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COVID safe autumn activities

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Keep positive during the pandemic with these COVID safe autumn activities.

Oh, I do love autumn.
I know I have posted before on why I love the fall. It has always been my truest favourite season. Does anybody else get completely excited when they start to see the trees leaves changing to the warm burnt orange colours? Those are such beautiful colours. Crunchy leaves then falling to the ground making the sound of an autumn walk completely. As I said, I love Autumn.

This year really has been massively negative for so many of us. The world seems to have lost its shit this year. So many of us are looking for positive things to do, keeping life as normal as possible.

yet again we are in a position where the coronavirus numbers are rising. So we need to stay vigilant and socially distance where ever possible.

So, in this post, I wanted to discuss the COVID safe autumn activities that we can still enjoy.

The official Autumn seasons starts on Tuesday 22 Sep 2020 and ends on Monday 21 Dec 2020.

COVID safe autumn activities pumpkin
My 2019 pumpkin

So here are my COVID safe autumn activities I am looking forward to!

Pumpkin picking

I wanted to start off my list with something that is a favourite of mine. So to clarify, Most if not all the pumpkin farms are still open. (at the time I am writing this anyway) Pickwell Farm In Hampshire is my favourite place to go when it comes to pumpkin fields. Going hunting for pumpkins is a brilliant activity to do with your loved ones.

Pumpkin carving

Now that you’ve got your hands on some Pumpkin goodness. Try

This Pumpkin carving set we have is so cute, and really easy to use to carve Pumpkins. Plus they are Halloween festive, to help you get in the mood for Halloween.

Roast Pumpkin seeds

This is the last pumpkin suggestion! I promise! but I do love pumpkins, as they just scream autumn. Have you ever tried to cook pumpkin seeds before. They are so yummy. Especially when they have been topped with a little bit of sugar before roasting.

Welly walks in the woods

A cosy walk in the woods, with the people in your ‘bubble’ is a perfect autumn activity where it is easy to social distance. Some woodland area/parks you can walk for miles without running into another person.
Take time

scarecrow hunting

some villages take part in a scarecrow challenge, and they are completely brilliant to take a walk or drive around to find. Some scarecrow makers really do go into detail with there straw men.

A cosy movie night

what better thing to do on a cold or wet evening then snuggle up on the sofa, with your pyjamas on, a cosy blanket and the tv remote in your hand. I love to bing on a Netflix movie night, it’s an ideal, cheap and COVID friendly activity. With Halloween just around the corner maybe you could put on a horror movie!

Tip: Add some Monin pumpkin spice syrup to your latte, to add some autumnal taste.

Doing things for your self-care is so good for you, any time of the year. Read my post on why self-care is so important, here.

Watch an Autumn sunset or sunrise.

The autumn sunset, a woodland setting, over some kinda lake! Oh there are so many beautiful places to go and sit and watch an autumn sunset.

If you are not the biggest fan of waking up early you can still enjoy this by watching a sun set. However some sunrises are so beautiful that if you get up ridiculously early just once to see it, it is worth it.

Woodland Photography

if you know me you will know how much I loves photography. I do enjoy nature photography as well as creative. Autumn is yet again my favourite season to take photos though, with its warm colours. Try Throwing some leaves in the air and capture a loved one, it makes a beautiful photo.

COVID safe autumn activities
Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

Leave jumping

Speaking of leaves being thrown. How about shutting out the negativity of 2020, and jumping in a pile of leaves just like the grown up child you are.

Collect Pinecones and konkers

If you decide to head out on that woodland walk! keep an eye out for a pine cone, or konker tree.

You can use your beautiful finds to either decor your house with, or even to make…

Read about my experiences with lockdown, here.

Autumn Nature crafts

Use those beautiful leaves, acorns, pine cones and konkers that you have collected on your woodland walks to create beautiful artwork and home decor to bring the fall feeling inside your home.
Pinterest has some amazing craft ideas for using natural finds.

Random fact: konkers are also known to keep spiders from your house in the colder months.

Turn the clock back

Daylight saving ends on Sunday, 25 October 2020, 2:00am. We gain an extra hour in bed! The best time of the year, when the clocks go back! a great chance to sleep for an extra hour, and gain a bit of extra energy for the day!

Bonfire night

It’s not just halloween that is just around the corner. It is also coming up to Firework night, AKA Bonfire night. Light a Bonfire, sit outside and watch the fireworks light up the sky. Although Major firework displays won’t be happening this year, you could still light off a few bangers in the garden.

The last time we lit our fire-pit we toasted some marshmallows!

Marshmallow toasting

Have you ever tried the Mega Marshmallows? Oh my goodness… If you are a marshmallow lover then you need to try these! Grab some skewers and hold these over your autumn bonfire. Then if you are feeling really extravagant, add some digestive biscuits, and some Cadbury giant chocolate buttons. Put the melted marshmallows and buttons in between 2 biscuits. You have then got smores.

kite flying

See! There are just so many reasons to love the autumn months. As the wind picks up on the colder months, use it to your advantage to find something to do.

Kites can be brought relitively cheaply, like this one, here.

Make your home autumn-ready, home decor.

An excuse to use the autumnal colour palette! Oh, and it is so pretty. Burnt oranges, reds and browns.

Light some Autumn smelling candles. some of my favourite candle scents to burn in the autumn are, Yankee autumn glow, Bad Geek Cedar and Jasmine and woodsmoke by Woodwick. Woodwick may be a little more pricey, however, the sound of the candle crackling and the beautiful scent really does make an autumn cosy evening on the sofa!

Photo by Adrienne Andersen on Pexels.com

Autumn photoshoot

The beautiful nature around in autumn really does make a good photoshoot! Grab your hat, scarves and gloves, and go find a place that you can take some warm, beautiful photos!

Organise your Autumn wardrobe

This is completely COVID safe as you don’t even need to leave the house for this one…

As we enter the fall season, it’s time to say goodbye to our summer shorts and dresses. Bring out the leggings, cosy chunky knit jumpers and anything else you may have in your Autumn wardrobe.
I do love a hoodie, boots, and leggings day. Not going to lie.

What COVID safe autumn activities will you be doing?

I would love to hear what you planed for for your COVID safe autumn activities. With how things are changing again it would be so nice to hear how you are remaining positive.

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  1. Jade
    September 28, 2020 / 11:34 pm

    This is such a lovely post. Really important to stay positive during these times.

    • AlexaJade
      September 29, 2020 / 7:02 pm

      That is an amazing idea, Where are you going to sail too?

  2. September 29, 2020 / 3:44 pm

    You’ve got some great activities here. We are big fans of autumn camping – sitting around a campfire, hiking the trails and seeing all the beautiful colours of the leaves. We are actually just getting back from 9 days camping on the lakefront up north where we had the chance to literally watch as the leaves on the maple trees there transitioned from green to beautiful shades of red and orange. Our next trip is just a weekend trip in October, but I’m totally counting down!
    Britt K recently posted…Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter? Know the Risks!My Profile

    • AlexaJade
      September 29, 2020 / 7:01 pm

      That’s brilliant! I would love to go hiking, I am not sure that I am fit enough though!

  3. October 2, 2020 / 10:22 pm

    Great post my lovely, I love that you’ve made this list as I think a lot of people are gonna benefit from it. I’m sending you so much love. ♡

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | http://www.alishavalerie.com

  4. October 14, 2020 / 3:35 pm

    HI my name is Cal. Thank you for sharing your activities. Those looks awesome.

  5. October 22, 2020 / 4:05 pm

    I love all these ideas! I also noticed that the links are crossed off. I’m not sure if that’s done on purpose or not, but I thought I’d let you know just in case!
    Payton recently posted…12 Unique Indoor Activities for FallMy Profile

  6. Pip
    October 22, 2020 / 11:23 pm

    The craft idea is really good. It would be lovely to make a collage from dry leaves, into wild animals on paper, then frame. I work in a school, it’s a good idea. Thank you

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