get some protective goggles.

Measuring cups, and stirrers

Annoyingly it took me ages to realize that there are reusable measuring jugs! and they are honestly the best thing I have discovered for resin, you just use your jug, and allow it to dry, then peel the excess resin away! and clean, then you have a cost-effective and manageable resource. You can do exactly the same with silicone stirrers to mix your resin with.

Thinking of other ways to be creative whilst stuck indoors? check out this post, here.

Mica powder & Inks

Mica powder is what you use to add the colours you want to your resin mix, there are hundreds of pretty colours to choose from and this dont seem to be too expensive considering they will last a long time. you only need a small amount of mica powder to colour your resin.

Alternatively, you can also use Alcohol Inks to color and create amazing effects! This is something I haven’t yet tried! but I am currently waiting to buy this set of alcohol inks.

Other pretty things.

There are lots of things that you can use in your resin art. Glitters, Dried flowers, small embellishments, anything you fancy including in your resin art.

Silicone moulds.

Moving on to the most addictive purchasing part of Resin Art. Buying Resin Moulds.

The silicone moulds are what you pour your resin mixture into, the mould will shape your resin. So you can buy moulds for a variety of things. So if your planning to make a trinket tray, you will use a desired trinket tray mould.

The reason I say that this part is the most addictive part or resin make purchases is before you know if you have loads of moulds and still want more!

TIP: Wish and SHIEN have Silicone resin moulds to purchase and they are ridiculously cheap!

Heat gun

A heat gun is actually used in a few ways, one key thing for having a heat gun near by when creating your resin art, is to use the gun to remove any unwanted bubbles from your work.

making resin art
My most recent resin haul!

Keeping it safe.

Resin is a totally fun craft to get your hands on, however, one important thing to remember is to make resin, you are playing around with chemicals.

Epoxy Resin has been known, to have effects on peoples breathing, especially overtime. I would highly recommend to anybody before they start doing resin to do plenty of research in to safety before starting using it.

Another thing I would really recommend you looking into is the Facebook group ‘Epoxy is not my friend

Tips and Tricks (I’ll update this the more I learn)

  • Make sure you are wearing PPE before you start the resin process
  • Clean up any spills straight away, Resin is hard to remove from a surface once this has set.
  • Use a heat gun to remove any bubbles that you have in your pour. (once in your mould)
  • Plan what it is your doing! don’t just wing it.

What are your thoughts on Resin Art?

I would love to know what your thoughts are on Resin art, What do you love and what don’t you love about Resin?
Leave me your thoughts in the comments below! I would love too hear all of your opinions.

Before I go…

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