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12 Ways to get back your creative motivation

Don’t you just hate it when all you want to do is be in your creative flow, creating your art, writing your heart out, or crafting whatever it is you create that day? but all you can do is sit and do nothing because of your lack of inspiration and motivation to actually be creative. It is even worse when your sole income is dependent on your ability to actually be creative. So, In today’s post, I am talking about something that affects all creative minds, lack of inspiration, So I wanted to share the ways you can get back your creative motivation.

The creative flow is something that we all have within us, whether it is art, writing, craft, or something else. Whether your creating for a hobby or creating for an income, Creativity comes in all different shapes and sizes, but when it comes to actually inspiring creativity, we can all read from the same page.

One of my favourite creative quotes!

So what can we do to get back our creative motivation?

Take a step back

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your creative mojo, is just this, Take a break. Step back, and recharge your mind by having a break! It doesn’t matter whether your creativity is a hobby or a job, taking a break from your project is necessary!

Sometimes forcing yourself to be creative and achieve something is the worse thing to do when you are really not feeling it. Your best work comes from your most spontaneous thoughts and moments, so instead of trying to force yourself to achieve, let creativity come back to you when it is ready.

Focus on yourself

Call me cliché, but creativity really does come from the soul. What I mean is, our emotions and feelings do have a massive impact on creative output. are negative and positive energies are reflected in our creations. It can be heard in your art, as well as your words. So if you are aiming to create something bold, and positive, but you are feeling down and stressed, this can show. Think about what it is your feeling and if you are in the mindset you want to be.

Go for a walk

Not only is getting out and going for a walk so good for your mental and physical wellbeing, getting out in nature, and taking a break into the fresh air is so good for your creative motivation also.

Honestly, getting a change of scene from going for a walk also is really beneficial, It’s always good to get away from things that are starting to become overwhelming.

Listen to music

It might sound cliché but honestly, music is inspiring. I love to have something on in the background when I am working. I try to stick to music, or I have a program playing that doesn’t actually require an attention span. However, I do recommend music over a program, as it is proven to motivate workflow, as well as creativity.
Some people prefer complete silence, so if this is not for you whilst you are working, think about taking some time away from your projects and work, to listen to some music, for inspiration, and then try going back to what you were doing.

Reorganize your creative space

Your creative space should be your happy space, as well as your workspace. and if your anything like me, once you have been working on a few projects your space can go from tranquil to messy organized chaos.

Having a cluttered working space doesn’t take long to become overwhelming and too much. So it is no surprise your work space has an impact on your creative mindset. So take 5 minutes and reorganise and de clutter your space! then you can go back to your projects with a fresh mind and tidy space!

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creative motivation

Try something new

We all get into our comfort zones, and we like to stick to what we know most of the time, but let’s be honest, doing the same thing all of the time can become pretty boring after a while. If your feeling like this then it is definitely worth having a go at something new and certainly time to get out of your comfort zone! Do something completely random, Something that you have never tried before. It doesn’t matter what it is, like picking up a guitar, Joining a dance club, try a new craft, or even just reading a new book genre! We, humans, thrive on new experiences and encounters, so doing something new, is one of the most common ways to inspire ourselves. It doesn’t even matter if it is just a one-time thing! we all learn and adapt by our experiences. 9 times out of 10, if you are inspired in one area, that inspiration you have starts spreading to other aspects in your life.

Look for inspiration

Inspiration seeking is something we all do, especially when we are looking for creative motivation. Whether we admit that we do it or not! and we have been blessed with some amazing tools to be able to do this!

The tools I recommend the most, for pretty much anything you are doing, is Pinterest and Instagram. My two favourite platforms to be inspired by others. Pinterest is a search engine in its own right, so you can literally find anything on there. I find that I start looking at one thing, and before I know it, its been an hour, and Im 8 suggested pages down and found something completely new to look at and think about! seriously its genius!

And its completely the same when it comes to instagram, I like to search the relevant hashtags to be inspired by what others are doing. This really works when it comes to looking for inspiration, before you know it, you’ve seen something that’s given you some incredible idea of your own to try!

Keep an ideas notebook

A notebook really can be your best friend at times! there are so many useful things that you can do with one! I tend to keep my notebook with me 99.999% of the time for this reason! It is full of lists, reminders, information, everything I need to keep myself going and organized, well, As organized as I can be anyway.
Whenever you have a new idea or thought, drop it down in your notebook so when you are stuck for ideas, you can go back and look for the ideas you have already thought of.

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Take a digital break

Social media has its pros and cons, it can be amazing and inspirational at times, but in the same breathe, social media can be a drain on our motivation to actually produce. 5 minute scrolling time never really lasts just those 5 minutes, do they?

There are 2 pretty big reasons why we should allow ourselves to take a break from our devices. Firstly Taking a step back from our online world gives us the chance to relax and actually get to grips with our creative mindset naturally.

As much as I rate our fabulous social platforms for the inspiration they can give us, there is a side to be wary of also. It is easy to become over pressured to be posting our creations to the internet, comparing our work to others. which can then bring us down. If this is happening to you then it is definitely time to take a digital break.

Take a look at my post on the impacts of social media, here.

Create a mindmap

Remember in school when they got you into a group that gave you a massive bit of paper and a really thick pen, and then they’d ask your team to plan something? Then you’d decide who had the best handwriting and plot all your ideas down in a massive brainstorm. Well, this is exactly that, Grab a piece of paper, Write your focus in the middle, and let your mind wander with all of your ideas and plans jot them into a mind map. It doesn’t need to belong to sentences either, just some keywords. Maybe just some words that inspire you when you’re creating. It does not need to be neat, or anything set in stone. A mind map is just a perfect way to encourage yourself to get thinking about what it is you want to do and create, leading you to find the creative motivation that you need to get on with things. Once you’ve made your scribbles you can then go into deeper planning and things after. Mind maps are so useful for a brain dump.

Create a mood board

Mood boards are literally so useful when it comes to lack of creative motivation. I love them! it doesn’t matter whether it is a digital collage of images that inspire you or a physical mood board that you have created. The whole idea of creating a mood board is to keep you inspired with the things that inspire you the most. It could even include pictures of where you want to be in 5 years’ time, Something you are working towards. Maybe it’s saving for a house or a dream car. It literally could include whatever you like. It is your personal board, to inspire you. So it is no good copying anyone else’s, it has to come from your heart.

Just enjoy yourself

At the end of the day, what ever it is you are doing, You should be gaining enjoyment from creating. If your no longer enjoying it. It may be time to ask yourself these simple questions, Why are you doing something that you are not enjoying? or Is there something you could change to make your activity more enjoyable? Having the answer to these could help your inspiration to be creative again very quickly!

So what helps you get back your creative motivation?

We all work in different ways, and sometimes these ideas work, and sometimes they don’t. It is worth trying different ways to bring you back to doing what it is you want.

I’d love to here your suggestions on what gets you out of a creative slump! Is there something different that you do that helps you? leave a comment below! I can not wait to hear them.

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