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Simple Self-Care Ideas for Christmas.

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Self-Care Ideas for Christmas
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It’s been a crazy year, and if I’m not mistaken December feels just as cray, but with the added stress of Christmas luring in the background. We’re all hoping for the perfect Christmas this year. To enjoy time with our families. We would normally be already out and about shopping, partying and all the rest, but this year we lost a month in lockdown… ah. So we need to consider our Self-Care just as much so today I am sharing self-care ideas for Christmas.

We all know that Christmas isn’t going to be exactly the same this year. But let’s not get worse off by not looking after ourselves, I’m the chaos to organise the slightly different Christmas we are having.

Remembering that the Self-Care ideas for Christmas are not just about making sure you take care of yourself, but also make sure that we also take care of our mental well-being.

Simple Self Care Ideas for christmas, that anyone can do…

Have a fireplace ASMR video playing in the background.

This is my top and favourite suggestion for this whole post! I am not gonna lie, ASMR videos are so peaceful and helpful for your mental wellbeing and mindfulness. Having a video of a crackling fire streaming on the TV really does create a calm and soothing atmosphere. My favourite video on youtube is the Burning fireplace with crackling fire sounds by virtual fireplace.

Stream the video on the TV whilst cuddled up with a hot drink and chill.

Have a pyjama & Duvet day.

Stop feeling the pressure to get up and be productive everyday. Set yourself a day to snuggle in your pyjamas, stay indoors and sit under your favourite duvet/blanky. No one expects you to be on the go 24/7.

Taking the day for yourself to do nothing is sometimes the best thing to do for your own self care. It is in no way a waste of a day. Chilling out is something that we all need to do from time to time. Winter is a hectic period and most of the time you can find yourself on the go non stop! So dont forget to take a break and revitalise for you.

Wear your cosy slippers whenever possible.

This is one of my favourites for self care ideas for Christmas…

Oh, that feeling of getting indoors and taking those uncomfy shoes off and sliding into your slippers. It gives your feet a tingly warm sensation! keep to your comfy slippers. Not only are they cosy, and comfortable. They keep you warm in the house in the winter months! nobody likes the shivers of a freezing cold floor.

Light a soothing and winter smelling candle.

If you know me, this won’t be a surprise for you. I am always mentioning how candles are good for your wellbeing. It is all to do with the senses. The gentle sound of the crackling wick that calms anxiety, the cosy little light that that candle brings when lit, and that’s without even mentioning the lush smells that the candles give off. Since its winter, stick the wintery smells such as my favourite scent by Yankee, warm & cosy.

Read a book.

There is something even more comforting about reading a book in the winter! Cosy hot drinks, not going out and watching the falling rain at the window. I mean it is the good old British weather, hey? Taking time to relax with a decent book is a brilliant self-care idea for Christmas.

Self-Care Ideas for Christmas
Photo by Oleg Zaicev on Pexels.com

Make a pillow fort to chill in.

If you are bored inside why not challenge yourself to create a cosy pillow fort with your loved ones. Grab your blankets, your pillows, Throw in some fairy lights, and get cosy in your own comfy sanctuary.

Cuddle up and watch your favourite film, or even a christmasy one. Enjoy your time hidden from the rest of the world.

Enjoy a luxury hot chocolate.

When it hits winter I am big on the hot chocolate! of course. Does not matter if its twinning’s hot chocolate, Galaxy or Tassimo made Cadbury’s… Which are all lush, I love a cosy hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is a calming drink, and is wonderful for you to drink during the day! Cocoa in general can have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing. However it does depend on the one you drink.

Enjoy some seasonal festivities.

No matter what the circumstances are this year, there are still festive activities available for you to attend, whilst following government guidelines.

Check out your local newspapers and online updates to find out where these are still going ahead. Getting out of the house, and enjoying what you can this year, is still important. For your mental health and your physical wellbeing.

Use warm towels, straight from the dryer.

Oh that snuggly warm feeling!

I love it, When you pull out the warm clothes from the dryer. Your hands sink in to a warm pile of soft fabrics. Having a warm towel fresh from the dryer, is a heavenly experience… Especially after stepping out of a hot shower into the cold air.

Self-Care Ideas for Christmas
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Organise the winter wardrobe.

I love sorting out the wardrobe from season to season, folding and putting away all the summer bits and getting out the winter warmers. I’m a sucker for a cosy chunky knit and for leggings in the winter. The scarfs come out and so do the winter boots. With my chunky hoodies and comforts. I love to keep organised and put everything I need for the season at easy access. Besides no one wants to be rushing to get ready one morning and having to sieve through the strappy and cold clothes.

Reflect on the past year, and set your new goals.

Well, this year, has been a rollercoaster and that is probably an understatement for 2020. Min-due most years are pretty hectic and normally more fun to be fair.

This is a perfect time now before the new year comes in talking through your memories. Scrapbook what you want to never forget, and take time to accept the things that haven’t been in your control.

Stay organised for Christmas.

One thing that is brilliant for looking after yourself is staying organised and on top of things, we all know how busy this time of year gets, so staying organised where possible keeps you from getting even more stressed. I’ve already spoke a little bit this Blogmas, about avoiding Christmas, but when it comes to self-care and Christmas. Looking after your wellbeing is so important.

Keep well hydrated.

It stuck in my mind, what a nurse said to me whilst I was at an appointment last week. Our bodies are like flowers. We hydrate ourselves so that we can flourish. Just like a plant needs water to survive, so do we. So just because it’s colder weather, and the temptation is to have that extra coffee because your cold, think of how you need to be hydrated to stay well also.

Spend time with your loved ones.

The winter months can be depressing as well as they can be lovely. Especially when it’s freezing cold, or even raining. It’s impossible to organise anything with friends at the best of times. Especially where social distancing comes in to play! As long as you can, arrange to meet with your loved ones at a social distance and catch up with a coffee in the park. Staying connected is a big part of self care. For all of us.

Have a declutter before the Christmas chaos.

Decluttering is something we can all do to improve our positivity. No one likes to be surrounded by too much stuff. And as the Christmas holiday and January sale period tend to leave us with so much stuff to what we already owned having a declutter to prepare is the perfect option.

Even down to the food cupboards. So you know exactly what it is you have in the house.

Spend some well owed time on your hobbies.

well since it isn’t the summer anymore and we’re even more confined to out houses more than normal.
it doesn’t matter what your hobbies are. We all know that sometimes life gets too busy to be able to actually enjoy your hobbies. Taking time to do the things you enjoy doing is a massive thing for your positivity and inspires you to do other things.

Set up your new year planners.

My favourite pass time of the winter. Getting your planners, goals/ambitions for the new year written out and organised. It’s a December tradition for me. I normally have a couple of planners and calendars on the go. I always fill in birthdays and anniversaries before anything else. And I quite enjoy transferring them to the new planner. I can’t wait to get my hands on a vertical happy planner for 2021.

Make extra effort to speak to your loved ones.

If there is one thing that this year, and being in lockdown has taught us more than anything is how important our connections with others are. How lucky we are to have this thing called technology. Yeah, it can be a pain at times but it gives us the ability to stay connected with people. Even if it’s a simple reply to someone’s Facebook status, or alike on their photo. You might find that that action led to someone feeling comforted by your presence. We all have been going through struggles more than anything this year. Supporting others just proves that no one is ever really alone.

Focus on your self love

you are amazing, you are beautiful and you are gonna kick-ass to the future you to come.
make sure you remember to take time for yourself during the busy period and remind yourself why you love you. I get it can be hard to remember sometimes. But write a list of everything you love about you right now.

Take a nap.

when you’ve been having a hectic day or week, and in most cases months, remember to get the rest you really need.
you should never feel guilty for feeling tired and wanting to get an hours sleep every now and then! Do it for you, your body and your mind.

Get some fresh air in your lungs.

finally. Remember to get some fresh air into your lungs whenever possible! This year hasn’t filled us with opportunities to get out and about, but sometimes just a 10-minute walk can do wonders. Self-care is about looking after one’s self, so remember it’s ok to have to get out of the house and go for a walk. A change of scenery does everyone some good.

Do you have any self-care ideas for Christmas period that you swear by! I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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