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Things to do in January that’ll help you all year.

January tends to feel like the longest month every year, doesn’t it? I mean it everyone is pretty much done in and skint from Christmas, the weather makes us want to hide away because it is either dark, gloomy and raining, or it is just bitterly cold and we’d rather stay in and do nothing. Sound familiar?

I literally don’t know many people that can say that their favourite month is January. We’re already half way through and it feels like we should be in February already.

so it got me thinking. What things can we get up too that not only make January feel more productive but also set us up for the rest of the year.

Get your planner year ready.

Does anyone else love that feeling when January has finally come around, so you can officially start using the new planner you’ve had sat waiting!

I’m loving my Winnie the Pooh 2022 diary this year. If you havnt already got your hands on a planner. It’s not too late!

Have a bit of a declutter.

Now the Christmas is out of the way. Now is the perfect time for a bit of decluttering.

This has been my favourite thing to do so far this month! Getting rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore, sorting out the kitchen, clearing out make-up and just generally decluttering where ever I can right now!

Make a list of things your wanting to achieve.

I bloody love lists!

Lists really do keep you organised and in focus, especially if you are a scatterbrain like I 100% am. I literally cannot get anything done without having a continuous to-do list in action!

But lists don’t just have to be the things you need to get on and do. how about a list of things you would like to achieve this year. Like a bucket list.
mid you already have a bucket list done. How about writing a roadmap to get your goals achieved.

Start the year focusing on yourself again.

This is something I realised a couple of days ago. Now is the perfect time to get myself back in focus.

Take some time extra time to look after yourself, whether it is starting to put yourself first after not doing so for a while, giving yourself time to focus on your self-care, or just taking a break! It is so easy to lose focus on yourself sometimes, and we don’t even notice it happens. So getting into the habit of starting focusing on yourself is an amazing thing to do!

Start a new hobby.

You know that hobby that you’ve been dying to try for ages now. The one that you’ve been really determined to start, but you haven’t got round to it yet? Why not make an attempt to get it going! start the year as you mean to go on with your new exciting interest!

Make a new vision board.

I’ve mentioned vision boards a lot in past posts. But January is the perfect time to either finally make yourself the vision board that you’ve been planning to create for ages now or update the vision board you have made with your new goals and ideas.

Plan a few trips.

it is the perfect time to start filling in your dates and planning some outings for the next few months! Grab your calendar, get chatting with your friends and family and book away!

The best thing about planning ahead is having things to look forward to. whether it is booking tickets for an event, or arranging to meet friends for a coffee… or a gin!

Start ticking off your winter bucket list activities.

what is the point of having all these lists if we don’t actually do anything on them?

pick a random doable activity from your list and get to it. It’s something to do.

Do something nice for someone else.

It’s so rewarding to be able to do something for someone else. Wether it’s someone who is in need of a bit of support, a random act of kindness or something as simple as sharing some positivity.

a small act can go a long way.

Do you have any annual things to do in January?

We all get the feeling of January being a fresh start so I’m asking do you have any annual January traditions of things you do to set you up for the rest of the year? Leave a comment below. I would absolutely love to hear them.

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