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What I miss about living on a farm.

It has been nearer to 6 months since we moved into our beautiful new house on a new-build location in Southampton. We love it here, our house is perfect for us. We have such lovely, friendly neighbours that we have gotten to know so well since the Lockdown. Going from living on a farm, back to living in a neighbourhood definitely makes you miss things about living in such a beautiful place though.

When I first started living with Emma, I moved in to live with Emma and her dad, at his working farm. A huge beautiful section of land, a yard filled with cows, Mooing in the background. Around 3 years of beautiful memories being made with my soulmate.

You can’t deny that saying you live on a farm is definitely a different reality to most. I grew up right next to a small shopping village, opposite the main road in Southampton. Busy cars rushing passed the house, almost crashing so many times. walking distance to pretty much everything you need.

It definitely at times felt out of the way living on a farm. Especially as I don’t drive. So one of my goals for the future still is to get my license. Especially as I think Em would really appreciate it.

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Whatever the weather we made memories…

Sunny days, snowy days, even the rainy and dusky ones. There is so much beauty in our country side and living on a farm just taught me daily how to appreciate the world more.

When we had that major snow a few years ago, I was left working from home. I couldn’t resist getting outside to explore the farm in snow. My Nikon D3200 in hand. Taking all sorts of artistic snowy photos. The yard looked beautiful, cows and snow. I remember getting to the yard and FaceTiming my dad and saying ‘you need to see how beautiful it is’.

The nature and wildlife around the farm.

Seeing deers running through the fields, meeting the fox as it turned to sunset or the wild birds there is so much life living on the farm.

Obviously being a cow farm you would constantly hear the cows mooing into the night. I would actually freak out every now and then. Wondering what the hell the noice was outside. A shrieking animal. It was a fox. I worked it out in the end. My favourite noice will always be the hooting owl at night though.

We would just have so much random fun.

Whether it was watching our friends and family kids take a trip in a tractor! Or have a go at driving one. Or jumping the back of the truck to drive around in, we were constantly making amazing memories.

The funniest memory I have, one day when the gate was accidentally left open. I ended up helping support trying to herd some cows back into their sheds. Honestly, when you come face to face with a cow, suddenly you realise how big cows actually are.

Learning new things.

It is true that experiencing different and new places teaches you new things. Living on the farm taught me how to appreciate what I have. As well as being grateful for new opportunities and appreciating the beauty of the land.

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  1. September 21, 2020 / 9:43 am

    Oh my gosh, living on a farm sounds so amazing! I’d love to live on a farm one day. Fab pot darling. I’m sending you so much love. ♡

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | http://www.alishavalerie.com

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