What happened in January 2022.

I know that January is always such a long month, and January 2022 has been no different I can already see this year flying by.

We have had so much going on this month! Feeling overwhelmed is an understatement.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a monthly look back, 2021 was not a good blogging year for me, so I’m starting as I mean to go on this year with getting my monthly round-up posts back.

So, where do I start?

So, this is what I got up too in January 2022.

Everybody’s talking about Jamie.

What an amazing way to start 2022. Me and the lovely Demi, went off to watch Jamie at the Mayflower theatre! We somehow managed to get tickets at the last minute. After ages of saying how much I wanted to see the show, and the website showing it being completely sold out. We randomly heard that some seats had become available and my amazing Emma booked a ticket for me! Days before.

The show was absolutely AMAZING!

Layton Williams and Bianca Del Rio, we’re the absolute highlight. I was so excited to be able to watch these 2 legends on the stage. Is anyone else obsessed with Bianca and seen the film, Hurricane Bianca. Cause I feel like I might be the only one at this point?

We Started talking and planning our wedding again.

With so much covid uncertainty, we have been a bit lost when it comes to wedding plans. Then when we lost dad, I didn’t want to talk about the wedding.

But with less than 6 months to go. We’ve had to jump into action and start planning and getting on with everything to do with the big day.

I said YES to the dress.

Oh and yes! I said a massive yes to the dress this month. I only went and managed to find my dream wedding dress.

After being given so much advice when it came to wedding dress shopping and being told to go in with an open mind. I started to believe I wouldn’t get a dress like the one that I did.

But that’s all I’m saying for now! I’m just very happy that I found my dream dress. It’s perfect.

And the bridesmaids have dresses.

We’re cutting it a bit fine with a 14-week order service. But we now have our bridesmaids dresses on order. YAY.

It was absolutely lovely seeing all our girls together, trying dresses on and seeing what they look like.

And much to our surprise. I’m so grateful

The Guinea Pigs kept multiplying.

So we now have had 14 Guinea pigs.

Somehow, we have had 3 unexpected Guinea pregnancies. Bringing us with 10 adorable little pups, from 1 Randy piggy. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to handle keeping them all. But they have all been sexed properly now, separated and will be finding new homes asap. In the meantime though. Cuddles with Guinea pig babies are just the best thing.

Just 3 of the beautiful pups!

We gave up smoking!

We actually gave up smoking on the 27th of December. So it’s officially been over a month since we had a cigarette and I am so proud of us both.

We’ve been using disposable vapes to give up. Which has honestly really helped us not smoke cigarettes.

Although disposable vapes are so in debate, they’ve been working for us. So that is what matters arm. I’d like to get onto a lower nicotine reusable vape soon.

We started slimming world again.

From giving up smoking to another major lifestyle change.

With the wedding around the corner and both of our health being questionable at times. We’ve started SlimmingWorld to lose some weight and get healthier.

In the first week, we both managed to lose 7 and a half pounds. Which was an amazing feeling and kept us really determined to keep going.

It’s weighing day today, so fingers crossed for more off.

We’ve been catching up with friends!

We finally made it to Bath to see our friends after 2 years of not being able to. Which was so lovely!

We saw Troy Hawke

Troy Hawke is a comedian that my dad discovered.

His style is really quirky. With his hilarious knowledge of scrabble points and defined facial expressions.

This was my first time watching a comedian live and watching Troy did not disappoint. I would describe him as quirky. We were in stitches the entire time.

I’ve started working on my goals again.

It’s been months where I have struggled to get myself motivated to do things. Although we did really well with our stall at the Christmas barn my energy still was t what it could be.

The past few weeks with having so much to do alongside day to day things. I’ve managed to break all my goals down to a more manageable size for me. Which has made me relax a lot more. I know that I’m slowly moving forward again. which is something.

Finally, we started collecting Pop heads!

Oh my goodness, I am obsessed.

I absolutely am loving our new growing collection. Funko Pops! more specifically, Disney Funko Pops!

So the love for Disney in our home grows even more. We’ve brought a shelving unit to display our collection on! (you know it’s serious when you need a shelving unit) and it all started with a Stitch and Tinkerbell that my brother had brought us as presents.

All I can say now is bring it on February (especially as it is my birthday month).

Posts from January

With the above being said I’m so pleased to have posted more this month. Well, more than I had been managing.

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Things to do in January that’ll help you all year.

January tends to feel like the longest month every year, doesn’t it? I mean it everyone is pretty much done in and skint from Christmas, the weather makes us want to hide away because it is either dark, gloomy and raining, or it is just bitterly cold and we’d rather stay in and do nothing. Sound familiar?

I literally don’t know many people that can say that their favourite month is January. We’re already half way through and it feels like we should be in February already.

so it got me thinking. What things can we get up too that not only make January feel more productive but also set us up for the rest of the year.

Get your planner year ready.

Does anyone else love that feeling when January has finally come around, so you can officially start using the new planner you’ve had sat waiting!

I’m loving my Winnie the Pooh 2022 diary this year. If you havnt already got your hands on a planner. It’s not too late!

Have a bit of a declutter.

Now the Christmas is out of the way. Now is the perfect time for a bit of decluttering.

This has been my favourite thing to do so far this month! Getting rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore, sorting out the kitchen, clearing out make-up and just generally decluttering where ever I can right now!

Make a list of things your wanting to achieve.

I bloody love lists!

Lists really do keep you organised and in focus, especially if you are a scatterbrain like I 100% am. I literally cannot get anything done without having a continuous to-do list in action!

But lists don’t just have to be the things you need to get on and do. how about a list of things you would like to achieve this year. Like a bucket list.
mid you already have a bucket list done. How about writing a roadmap to get your goals achieved.

Start the year focusing on yourself again.

This is something I realised a couple of days ago. Now is the perfect time to get myself back in focus.

Take some time extra time to look after yourself, whether it is starting to put yourself first after not doing so for a while, giving yourself time to focus on your self-care, or just taking a break! It is so easy to lose focus on yourself sometimes, and we don’t even notice it happens. So getting into the habit of starting focusing on yourself is an amazing thing to do!

Start a new hobby.

You know that hobby that you’ve been dying to try for ages now. The one that you’ve been really determined to start, but you haven’t got round to it yet? Why not make an attempt to get it going! start the year as you mean to go on with your new exciting interest!

Make a new vision board.

I’ve mentioned vision boards a lot in past posts. But January is the perfect time to either finally make yourself the vision board that you’ve been planning to create for ages now or update the vision board you have made with your new goals and ideas.

Plan a few trips.

it is the perfect time to start filling in your dates and planning some outings for the next few months! Grab your calendar, get chatting with your friends and family and book away!

The best thing about planning ahead is having things to look forward to. whether it is booking tickets for an event, or arranging to meet friends for a coffee… or a gin!

Start ticking off your winter bucket list activities.

what is the point of having all these lists if we don’t actually do anything on them?

pick a random doable activity from your list and get to it. It’s something to do.

Do something nice for someone else.

It’s so rewarding to be able to do something for someone else. Wether it’s someone who is in need of a bit of support, a random act of kindness or something as simple as sharing some positivity.

a small act can go a long way.

Do you have any annual things to do in January?

We all get the feeling of January being a fresh start so I’m asking do you have any annual January traditions of things you do to set you up for the rest of the year? Leave a comment below. I would absolutely love to hear them.

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My hopes and ambitions for 2022.


Well, Holy crap. We reached 2022. Happy New year to all you lovely people.

If I am honest It feels weird to say that we were celebrating the new year, we were more just seeing the new year casually this year. Christmas was an emotional time as it was, and although New years eve has never been the biggest deal in my family, this one is just blah. I’m still struggling with the idea I will be spending 2022 without my dad by our sides.

We have all been through so much in the past 2 years. It’s safe to say that we were all hoping that by now Covid would be long gone by now and that we would have adjusted back to normal, well the new normal anyway. Yet we seem to be just as unsure what will happen this year too.

If you read my post last year about new year goals. You may know I’m not the biggest fan of resolutions.
resolutions seem to be something that doesn’t really work for anyone. A lot of us have set resolutions in the past and they barely manage to last a few weeks before becoming a distant memory. So like last year. I’m setting hopes and ambitions for the year 2022.

My ambitions for the year 2022. The big ones and the small ones.

Enjoy all of the moments.

If life has taught me anything in 2021. Life is too short. There is no point worrying about tomorrow when there is still today. For all we know there is no tomorrow, so instead enjoying the moments we have, are my priority this year. especially with so many things happening.

There are a few massive things happening this year as well.

In February, I will be turning 30. (Holy crap). and then in June, despite the fact I have avoided mentioning this since dad, me and Emma will finally be getting married! (we only postponed the date 3 times already because of Covid) So no matter what happens it’s definitely happing this year!

Im hoping to make more time to read.

I have a massive collection of books that I would like to make my way through at the moment, starting with the book by Daisy May Cooper, that Emma got me for Christmas.
reading is so good for your mental well-being and is something I’d love to do to escape reality more. I’m aiming to ditch my phone in the evenings and start escaping reality with a good book instead.

anonymous woman working on laptop in room
Photo by George Milton on Pexels.com

Continue to develop my business and my blog.

2021 left me starting my own business. I’ve started my own business selling my own handmade creations, online and at local craft fairs. Whilst this has been going on, I’ve certainly neglected my blog a massive amount. So my hope is to find and maintain a balance between life, blogging and business.

During the last few months, I couldn’t keep up with what I was selling at fairs, and keep an online store going so my goal in the next few weeks is to get my Etsy store opened, as I have made the decision to join them instead of BigCartel this year.

In the past few weeks, I’ve also done some brainstorming so that I actually have some ideas to work on with the blog and business, and get my motivation actually going again!

Im hoping to become a bit more organised in general.

If I am honest, I have definitely forgotten my own advice when it comes to being organised lately. My organisational skills have been horrendous and I have certainly fallen into the habit of winging everything at the moment.

My aim is to keep myself organised in a way that when I do have my moments with my health and wellbeing where I cant focus and motivate, I have already got things in place as a backup!

And besides! with a wedding to get organised for this year! I am certainly going to need that skill more than ever.

I’m hoping I can continue to challenge myself.

stepping outside of the comfort zone is always challenging. I’ve found that since my health became an issue for me, challenging myself also became a reluctance. I certainly learnt last year with doing my first ever craft stall, that you need to jump into things to be able to get anywhere. so this year I hope to continue to challenge myself and my confidence by saying yes to more opportunities.

Use my actual camera more.

Does anyone else find that they now use their phone as a camera now? I own an amazing DSLR and full photography set up and yet I rarely use my equipment anymore. So this year I’d like to change that.

Finally I hope that 2022 is just a good year.

life’s too short and it is only as good as we make it. What more can I say than that?

do you have anything that you hope to accomplish in 2022? I would love to hear what your hopes and ambitions are for the upcoming year. So leave me a comment below and tell me what you have planned.

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January Sales shopping tips you need!

This post contains affiliate links that if you choose to purchase from them. It will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The January sales, Does anyone else get a slight tingle of excitement at the thought of the reductions on nice things?

The funny thing about Christmas is that we spend an absolute fortune all for one day! to then rush out the next day to a week, to spend even more money on things that we probably do not need! We just love a good old bargain! Am I right?

January sales
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

So let’s talk January sale tips you need to know!

Pre Christmas tip – You need to know!

Shops often mark the items with a random letter and number that they are planning to place in the January sales. These will normally be written on the item label, something like ‘S16’, Often in biro. Avoid paying out on these if it is something you’d rather purchase cheaper in the sales.

Only spend what you can afford.

Look, Let’s get real for a minute. How many times have you spent out in the January sales, and left yourself out of pocket for the whole of January? ending up as feeling the longest month, days feel like weeks and weeks just feel like there never gonna end!

Save yourself some of the pain and give yourself a budget when heading out to the sales.

Stick to your budget & avoid the credit card!

It might be on sale, and it might be a really awesome addition to the wardrobe. Now is the time more than ever to stop making purchases outside of your means.

Avoid using the credit card! Maxing out your card, not only puts you in a worse financial situation, it can prevent you from a decent credit score in the future. Meaning financial back up when it is really needed may not become available to you.

Ask yourself, Do you really need it?

Is it that you really need that new top, or do you just like the price of it? You should only be spending your money on things that you genuinely like, need and know that you are going to be able to get plenty of use of! It is so easy to get embraced in the price of something when you’ve headed sale shopping.

Plan ahead, Where are you going?

Sale shopping is serious business. Crowds of shoppers, all doing the same rummaging that you are, trying to look for the best bargains to take home. A lot of the time not having a clue what it is they are looking for.

And. Going shopping for the day in main town centres are the most hectic places to be. Especially before the new year hits, whilst everyone is still off work. Thousands of people all having the same idea of getting some Bargains in, and making a day out of it.

List the things you genuinely need so that you can shop with purpose.

There is no harm in heading into the sales with a plan of stuff you need to find! It is a perfect time to buy things that you have needed for a while but has not been able to afford because money always tight (That definitely includes us).

Avoid shopping in the usual places!

If you think about it, why would you buy from the places that you usually by from! Check out the places you would usually say are more expensive! If there are specific shops that you love! but don’t often by from, these are the shops you are gonna want to be in!

Do a price check!

Especially when it comes to the more expensive items that you’re considering on spending out on, it is so worth doing a price check. I do like to check Amazon.

And finally, remember this. The January sales are not your only chance of getting a bargain.

The January sales are every year alongside so many more sales that happen throughout the year! if you can not afford it, you might be able to afford it later.

Most retailers, hold numerous sales throughout the year, as they want to encourage sales to maintain their business! No need to get in a stress when you do not need to be!

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