19 Ways motivating you to be productive in starting your own business.

Stepping foot into the world of starting your own business is so exciting, very scary and alot of hard work. When I first started my business I was really really in over my head. I spent alot of time learning how to do things in different ways so it would suit me. A massive combination of trial and errors. Starting your own business can be amazing and successful. So keeping yourself organised, motivated and productive is key.

So what can you do to keep yourself on the right path for a successful starting of your own business?

starting your own business

1. Create a vision board. And Work our what it is you want to achieve.

A vision board is a perfect way to keep your self motivated. You visually keep your goals as images to remind you what your working towards, things you want in your future and even things that inspire and motivate you to keep doing what it is you do.

My favourite things about vision boards are that they are so personal to you that they can feature absoloutely anything you like.

2. Think about your ‘why’. And remember why you started!

Why was it you started your business venture? Have you been working towards it for a while now, but your only starting to really get going and take it seriously.

Scary, right?

I think that this it is so not important to know your reasons behind on why you are doing what it is you want.

Do you want to earn a bit of cash on the side? Build your confidence to stand on your own two feet? Or even your own personal reasons. Just be honest with yourself. And it allows you to focus yourself back to motivation to work hard.

Work hard play hard.

Not the post for you? fancy something a little bit more creative? check out the Cricut Explore Air 2, here.

3. Surround yourself with inspiration.

Do you know why Sophia Christina Amoruso is? Her story is so inspiring.

She is the founder and owner of the company Nasty Gal. That massive high street brand so many of us love. She later released her book, #girlboss and had a Netflix series made revolving around her journey to CEO. After reading her book, I was left feeling so inspired. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. For Sophia it started with a second-hand jacket from a thrift store, now she owns her own brand.
I started selling my used clothes that I no longer wanted/needed on eBay. Before I knew it I was starting my own business. Soon, I was sourcing out more stock to sell on. Now I am building my next stage of what I want to achieve in life.

starting your own business
Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

4. Work out if you are really passionate about achieving your goal and starting your own business?

If you don’t love your goals and dreams, they won’t love you? Being passionate about something is about having that want to live and breathe what they do. Your talents have been paying off and your excited about the possibilities and proud of every single achievement you have made. You love your skills and you want to share it with the world without holding back.

I’ve never heard a singer become famous and hate singing. It’s something they love and have been passionate about. So they worked hard, and made themselves known for doing what they love. Singing.

Now think about your goal? You are starting your own business. You want to be your own boss, you want to be perusing your dreams. Not your nightmares.

Passion is a major key to success. Without passion there is no motivation. Mainly because your just not interested enough to furfill your goals.

Needing to start a blog/website. WordPress is the most flexible used website software. Check out my post on how to start a blog, here.

5. Get up. Get dressed and have breakfast.

Honestly, I love having my pjs on and staying in bed for the perfect day of laziness. But it’s not what we should be doing everyday.

Yes, ok maybe part of the dream starting your own business was the comfort of lay-ins and PJ days. However not creating a healthy balanced routine could be affecting your drive to work and complete tasks.

Get up at a reasonable hour, have breakfast (and that coffee your dying for first thing in the morning), then get yourself dressed. Even if you are planning to spend the day inside, and not leave the house putting something Comfortable for working in is a smart move to make.

6. Find yourself a space to work. Away from distractions.

Firstly, a workspace is exactly that, a space dedicated to you for working. It’s the most valuable possession. Having a space of your own to spread out. Be creative and create your dreams happen.

I always feel my most productive when I’m sat in the craft room at my desk. Sometimes a bit of music to get me going.

7. Use a planner or a PA system.

When I finally decided to get over the cost of it and invest in a happy planner, I learnt something. I hadn’t been using a planner to its whole capacity.

I used to buy a standard planner, write all birthdays, anniversaries and important dates in. Then I would fill it with some appointments. But I wasn’t even consistent enough with this. Then I discovered the planner community. It already felt like all my christmases had come at once with the beautiful assessories and ideas for planning I had seen with the happy planner. But next came the actually using my planner for nearly everything. To do lists, appointments, goals, reflections, lessons, important notes. A personal assistant in paper form. Having a planner is so key whether it is digital, paper, or if you are like me, both.

8. Ensure you actually have everything you need to start your own business.

So I just spoke about a method of planning yourself. Now put that into action here. Ensure that you have the ability to achieve your goals with the correct tools. What do you need to achieve your goal? When I first started my selling shop I needed to invest in a few things. Postage materials, storage boxes, ink for labels, labels. Lots of random stuff. However, it was important. If I didn’t have these things there was no way that I would be able to even start a business. You couldn’t be an artist selling paintings without paint right? So think about it like that. Do you have everything you need to build, run and support your business?

9. Plan your week and stick to it where possible.

Let us not kid ourselves. Daily lives are hard to keep up with at the best of times, and now you are trying to balance life, money, happiness, and you’re starting your own business. There is so much to think about and so much to do. It is time to start using your lists and plans of what you need to achieve towards your business and placing them into action. There is literally no point writing lists of what you need to do if you are not going to follow through with them.

10. Set your priorities straight.

by allowing your tasks to overtake you, you can easily become overwhelmed. Overwhelming your brain leads to a fight/flight response as it starts to cloud what it is you need to do and when. Set your priorities in order to meet deadlines and keep these manageable. Don’t take on too much for what you want at a time. Being warn down and making mistakes could cause your business hurt and unmotivated you to carry on.

Check out what I have been doing to improve my writing skills, here.

11. Stop giving yourself excuses.

Is there something on your to-do list that is holding you back? or maybe you’re holding you back without even realising. You need to stop giving yourself excuses and start giving yourself reasons. Why can’t you finish something on your todo list? it is something preventing you from finishing other tasks too? it can have a roll one

12. Be open to learning.

Don’t they say knowledge is power? Well, I don’t really know who ‘they’ are but they have a pretty good point. Without the power of knowledge, we don’t learn, develop and grow. We need to be prepared to be successful in our paths that we should always be open to gaining further knowledge in our fields.

Learning new things towards your skills will improve your working life. As well as gives you an advantage in competition. Because you have learnt how to organically grow and maintain your business.

13. Organise your digital space

We know it’s important to have a clear and calm work space now. so why allow your digital space to feel cluttered?

Clearing your emails, organising your folders, and archiving no longer required files is just a few of the things you could be doing to organise your digital space. Ensuring your website is backed up, and had a health check. Ensuring your open projects are accessible, we wouldn’t want to work at a messy desk so why a messy system?

14. Spread your achievable goals out into day, week, month and year.

Ok, you know what it is you want to achieve, so now it is time to break it down into managerble portions. setting yourself daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Setting your goals too high at once causes so many people to give up. When really achievable goals is a motivational action. Encouraging you to challenge yourself as well as feeling proud of yourself.

15. Create a to-do list. Or a ten.

Creating to-do lists is one of my favourite methods of keeping organised and motivated. I spoke a lot about this when I posted about staying organised in life.

16. Set yourself appropriate times to work.

I’m going to be completely honest, this is one I struggle with. However it is still so true. 2am is not an ideal working hour! I’m always battling this one. I find a surge of ideas late at night so many times.

When it comes to my blogging I tend to write really late. And I always feel more inspired to work at night. But like me since I am taking my blog more seriously, I am treating it more and more like a job. As in 9-5 hours.

black and white blackboard business chalkboard
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Starting your own blog could be a new business opportunity for you, check out what you need to do here.

17. Take plenty of breaks.

I get it! You are on a roll. Things are going well and you want this to continue right? One key factor of keeping motivation is not to burn out. If you don’t allow your time to take breaks from what it is you are doing it is more likely to burn out, and give up.

Working non stop does not ensure your producing quality work.

18. Consider what your expenditures are and stick to a budget.

When it comes to spending money on our business it is true in many cases that you need to spend money before you start making any. Such as investing in your equipment that you need, fees for subscription services that help support your business. As well as varies other things.

It’s really important however to set yourself a budget. As your business grows you should already be thinking about the legal side of your business. Such as taxes and all the boring bits. Ensure you know exactly what your businesses outgoings are, as well as your incoming finance.

You need to know that your not constantly spending money without making any either. How can you feel motivated to success if your business is causing you debts?

19. Document everything you do, seriously.

No. I’m not joking about this one. You should document everything you do. Whether it’s building a portfolio for a personal or business reason.

I’ve always been a massive note taker. I knew I wouldn’t remember everything. I’d miss something so I had to start writing notes.

When you set your goal, you had a long time goal, right?

If your serious and your going to achieve your goals you obviously know that it’s what you want to do. So it could take you years but you can watch how you grow, see what you have achieved and have records of expenditure and income from the start.

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How you can be supporting small businesses (without spending).

supporting small businesses
img src: Canva

Good morning everyone and a very happy Monday to you! Hope you are all staying positive and well. Today’s blog post is a subject that really means something to me. Supporting small businesses. This is something that we can all do! and as some who is running their own small business…es. The support I receive from other people is something as amazing and important as a fully stocked craft room for me. (And that ain’t no joke!)

Times have been pretty hard with the impact that the Coronavirus has had on our working lives. As if things weren’t hard enough when your stepping foot into the big world of working for yourself! and as More and more of us are setting up and running our own small businesses to get by in life we should really take a minute to think about how we can support others as well as grow ourselves.

So today I am talking, what can we do to support small business owners? and yes I do mean without spending money! I love purchasing from other small businesses rather then big chains, but we can’t always afford to buy from them, especially if its a want and not a need. Just because we can’t put our hands in our pockets though there are plenty of other ways that you can show your support and appreciation to your small business owning friends.

How to start supporting small businesses…

supporting small businesses

Share and engage with their social media.

A lot of work goes into the posts put online by business owners. Personally I have to spend a lot of time putting effort into creating jazzy posts, and thinking about what I am posting onto my social medias, Including my blog. It is so frustrating to feel like your putting all this work in to have no body engage with your posts. But you can help!

By sharing the content of your friends small business or social media too your friends actually help their business grow further. Think of it like the posts you see on your Facebook timeline that have gone viral because they have been shared so much! you are helping them get their name out there. Which isn’t that the biggest thing for any business? Can you imagine just like anything else online how far something can get if 2 or 3 people sharing the content? I would also think about it on a ‘well if this was me’ basis. How much further your business would grow just by gaining a few more customers, etc.

On top of this, engagement is so important when it comes to running small businesses now. Your friends business page needs to be active, and full of engagement. So if you see no one replying to their posts, be kind and leave a little comment to get the ball rolling!

Want to read something different from supporting small businesses? How about why Self-care is so important, here.

Suggest them to your friends!

Ok, So I admit that this is slightly similar to what I have just been saying! fair enough. but although it is similar I just wanted to expand on what I was saying to the offline world.

Not everything has to be suggested and engaged on through social media. Although of course social media and online content is a massive part of running a business in this day and age, word of mouth really does do a lot! For example, I am in the process of starting my own photography business. (AlexaJadeSnaps if you are interested) I really appreciate when my friends have recommended me to someone who is looking for a photographer! So when you are having conversations with friends and family suggest your local small businesses instead! You could be supporting someone’s dreams come true, as well as supporting small businesses generally.

Tag them in opportunities! In case they miss them.

Let’s be completely honest. Facebook is like the god of opportunities. there are so many opportunities that randomly come upon all sorts of Facebook feeds. Whether it is a group or someone’s status. Show your support to your friends small business and tag them in opportunities that are suited to them.

Im not gonna lie I have found that Facebook is one of the best places for all sorts of opportunities but it also very fast paced! They’re our thousands of people all looking for similar opportunities. These can be so easily missed and not even seen so your almost finding yourself in a race! (Not everyone can be on social media 24/7 and I wouldn’t suggest trying to be!)

Thinking about making a blog for a business? check out my post on how to start your blog here.

Supporting small businesses by being their masterpiece!

Ok, so this applies to the businesses needing models mainly. whether it is being beautified by a friend. Having your hair cut by them, makeup done or whatever else! Offering to help them in their hour of need could really help build up their portfolio and give them a headstart in their business.

Give them a shoutout.

Shout outs and sharing pictures of services you have had of your small friends business is an amazing way of spreading the word, and supporting a small business. Just by sharing these to your own socials is a massive way of supporting small businesses.

Random tip: Supporting small businesses with photos on your social media gets you recognition! and is a lot of fun.

Give them constructive feedback.

Feedback is something that I find golden! I don’t mind if it is positive or negative feedback as long as it is constructive!
When you are starting a new journey into the business world it can be pretty daunting and there is a feeling of am I doing ok? what If I am not? so when someone is asking you for some feedback! I genuinely feel that they are asking because they really need it!

Leave them reviews on their pages.

Just like feedback reviews are so important for any business. The more positive these reviews are the better!

It is so frustrating when you offer a service to someone, and they say they will leave you a review or feedback and it doesn’t happen a lot of customers relly on feedback from others before using a service.

Ask for their affiliate links to use.

If you don’t know what an affiliate link is, don’t worry! I am here to explain! Of course!

An affiliate link is a link provided by companies to bloggers and influences that will earn them a small commission for suggesting their products. The link will include the Affiliates ID or username and is used varies affiliate programs, advertisers use these links to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser’s website.

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Life in Lockdown. What we have really been up too.

Good morning my lovelies, I hope that you guys have been having a lovely week so far! I have noticed that spirits and positivity seem to be picking up now that we are allowed to have 6 people in the garden/meet at a park as well as a load of other confusing rules, that quite frankly make no sense. Depressingly the weather has been so shitty recently! Which is why I am praying that the weather picks up again! We have no time for rain right now! So I thought it was about time that I talked about life in lockdown, and what this situation has brought us in this house.

Lockdown has been trying so many of us, we’ve had our share of good days and bad. after a few weeks into lockdown, I decided to give a bit of a break from my normal monthly wrap-ups, So as I have not done a monthly update since the Covid-19 started really. Mainly because Lockdown has felt like a constant form of groundhog day. literally.
So anyway, I thought it would be nice to share what we have actually been up too during the stay at home and stay safe period.

So what has life in lockdown brung?

Lockdown Street Parties

I feel like life in lockdown has been a blessing to get to know our neighbours so well, and so quickly! When the beautiful human ‘Crazy M‘ started bringing our street together by hosting music and dancing for our weekly Thursday claps, which then developed into street quizzes, bingo and a very drunken VE day picnic party.

(Crazy M has been our lockdown superhero, and I honestly suggest you check our her website, she is now offering virtual parties for kids birthdays and doorstop visits around the Hampshire area).

All of these street gatherings have been so amazing and not only brought us closer to our new neighbours but have also given us something to look forward to every week.

After a conversation with Crazy M one night, Emma also shared that I can sing. So with much persuasion and a bit of anxiety, I was able to sing in front of our street on many Thursday night claps, etc.

I have to give VE day a special mention because this party broke a lot of us! with so much alcohol and so many laughs (Yes at a social distance).

Connecting over FaceTime… A lot!

Personally, I have been making a lot of use of the video call feature on my phone recently. Even forcing my parents into answering a video call over the phone to see their faces.
As well as general chats on video calls, we have had group calls with friends for virtual quiz nights! Which have been hilarious! especially when dressing up as an idiot for the video call.

A lot of crafting!

I have been busy finishing old projects and starting plenty of new ones during life in lockdown! I have been spending plenty of time in our craft room fiddling around with varies different projects!
The pros of having our craft room are definitely having the assessability to all of our stashes! making it easier to just get things out instead of rummaging through boxes and trying to keep it compact.

I have been doing so many little projects as well as big ones. Ive learnt how to use a sewing machine! and I have some pretty major crafting plans for the next few weeks! so there is definitely more to come!

The bizarre shopping trips.

Well, I certainly did have to give this one a mention. To clarify I am talking about food shopping. Which going to the supermarket is no longer what it used to be!
We’ve learnt that on a Tuesday (our shopping day) as we are shopping for 2 people, (Ourselves and Emma’s dad) that it is easier to get up for 8 am, just to avoid that masses of ques and be able to get our shopping over and done with!
It is amazing the amount of effort that the stores are putting in place to keep us safe, from clear guards for the shop assistants to the arrows on the floors telling us what way to go. Sadly not everyone is so cautious at this point, and I constantly find myself getting pissed off as someone gets too close!

So many series have been watched.

If you saw my recent post on ‘13 things you need to watch on Netflix‘ you will already know that lockdown has left us watching a lot of Television. Even when we are doing things like me on the laptop, or cross-stitching away, the TV tends to be on. So we have been watching too many series catching up on the things that we have wanted to watch for ages.

I’m also having such fun with watching my childhood shows. I am completely addicted to watching old school programs on Disney+. I mean Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, that kinda old school.

Refocusing my business mind.

When lockdown was introduced my online selling business took a pretty massive hit, which of course was unfortunate but very understandable due to the situation. Just like so many others I made the decision to close that businesses whilst this is going on. Also due to the fact that I have illnesses that are high risk and wanted to avoid going out as much as possible.

In the past few weeks I have been refocusing on my business plan and I am launching 2 new businesses. including my photography business ‘AlexaJade Snaps’ and my crafting business of ‘AlexaJade Creates’

It feels rewarding and productive that these are getting in motion finally. They are still in the building process! but I would rather be in that position than putting it off still. My mental health does tend to put me in a damper a lot recently. So I am proud to finally be fighting this.

Life in lockdown is something that so many of us have been struggling with… I have written a list of creative activities here, check them out and try something new!

Focusing on Self-growth.

This year when I posted my 2020 goals, I mentioned how I wanted to focus on my self-love and growth. I have always been the type of person to put myself down for everything possible. I realised I didn’t want to be like that any more and it was about time I realised how worthy I really am!
Confidence is a really tricky thing to Master. If you have a natural confident personality then I admire you! but for so many of us, we are learning to fake it till we make it! which is completely fine.
I have been taking extra time to focus on the reasons to be positive about myself, which is slowly helping my confidence, motivation and mental health.
I have been posting more pictures of myself full length which is something I would always avoid before.

Lockdown may not be completely over, but as things slowly return to ‘the new normal’. Positivity is definitely flowing a lot more right now!

I think so of life right now is just growing acceptance. Acceptance to change and adapting to life in a positive way whilst the world is pretty much upside down.

Thank you beautiful people for reading my little update! Hope you are having a safe time, and our staying strong. I love you all.

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Coronavirus aka COVID-19 – Talking the effects of the virus.

I am pretty certain, if you are like me anyway, you are pretty fed up of hearing the word Coronavirus right now. No, I don’t mean the beer, I mean the virus.

It is a pretty discussable subject right now. Everywhere you turn. The past few days I have woken up to floods of notifications, Emails, Twitters, Sky news. The lot of them all mentioning Coronavirus.

As you may have seen in my February wrap up post here. we are so excited and anxious to be getting into our new place. For us, this week is moving week. Friday we get the keys to our new home. Saturday we have Hired a truck. Tensions are definitely high with self-isolation being a hot topic of this week. One of the worries is we need our helpers.

There is NO way were be postponing the move. I do not think we can take much more of our belongings being packed away as it is. Personally, we are bored already!

Today we took a trip into a local shopping village. As you all know a lot of people have been ‘panic buying’ so the last 2 weeks we have done our food shopping options have been more than limited. Since we are moving into our own house with no ‘supplies’, we decided to buy a few frozen bits. Wow, what can I really say about the shops? whatever shop you are in is rammed and so busy. People are buying more than normal, and the shops are really struggling to keep up with such high demand.

it’s not just us,

I had a message from my cousin who is in France today. France went into complete lockdown. He was enjoying his last 40 of freedom on the beach near where he stays before he faces 2 weeks locked in the house. They are allowed to only go for food and medicines however, they then need to carry documents explaining why they are out of the house.

My brother with diabetes has been told that although still being employed he now can’t work for 12 weeks. 12 weeks is such a long time to be off work. But being diabetic he is of higher risk of catching the virus where he works.


What actually is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 is a new illness that the NHS and government have little knowledge at the moment. What they do know is that the coronavirus affects the lungs and airways. The virus is airborne.

What can we do to stay safe?

  • Self Isolating where possible. avoiding social situations and crowded areas. cleaning your hands with soap and water thoroughly. (sing happy birthday in your head).
  • Always wash your hands when you get home from being out. You can use hand sanitiser when there is no soap available. However, the most effective method of killing bacteria.
  • Try to avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Unless truly unavoidable don’t travel on public transport.
  • Work from home where possible.
  • Disinfect shared objects and surfaces.
  • Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Use the phone to contact your GP or 111 for advice, avoiding the doctor surgeries and hospitals where possible.

Coronavirus symptoms

If you think that you have contracted symptoms connected to Coronavirus (symptoms that are new) then you are required to self isolate. Guidelines from the NHS I have linked below.

The affects of Coronavirus

We all know that this virus has affected the world in so many different ways. People are terrified. Terrified of getting ill, or losing their loved ones to this nasty illness.

The panic of being isolated, and that shops and business closing. So many are panic buying. The shelves in the stores are as empty as anything. People are now running out of their general supplies and finding that everything in the shop has been brought out.

I think that it is amazing that some stores are now introducing hours where elderly, are now being allowed their own time to shop so that they are able to get what they need. Without being overcrowded and have an actual chance of buying essentials. Soap, Anti bac gel, dried foods, tins, and toilet roll. These are the main items that none of us can find on the shelves right now. making this situation even scarier. If you are thinking of panic buying! please of others who may be vulnerable and in need.

Many of our friends and family are aware that the schools may be shut as of Friday. To think how much this is going to affect children where they are sitting important exams in the upcoming weeks. Will they even be able to take their exams?. Plus the poor parents are also going to be stranded in a house with their children getting bored for weeks?

Business and events will be being cancelled in the upcoming months. Some social locations have already been asked to close. Although some may have the ability to be able to work from their homes, not everyone has this option so will be losing wages. The GOV has set a motion for mortgages etc to be put on hold. However, businesses will still be losing money. Small businesses especially.

Stay positive and support each other

No one is really sure how long this will last, whether it is going to be weeks or months. The virus is scary, it has affected so many around the world. This really is the time that we should all be supporting each other.

Some people are not taking this virus seriously, however, the facts are it affects each and every one of us. People have died. we need to take this seriously. Many have been affected, and many vulnerable. Especially those with an underlying health condition.

Support each other with positive thoughts and acts of kindness. Keep your self busy indoors.

Please keep safe and we’ll during these hard times.

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