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The Happy Planner. What you need to know.

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The Happy Planner

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a fantastic week! Today I am telling you all about one of the things I love, Planner. Not just any planner though, I discovered the happy planner around 3 years ago now and I have been completely obsessed with this planner ever since. 

It certainly took me a lot of research and debating before I actually made my first purchase to own a happy planner but I have never regretted the decision to start my planning journey with them.

As a lover of planners anyway, and a massive writer of to-do lists, Choosing the right planner is honestly a massive deal, especially when you are wanting to stay organised and on top of life.

Want some tips on staying organised? check out my methods of organisation, here.

So, What actually is a happy planner? 

Designed by the company, me & my big ideas, The happy planner is an expandable, disc-bound planner system. So pretty much, your ultimate life organiser. That combines the need for organisation, with being creative. Pretty awesome right? 


There are so many styles and customisations that you can make to your planner. You can style your planner however you want to. With a massive range of different sizes, inserts, discs, and accessories. There is literally so much to choose it’s overwhelming at the start. 

With a few box kits available as well, these give you a kick start in being able to customise them.

Staying creative and crafting is so good for your mental health, Check out my reasons why crafting is so good for your mental health post, here.


There are 3 options available to us in the UK wanting to obtain a happy planner and it’s accessories. 

Through The Happy Planner website directly.

The Happy Planner website (TheHappyPlanner.com), although based in America, does ship internationally. You definitely need to check out the website either way, as there are so many useful tips and so much inspiration to be gained from following their website. Including their free Happy downloads.

I admit that I have never purchased directly through there website, but this was because I was not sure of how many fees would be occurred by doing so this way.

Through Amazon & Amazon global. 

The first time I purchased The Happy Planner, I brought a classic, vertical, un-dated similar to this one here, through Amazon Global. The reason I chose to purchase my planner this way is because I had never brought anything internationally before. 

Although I did take some time to google the International shipping regulations I found these a bit daunting as I really wasn’t sure about the charges. My cousin once told me that she had to pay over the cost of an item before so I really couldn’t afford that to happen at the time. 

My planner took around 3 weeks to arrive and I thought that was brilliant and there was no further charges on international shipping as this had already been included in the at a fixed rate. 

Through a UK craft supplier website. 

Some UK craft stores are doing the hard work for you (the importing from America) and supply Happy Planners and a variety of accessories as part of their online stores. My favourite being Craftelier. I would try a google search of ‘Happy Planner UK Supplier’.


My favourite planner type is the classic size with a vertical layout however this year I am using a Journal style layout. Which with how 2020 has been, was probably a lucky choice! The journal has a lot of freedom to be used as an organiser as well as reflecting on a day to day basis.

Basically, you have 3 decisions you need to make when buying a Happy Planner. Firstly what size do you want? You can get a happy planner in a mini, classic or big size, as well as skinny classic or a skinny mini.
Next, what kind of layout do you want to use? The vertical, Horizontal, Dashboard, Monthly and Hourly.
Your last decision you have to make is whether you want your planner already dated or not. I prefer the Undated, It gives you freedom of how you want to plan your year, and organise your planner.

The Happy Planner


Ok, so I am addicted to official happy planner accessories and supplies. I have a cart shelf full of my sticker books and planner supplies.

Types of accessories:
  • covers
  • sticker books
  • Dashboards
  • Page markers
  • Happy Punch
  • Filler Paper
  • Discs
  • Envelopes
  • Tabs
  • Dividers
  • Pocket Folders
  • Decorative AccessoriesCovers
  • Stencils
  • Stamps
  • Adhesive Pockets

The happy Planner inserts are also a love of mine. 

Inserts and extensions such as: 
  • Plain lined pages 
  • Bullet journal sqaures 
  • Budget planners
  • Wellness planner
  • Christmas Planner
  • Wedding Planner
  • Fitness Planner
  • 6 Month extensions


Not necessarily. There are no limits to what you do with your planner. So you could opt for buying the planner itself and customising it in other ways to buying official happy planner accessories. 

The Happy Planner discs

Also using crafting and stationery supplies, such as sticky notes, and washi tape and non-happy planner formatted stickers is a massive option to still keep your planner creative and full of life.

There are so many amazing Etsy sellers that sell stickers they have designed especially for the planning community. I have brought numerous planner layouts from Etsy, as well as using my happy planner sticker books.


There are so many amazing Instagram accounts that dedicate their profiles to their planner customisations alone. You should check these out. they are so inspiring. especially under the #happyplanner #plannercommunity hashtags.

I love to fill my planner pages with a variety of stickers, to do list blocks, as well as inspiring quotes.

Addicted to stationery like me? check out my signs of stationery addiction post, here.


Firstly the removable pages are a massive love of mine and the fact that you can add extra pages and inserts into your planner. Making the planner fully customisable for user requirement. Which is not something that is optionable with a lot of planners, so it is my favourite feature.

I didn’t really know much about the customising planner’s world until I found this planner, and now I find myself wanting to invest in some of the other planners around as I would love to trial Erin Condren’s life planner.

What are your guy’s experiences with this planner? Is it something that you are considering buying? have I missed anything?

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  1. October 7, 2020 / 3:59 pm

    I’ve been planning, buying, searching… obsessing over the journal thing since before Christmas. I finally went just standard A5 6Ring, and was pacified, till now. Now I see the day being spent on Etsy looking at Happy Planner accessories! My main obsession is color paper, but I love all the do-dads you’ve spotlighted! I have a deep love for stickers, too. I’m cracking up – I’m 48, have a blog dedicated to extreme horror, and I’m hilariously obsessed with colored paper and stickers! Now I’m commenting on blogs… I need to get out of the house!!
    (pssst…do you get a free Happy Journal or something for this post? Teach me! 😉)
    Shadow Girl recently posted…The Lockdown Trade-Off by Sam WestMy Profile

  2. Bushra
    October 31, 2020 / 1:31 pm

    Hi alexa, I want to explain uk customs charges to you, In fact the uk keeps it simple. Everything you pay to the company, which is the cost of the item, what they charge you for shipping, and what you pay them in tax (some companies such as colourpop.com charge a tax depending on which state they are in), they will declare (the total) on the outside of the parcel on a sticker (they have to, but some companies such as kiwicrate.com and owlcrate.com bother to find out the uk tax rules, and declare their package to be $15. If they do that, the parcel arrives straight to your door). Otherwise, as soon as the parcel arrives in the uk, the customs authority will charge 20% of The amount declared on the sticker/form. They do not open the box. They will hold on to the parcel at the sorting office and not release it to you until you pay this 20%, the post office will also charge for handling the parcel which will be £8 on top. If the form declared an amount to be UNDER the EQUIVALENT of what £15 would be, then the parcel will arrive straight at your door without paying any tax or a handling fee. They will send you a note through the post telling you that the parcel is at the sorting office and this is what you need to pay. Always double check that they did the sums right, by looking at what was on the outside of the parcel and calculating 20% of that sum, sometimes they make a mistake, if they do, the handling charge will not be refunded, but the extra tax you paid will be. You can google the correct form, attach proof, and post it to the customs people, always keep the packaging for a while. Take a photo of the outside of the parcel, and then print that off, to include with your form. Or print off the receipt that you got online to show what you actually paid to the company. Hold onto the original in case your form gets lost in the post. They will write back to you in about two weeks telling you they are refunding you the difference. If it turns out that what you paid the company was under the equivalent of £15, then the parcel should not have been Withheld by the post office in the first place, and you will get your £8 refunded as well. Always keep the receipt which the sorting office gives you, as proof to show you paid £8. The tax that you pay is called VAT. So far, everything you order within Europe (the E.U countries), Such as from etsy.com, you will not pay any additional charges, the package will arrive at your door. That might change after Brexit. The companies themselves are not aware of other countries customs rules. Once I ordered something from FACETORY.COM on a sale. But they did’nt think it important to declare the sale value on the parcel, and used a pre printed label. So I would have been charged customs VAT. I Could have printed off my receipt (which proves what I actually paid to the company on a sale), and got the difference back. However, since the amount was over £15, I would have been charged £8 and not got that refunded. I realised quickly to ask them if they had declared the sale amount. They said No. So I refused to collect my parcel from the post office. I told them to send me out a new one with the correct value declared. They werent happy with that but they had no choice, it was their error. They deal with it. I told them numerous times that the post office will automatically return the first parcel to them after a set number of days. They would get it back anyway. I also googled and complained to a site in america which is publicly viewed by everyone. That got them going, and I eventually reCeived my masks which I demanded be for the month of November, rather than the order I placed originally which was for the month of October. Similarly, if a company forgets to add in an item and they re ship you the missing item, always email them first to make sure that they dont do something stupid causing you to pay these extra costs again, since you paid them the first time, otherwise do not collect your parcel until the company have given you a satisfactory agreement. They should declare a low value on the outside of the box in this case so it by passes customs. The UK NEVER miss a customs charge. Its not a case of ‘hit or miss’. If you spend over the equivalent of £135, then in addition to the VAT you will also be made to pay a percentage on top ( cant remember what it is called, but it is a small percentage in addition to the 20%, and the £8 handling fee. The rules in the uk are simple. It is particularly cheap to buy from tarte.com on black friday, boxing day or new year because as a result of buying from them, at a sale price, you still do not pay VAT, no matter how high you spend, and their shipping is also free on one of these days. Colourpop also comes straight to your door no matter what you spend. Blackmooncosmetics.com also send straight to your door by declaring $15. Always be aware of whether you are buying something from within europe or outside of europe. Craftelier are inside europe, and the happyplanner charges a high shipping cost. Remember you will be paying %20 of this high shipping cost in the form of VAT, despite having paid in full, the shipping cost.

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