What happened in January 2022.

I know that January is always such a long month, and January 2022 has been no different I can already see this year flying by.

We have had so much going on this month! Feeling overwhelmed is an understatement.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a monthly look back, 2021 was not a good blogging year for me, so I’m starting as I mean to go on this year with getting my monthly round-up posts back.

So, where do I start?

So, this is what I got up too in January 2022.

Everybody’s talking about Jamie.

What an amazing way to start 2022. Me and the lovely Demi, went off to watch Jamie at the Mayflower theatre! We somehow managed to get tickets at the last minute. After ages of saying how much I wanted to see the show, and the website showing it being completely sold out. We randomly heard that some seats had become available and my amazing Emma booked a ticket for me! Days before.

The show was absolutely AMAZING!

Layton Williams and Bianca Del Rio, we’re the absolute highlight. I was so excited to be able to watch these 2 legends on the stage. Is anyone else obsessed with Bianca and seen the film, Hurricane Bianca. Cause I feel like I might be the only one at this point?

We Started talking and planning our wedding again.

With so much covid uncertainty, we have been a bit lost when it comes to wedding plans. Then when we lost dad, I didn’t want to talk about the wedding.

But with less than 6 months to go. We’ve had to jump into action and start planning and getting on with everything to do with the big day.

I said YES to the dress.

Oh and yes! I said a massive yes to the dress this month. I only went and managed to find my dream wedding dress.

After being given so much advice when it came to wedding dress shopping and being told to go in with an open mind. I started to believe I wouldn’t get a dress like the one that I did.

But that’s all I’m saying for now! I’m just very happy that I found my dream dress. It’s perfect.

And the bridesmaids have dresses.

We’re cutting it a bit fine with a 14-week order service. But we now have our bridesmaids dresses on order. YAY.

It was absolutely lovely seeing all our girls together, trying dresses on and seeing what they look like.

And much to our surprise. I’m so grateful

The Guinea Pigs kept multiplying.

So we now have had 14 Guinea pigs.

Somehow, we have had 3 unexpected Guinea pregnancies. Bringing us with 10 adorable little pups, from 1 Randy piggy. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to handle keeping them all. But they have all been sexed properly now, separated and will be finding new homes asap. In the meantime though. Cuddles with Guinea pig babies are just the best thing.

Just 3 of the beautiful pups!

We gave up smoking!

We actually gave up smoking on the 27th of December. So it’s officially been over a month since we had a cigarette and I am so proud of us both.

We’ve been using disposable vapes to give up. Which has honestly really helped us not smoke cigarettes.

Although disposable vapes are so in debate, they’ve been working for us. So that is what matters arm. I’d like to get onto a lower nicotine reusable vape soon.

We started slimming world again.

From giving up smoking to another major lifestyle change.

With the wedding around the corner and both of our health being questionable at times. We’ve started SlimmingWorld to lose some weight and get healthier.

In the first week, we both managed to lose 7 and a half pounds. Which was an amazing feeling and kept us really determined to keep going.

It’s weighing day today, so fingers crossed for more off.

We’ve been catching up with friends!

We finally made it to Bath to see our friends after 2 years of not being able to. Which was so lovely!

We saw Troy Hawke

Troy Hawke is a comedian that my dad discovered.

His style is really quirky. With his hilarious knowledge of scrabble points and defined facial expressions.

This was my first time watching a comedian live and watching Troy did not disappoint. I would describe him as quirky. We were in stitches the entire time.

I’ve started working on my goals again.

It’s been months where I have struggled to get myself motivated to do things. Although we did really well with our stall at the Christmas barn my energy still was t what it could be.

The past few weeks with having so much to do alongside day to day things. I’ve managed to break all my goals down to a more manageable size for me. Which has made me relax a lot more. I know that I’m slowly moving forward again. which is something.

Finally, we started collecting Pop heads!

Oh my goodness, I am obsessed.

I absolutely am loving our new growing collection. Funko Pops! more specifically, Disney Funko Pops!

So the love for Disney in our home grows even more. We’ve brought a shelving unit to display our collection on! (you know it’s serious when you need a shelving unit) and it all started with a Stitch and Tinkerbell that my brother had brought us as presents.

All I can say now is bring it on February (especially as it is my birthday month).

Posts from January

With the above being said I’m so pleased to have posted more this month. Well, more than I had been managing.

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