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September 2020 – Wrapping up yet another month.

Good morning my lovelies! And happy October, we are finally in the Autumn, and the weather is definitely changing. So, here I am again with yet another rounding up the month post, where I tell you what I have gotten up to within the month. I really don’t know how it is we are now in October, saying goodbye to September 2020.

September 2020 should have been our month. The month that I and my beautiful Emma said ‘I do’ but unfortunately, as you may have read, we had to postpone our wedding due to the coronavirus.

September has been a month of thinking about mental health, Self-care and wellbeing for us.

If I could inspire anyone right now, I’d like to inspire them to realise how important they are to this world, How much they matter and how much their personality helps the world keep going.
That no matter what darkness you are going through. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

What Happened in September 2020?

September 2020 Aventure wonderland

Adventure Wonderland

We took a trip with our house guests to ‘Adventure wonderland’ for a fun filled day of rides, Laughs and a bit of ‘Alice’ From the very sassy Mad Hatter, Who read us the story of Alice in Wonderland.

It was great fun to spend what should have been our wedding day, with some amazing people, who have become such lovely friends to us.

I finally got to dye my hair grey!

From the darkest of browns, I have had my bleached then bleached some more. I do admit that there has been a fair amount of damage done to both of our hair since we started the process. But I finally managed to put a grey dye into my hair, which looked pretty awesome. The only frustrating thing is, it’s faded quite a lot already. So if you have a recommendation for a grey hair dye I would love to know!

We booked in for a holiday in 2021.

Definitely a priority for us! And we’re calling it a sorta mini moon! As we will finally be married but we’re not planning to travel abroad until it’s full safe to do so, so we’re make it worth the wait and save for something.
we’re be spending a week with our friends on the isle of weight for a Glamping style experience.
bring on summer 2021!

We said goodbye to some beautiful furry friends.

This month has been sad for us as we said goodbye to 2 of our families dogs.
Millie was a beautiful farm dog and faithful companion to Emma’s dad. Bella looked up to her as a mum and loved going back to kiss Millie all over whenever we went to the farm.

and ruby was my nans dog who had a beautiful proud face and loves to snuggle and play. She always made me laugh when we played videos on our phones at Nans she would get excited and nose the screen.

Farm fun

We took a trip to the farm to show our friends around the cow yard! and let the littlest, Alfi, have a sit in a tractor! It was a weekend so maybe next time he can have a drive in one!

Bella’s new outfit…

A last-minute entry for September 2020. However, Bella has the cutest new outfit from Primark, and I needed to share it! I saw these cute little Disney outfits for pets months ago! so I am so pleased we finally got our hands on Emma’s favourite Disney character. Stitch.

Ok so admittedly this month has been a quiet month for events for us, we have enjoyed September the best we can whilst of course social distancing and being aware of COVID. It is pretty hard to avoid when it is the most newsworthy subject right now!

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  1. October 1, 2020 / 1:49 pm

    Amazing post Alex! It’s been fun spending time with you last month!

  2. October 6, 2020 / 10:32 am

    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of the two doggies. That’s so sad <3 But other than that and the postponement of the wedding, it sounds like you made the most of the month! <3 xxx

    • AlexaJade
      October 6, 2020 / 9:13 pm

      Thanks, Jenny 🙂 I think it is best, to be honest about when you are having a downtime sometimes. Life is never perfect, so I am all for showing my true life and not a sparkly one.
      Making the best of a crappy time is the best thing we could have done 🙂

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