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Tips for keeping your home workspace productive.

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My current workspace

Whether you are a blogger, Small business owner, crafter, student or like many people in the past 2 years, suddenly had to begin working from home due to the pandemic. Workspace is a pretty big deal as soon as it comes to being productive and getting stuff done. Your workspace should be where you can sit, and get your creative flow running without feeling the daunt of having to actually get shit done. Which brings the question of what makes the perfect workspace? So in this post, I am sharing my tips for creating and keeping your creative workspace actually productive.

As a crafter, my workspace isn’t only an office but a craft room. So creative space is something that means a lot to me.

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It’s all about the colour, light and space.

colour, light and space have a massive impact on our creative workflow.

Nobody wants to work in a dark and dingy office, so why would you create a bad mood for your home workspace?

Desk space had been something that’s been an issue for us for a while, particularly when working on making things. Space just seems to diminish, quickly. So we recently changed our desks and purchased 2 corner desks. The reason we chose this, is so that we had a longer working surface, which so far has worked amazingly in our office. Ideally, I wanted to have another white desk, but after hours of searching, the colour came second to actually needing the space. I even purchased a laptop stand as a space saver whilst I am working, giving me more room to get on with making things! which is perfect for me! and I would highly recommend these.

whether you are a night owl or an early riser, either way, you also need to make sure you have enough of the good stuff, light. Having a desk lamp is so helpful! Mine is often on during daylight as well, as when I’m crafting I need the extra light, there never seems to be enough of the stuff. So seeking out having your workspace in a well-lit (as possible) area really will help. Especially an adjustable lamp you can more the light focus with.

Finally the colour bit… adding some colour to your workspace is actually proven to help your productivity as colours enhance your mood. Basically giving you some of the happy vibes, making you feel more uplifted to work.

Keep it practical.

It’s really easy to get excited and carried away on the aesthetic of your workspace. However, there comes a point that practicality does actually need to be put first. If you need to have a desk with a lot of space to be able to work, then a smaller desk isn’t actually going to be practical. Again, with what you need out in your office.

Organise your stuff for convenience.

your most used tools should be easy access. This needs to be considered when you are tidying your area and organising your bits. There is literally no point putting things away in an awkward manner when you know you are going to be making it a mess getting them back out again shortly. there are many ways that you can keep your workspace and tools organised. My favourite place to keep my creative tools is my craft cart. which I have always kept next to my desk, allowing me easy access to my most used bits, like scissors, tweezers, glue, etc. The fact they are on wheels as well is one of the best features as they are easy to move and workaround.

Your workspace should be kept up to date with you and your work projects.

Especially from a crafters point of view, sometimes your workspace needs to be adapted to your project interest.

Take the time to rejig your area every few weeks. Put away the things you aren’t using, and tidy up the things you are not using!

I’m hoping to get a pegboard this year as well, as these are a very popular, space-saving way to organise and have your tools.

Keep your workspace in a ready to work state.

You know the feeling when you’ve spent hours working at your desk. Your now tired, and all you want to do is go

As much as it is tempting to leave everything on your desk is after a long period sat at work, but taking 5 minutes when you finish putting everything away means the next time you visit your workspace, you are completely fresh to start again.

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Give your gadgets a practical home.

This may sound silly, but your gadgets need a practical home. Most of our gadgets for working are not the cheapest. So we need to make sure we are looking after them. Ensuring they are in a space where they can happily sit, and do their business, without being a danger to themselves.

Also, keeping your gadgets in a way that they are able to just ‘get on with it’ keeps your workspace productive as you won’t be fussing around plugging your gadgets in and connecting them every time you need to press print, or something.

Photo by Alizee Marchand on Pexels.com

Add a plant…or two.

Did you know It is proven that plants and greenery help you stay fresh and play a vital role in boosting your productivity, Which is pretty awesome for something that is so simple! so why not add a few low-patience plants to your workspace area.

If you are not the best plant mum (I completely admit that I am not) artificial plants can still give the green vibe, without having the stress of becoming a serial plant killer.

Dont skimp on comfort.

If you are someone who is spending a lot of time in their workspace, comfort is something that’s pretty necessary. After a few hours sitting on an uncomfortable chair, your back isn’t going to be happy. Having a comfortable office chair could save you from back pain!

keep an open space for brainstorming.

A brainstorming space near your workspace is ideal for keeping yourself focused. Things such as mood boards (aka vision boards), desk pads, and jotters, allow you to keep yourself on track with your ambitions. Or if you are like me, a simple notebook. Keep this accessible and out in the open so that you can keep your ideas flowing.

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I use a wire board to display my favourite prints!

Add as much of your personality as possible.

Your workspace should include as much of you as possible!

whether it is a bright and bold space, or something a little more simple. Your workspace should have the personality to match yours.

There are so many different things you can add to your space to give it a little bit more character too, such as personal photos, art prints, cute figures, plants, funky pen pots. Anything that makes your space more you.

What is important for you in your workspace?

Your workspace is completely dependent on what it is you do. So whether you are a writer, creative or general hustler, what do you find the most important when it comes to getting down to actually working?

Leave me a message in the comments below on what your workspace priorities are.

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