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The best ugly Christmas jumpers to wear

There is one thing when it comes to the Christmas period that none of us successfully manage to avoid. You either love them or hate them. It is the novelty ugly Christmas jumpers.

so in this post, I am sharing with you a few of my favourite ugly Christmas jumper finds. Not all of them are awful. I promise!

Women’s Christmas Reindeer Print Long Sleeve Pullover Hoodie

ugly Christmas jumpers

this hoodie is at the top of my list because it’s actually cute. And the fact that it is a proper hoodie! Sometimes wearing a wooden Christmas jumper is so irritable on your skin. It’s awful.
plus wearing a hoodie is pretty normal since most of my wardrobe consists of hoodies.
so anyway, yes. This hoodie is my favourite and I need it… but now we can move on to the actual winners of the ugly Christmas jumpers.

Unisex Ugly Christmas Pullover Sweatshirt 3D Print (Skin)

ugly Christmas jumpers

when I looked at this one I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I mean really. Who thought of this and why did they think it was a good idea?

Gingerbread Man Mask 2020

ugly Christmas jumpers

well, I’m not surprised this made it to the online stores this year. After the year that we have had it’s just what you expect to see, isn’t it? I mean it’s only right after the elf on the shelf had to isolate for 2 weeks before he could start spreading some naughty amusement that we would have our festive gingerbread men wearing a face covering.

Funny Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Home Alone Inspired Ugly Christmas Jumper Sweater

ugly Christmas jumpers

Moving on to a more traditional looking jumper with a quote from one of my favourite Christmas movies. Home alone.
this isn’t to bad for an ugly Christmas jumper. In fact, it’s quite smart looking with its black and white colours.

Christmas Jumper Sweater Mens Ladies Funny Top Tesco Value Sweatshirt Xmas Gift Unisex

ugly Christmas jumpers

this is your plain and simple, classic Tesco’s, value Christmas jumper. Does anyone else remember when their value food was packaged exactly the same way?
whilst being a brilliant ugly Christmas jumper I like the humour in giving this as a Christmas gift to the person you usually gift a jumper too.

Social Distancing and Wine Sweatshirt

ugly Christmas jumpers

This jumper literally has this Christmas already summarised for us. Christmas time, socially distancing and wine. It’s just the reality of wine mixing with social distancing is bleak.
I would happily wear this jumper.

Women’s Elf Body Snow Printed Design Novelty Christmas Knitted Jumper Sweater

ugly Christmas jumpers

I used to have this jumper! I have no idea where it is. It used to be one of the favourites though so I had to include it in my list.
make anyone’s head look like they’re coming from a Christmas elf’s body. Perfect.

Mr & Mrs Elf, Naughty & Nice Twin Christmas Jumper

ugly Christmas jumpers

This is honestly the best, most impractical, hilarious ugly Christmas jumper, almost ever, In my opinion. I’d definitely recommend daring 2 of your friends to wear the jumper for the full evening. It will be a hilarious thing ever once they have had a few drinks.

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