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Tips for packaging your small business items

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So you have decided to start your very own business doing what it is you love to do. Now, you have so much to think about. What your selling, what your charging, Promoting, taking photos, branding, packaging orders, the lot.

It is so exciting when it comes to getting your very first order as well. You do a little happy dance as soon as you get that notification… Once you’ve done that, it is time to sort out the order and its packaging. The packaging alone can give you so much to think about.

We all know how it feels to have the excitement of the postman coming. Especially when you know you have something exciting due to come to you very soon. But what is it that really makes getting your order extra special?

Well I don’t know about you, but for me, its the effort that has gone into actually packaging my items.

So lets talk packaging…

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Some things you should consider when choosing your packaging

Does your packaging fit in with your brand?

The over all look

When you are choosing your packaging, you want it to fit in well with your over all business brand.

There are so many options for you to get creative with what your customer is going to receive when they receive their order from you! and nowadays there are so many more options available for you to be able to do this as well. We have moved away from the times of brown paper and cardboard boxes, the plain and simple, no-fuss methods. Now you could have packaging designed and printed with your logo and in your brand pallet. Packaging has become so much more of a bigger deal. It is a massive part of making your business rememberable.

More and more small businesses are turning to bespoke packaging, to give their packaging a more personal touch to suit their business. Including your completely unique branding and keeping your designs sleek and bold are actually pretty key elements for any piece of product packaging. Although it is absolutely important that not only does your package that you send out still have its Functionality that it is meant to.

Remember it is a customer experience

You are providing your customer with an experience from the minute they receive their package. So having your packaging aesthetically pleasing is important. However, so is remembering the experience you are giving your customer when they order from you. The way that you are actually presenting their

Are you environmentally friendly?

Biodegradable packaging

sustainable products and packaging are a hot topic for any business right now.
Looking after our planet is so important and we can ensure we are doing our part in making our packaging eco-friendly! Packaging is something that without a second thought gets thrown away quicker than it is received.

Make your eco-friendlyness known!

Be loud and proud about your packaging, your packaging isn’t going to affect the planet by leaving a carbon footprint! so make sure your customers know that use stickers or maybe a little note to tell your customers that they can either recycle or place into a compost bin! doing this is giving your customer clear instructions on how to dispose of the part of the order that isn’t going to be kept.

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Is your packaging cost effective?

Think about the cost

When you are running your business. Finances come into absolutely everything. How much it costs to make your product. How much it costs to send and package the order.

have you ever received an order from a supplier for example and the very small item you had ordered came inside a massive box? And you laugh at it and moan why on earth are they wasting such massive packaging and cost?
it’s a really good point. So, if you are sending out a small item. Would you use a shoebox-sized parcel knowing that it would cost less to send in a smaller-sized packaging?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Are your products actually safe?

The last thing you want to hear is all of that hard work you put into your product has been ruined because it didn’t arrive at its new home safely!

Honestly, that is every creator’s worst nightmare!

Think about the materials of your product.

Take a minute to think about your product that you are sending out. Would your fabric product reach its home undamaged in all weather conditions?

I once ordered a T-shirt for my partner for Christmas. It arrived on a horrendous day, pure 24 hour downpour. Unfortunately the sender had placed the T-shirt into a cardboard envelope. Meaning the brand new T-shirt i received was completely soaked. Not ideal hey?

and this does go for all items. A fragile item could be broken in transit. So ask yourself what could you do to prevent this from happening? Well, I would suggest wrapping anything fragile into bubble wrap. You can now buy environmentally friendly, biodegradable bubble wrap. I would certainly check this out. Another method I absoloutely love for protecting an order is shredded tissue paper. Not only does it look look, but it also has a lucky dip feel when your customer is taking there items out of the box!

I want to hear from you

We are all different, and there are so many unique businesses out there! I want to hear from you with your tips and tricks. As well as any experiences you have had with packaging, wether its sending or receiving!

Leave a comment for me to read in the box below and tell me your thoughts!

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