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Things that are making me happy right now! Summer of 2018.

It’s summer right now. And it feels so hot!

This might be stating the obvious just a little bit right now but we have been really lucky with the sun making a visit to us the last few weeks. It’s amazing how much a little bit of vitamin D really makes the world seem a better place. The last few days have been slightly unbearable with the heat, BUT I am not moaning. The summer clothes are out and I’m loving it, iced coffees have also made a comeback and a new range of summer accessories! Whey. Summer is the perfect happy vibing for the year!

I have amazing friends and family, and one amazing girlfriend.

Ok so I’m not the only one who has an amazing abundance of people around them, and maybe I’m just bragging slightly. But it is so amazing to feel so happy. Over the last year my girl, my friends and my family have all rocks to me. As the summer season is on us weekend vibes truly have a new meaning to me. Weekends are packed with family visiting and fun in the sun. What more could anyone ask for?

Love island is so addictive.

I am so hooked on this years love island! Danni & Jack are so meant to be! That is all! Seriously! I and Em have been so hooked! I’m finding it so hard not to tweet about it every 5 mins.

I’ve set myself goals to achieve this month.

Ive always been a believer in goal setting and planning so this month I’ve started goal tracking and being even more planner obsessed then ever. I’m not gonna say a lot about this now! But watch this space! On a side note summer is the perfect time to start loosing weight as well. So being one of my goals! I can’t complain cause jacket potatoes and salads are totally my favourite.

The flowers! They’re beautiful.

Without even really realising. I’m such a nature freak. I love taking wildlife photos and photos of beautiful flowers. It’s the perfect time to do so. So I’m doing as much photography in as humanly possible. For me anyway. least it makes me happy.

My last happy note for this month at least…

I’ve finally got on top and sorted my photos out. Which also means I’ve finally sorted my photos from Bristol zoo! Well. It’s only been a month hey! Here are a few …

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