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Our first home together.

first home

Hey everyone and happy April! I hope you are staying safe and well during these terrible times. The Coronavirus has really taken over Affecting so many, many that our local to us, maybe even people we know. It is understandable why so many of us are feeling low, as we are grounded to our homes and unable to see our loved ones. You literally can not go anywhere right now without hearing about Convid-19. So, I am pretty excited to be talking about something different right now. We have finally moved into our first home together.

You probably already know from my previous wrap up posts from January and February that we have been long awaiting getting our first home and how excited we have been.

first home
Not the most flattering photo but I love it! What a life moment!

Getting the keys to our first home.

The week we moved had been such a stressful week for us, as with the announcements about the Convid-19 virus businesses were closing and things were already looking worrying. We literally were unsure if we would even be able to move.
So when Friday finally came I am not lying when I say the time went so slow that morning. When we finally got the call to get the keys, the excitement was unreal.

We headed with our keys straight to the house and started the flat pack furniture we had brought. A kitchen table, chairs, bathroom furniture, drawers. We actually didn’t finish it all until 9 pm. So the first of many long days we had.

Moving in day…

Actual moving day was Saturday. A bright and early start at 8 am. We had rented a truck, and luckily we had a few sets of hands to help load and unload all of our stuff. Me and my mum were fortunate enough to need to go curtain shopping whilst Emma and the boys carried on unloading for us.

The truck had been completely unloaded at the house by 12 and our amazing helpers then helped us start unpacking and do odd jobs that needed doing straight away, like the curtain poles.

What’s in the house?

In our beautiful house, we have 3 Bedrooms, So Our main room with ensuite, A spare room, and of course our Craft room.
We have 1 main bathroom and a downstairs toilet. We also have a beautiful Kitchen diner and a Living room.

The sofa and the Lounge.

Come Monday evening, When lockdown got announced we had already done quite a lot. The best bit about Monday being our sofa had been delivered from Oak Furniture Land with our 2 free gifts. One was a bit of a surprise as we received a different mirror to the one we were expecting. It is huge! and were still waiting to get that up on the wall.

Our lounge is my favourite space in the house. The sofa is lush and I am loving our cosy evening watching Netflix, with candles lit and snuggling under blankies.

Our hallway.

first home

This carpet was already in the house when we moved in so I have no idea where it is from, but I absolutely love it! everyone I have shown pics too as well says the same! It is so funky and It really stands out in the house. So I couldn’t wait to share this on the blog!

Our bedroom…

I love this room! We are really trying to keep the house as minimal as possible, especially in the bedroom. To be honest, all around the house were trying to do this, to be fair.
The wallpaper in the bedroom is glittery! Which is totally me, I love anything glittery. I and Emma found some really cute side table baskets in Tescos at such a bargain, and although we still needed to add a draw each to the side of us, I definitely prefer the tables to a bedside table.

The Kitchen/Diner

Our kitchen is brilliant! It is so roomy and light. The only titchy problem I have (and yep I am admitting it) I am quite short, and the cupboards are so tall I really struggle. My mum treated us to the table cloth when we popped out on moving day! We are loving the marble effect at the moment! Looks so nice in the kitchen!

I can honestly say I have also been using the washing machine already! and I am loving cleaning! I wonder how long that will last?

Styling our first home.

We may have only been in our home for just over a week now, but already we have made so much of this house our home. Emma has been so good at the little fiddly jobs and I have been busy styling *coughs* making it girly *coughs*.
Actually, we make a really good team together and we really like the same kinda things.

As this is our first home together, and we were previously living with Emma’s dad we really didn’t have a lot for a house at first. Luckily when our offer got accepted on the house we were able to start shopping and buying things for the house! … but I am not gonna lie we’ve still needed to get bits we didn’t have since moving in.

We had our offer accepted on the house in January so we have been shopping since then and picking up bits for the house. As it is both of our first time owning our own home. We literally had to get everything as well, from Sofas and washing machines to washing up bowls and utensils!

Our uplifted unit!

OK, I am so excited to show you this unit. Emma has owned the thing for absolute years, and of course, it was Oak coloured. We had been discussing for weeks we would probably change it up. When we got it into our new lounge I really felt like it looked out of place! luckily we took a trip to the B&M store, whilst buying essentials we were able to pick up some paint.
It took most of a day but it really was worth it.
A lick of paint and changing the handles to some sparkly ones has made a massive difference! It looks so much better and I am super happy with it! We both did really well to achieve such a nice look!

Now we’re feeling more settled…

first home
Emma and I really enjoyed a glass of Gin to celebrate.

Obviously it has sucked that a few days after moving into our house, the UK went into lockdown. So we have not been able to have anyone round to see our beautiful house. However on the positive side, by the time we are allowed visitors our house will be pretty much done.
We have already unpacked everything we own and have sorted the downstairs living room & kitchen, and we are getting there with the upstairs. We still have sorting out to do in the spare and craft room. However, We mainly have odd jobs to do now. Like putting up photos, mirrors etc. So after a week where we didn’t stop, we are slowing down a lot and spreading them out. Since we are confined to the house, luckily we will at least be kept busy.

I can’t wait for when things go back to normal and we can start having our friends and family over again and make lots of special memories together in our own home.

If you are struggling with ideas of things to do whilst stuck indoors, how about reading my post on creative ideas whilst social distancing.

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  1. April 2, 2020 / 10:29 am

    Your house is absolutely stunning! I love it and you’ve done so so much in such a short space of time. We’re going to be decorating (hopefully) in the summer, and you’re absolutely helping us with ideas haha!

    • AlexaJade
      April 2, 2020 / 12:55 pm

      Yay! I’m glad I can be of help 💛 styling our own home is so much fun. I can’t wait to get everything done x

  2. October 24, 2020 / 2:30 pm

    Thank you for hosting this article! I got great ideas from reading your article on which I could be using in the future! Please continue to share more!
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