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Some Christmas festive digital drawings…

Hey guys, me again! For day 19 of Blogmas, We’re doing well hey. I’ve been spending a-lot of time recently practicing with my festive digital drawings. I find it really helpful for my anxiety, and I have started sharing a few pieces of work on my gram recently! I am planning to share lots more in the days to come as-well, as its one of my favourite past times along side crafting, and being generally creative.

So for the first of my festive digital drawings, I would like you to meet my winter bear, bobby. He’s a cosy lazy bear, who would rather be asleep, a little like me.

Next is DeeDee the deer, She is only little, and loves a sugary, sweet hot chocolate in her life, especially with a floating candy cane.

Finally, this is the Jingles the elephant. She is keeping herself warm with her Santa hat, waiting for the big man to come!

So what do you think of my festive digital drawings?

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