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Things to do with your family over Christmas day!

Christmas is the time of the year that we are all focused on spending time with our loved ones. So having some ideas prepared is a really good way of keeping on top of having fun and avoiding any unnecessary family drama. So today I am sharing things to do with your family over Christmas day. To help you stay organised and feel excited about the days to come.

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Play board games

Playing board games is my favourite suggestion especially for Christmas day, once the dinner has been eaten! What best but to keep everyone around the table, coming together and enjoying themselves.


Jenga can be such an intense game to play with the family. Ensuring that you’re not knocking over the tower, being careful to lean. Only to feel frustrated when you’re knocked and the whole tower falls to pieces. Sound about right? I absolutely love this game, we play it quite often anyway… However, the later in the night your playing on Christmas, depending on how much drink you have had, increases the challenge on actually keeping the tower up.


Ohhhh Monopoly, The game of all board games. Arguments have gone on for hours over this game. To be fair that being said it is totally a game that can last forever and a day. Is it all about strategy? Or is it just luck?


It was Miss Scarlet, in the library, with the gun! another game that had you guessing and concentration is a must in this gam, perfect for the families who like to compeer against each other where ever possible though!


I will never forget the Christmas that we played Pictionary. I somehow managed to confuse Northern lights, with the red lights, So I tried to draw a lady stood under the lamp post, like the red light district… Yeah I am not sure how I confused the 2… Maybe it was the wine I had been drinking over christmas dinner. Pictionary is such a laugh, especially if your playing with me to be fair.

Enjoy the seasonal television

In this house its all about the soap specials, hour long Christmas day Eastenders, that has always been my favourite, Since I was a child. its funny but I get excited at the end of Christmas Day, when I know it won’t be long and we will be chilling with tv. Although some years we also avoid the tv and make sure we’re doing more together than zoned out.

Take a long walk.

Especially when it’s after the Christmas dinner. Everyone has overeaten on the mass amount of food made all for one day. So having a walk after your meal not only makes you feel better but also is a great activity to share with your family and make some memories along the way.

No matter what it is you end up doing. Enjoy. Have a lovely stress free day.

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