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Disneyland Paris. Our amazing trip.

In my last post here, you probably noticed I was already pretty excited and I have not been let down. To start our 2019 with a bang, and to celebrate Em’s 40th Birthday we took a 2-night stay at the Santa Fe Hotel and spent 3 magical days visiting Disneyland Paris, and it was as true as magical as I could have ever wished for!

I don’t know a single friend of mine, who does not love all things, Disney! and I am probably one of the most Disney obsessed people I know! anyone thinking to themselves, oooooh I wanna take a trip to Disney! DO IT! save up and do it! because Disney is not just for kids! For weeks before our trip (considering we only had a 6-week wait from Em’s birthday) it was the hottest topic and all we could talk about.

After a long hectic travel, and a really early wake-up, the magic begun for us with an afternoon straight off the train. We checked into the hotel and left our bags in the luggage and we were straight back onto the shuttle and into the Disney Parks!, for the first day we went straight to the Disney Studios, and as we walked through the excitement hit us. we were finally at Disney after weeks of waiting! and it was more then we could imagine. Within a few hours of arriving I was straight on the rocking roller coaster, and the Terror Hotel, Ohhhh I loved the adrenaline rides whilst we were there. We ran into our first character as well. Mickey!


Something really big happened!

Our trip was made even more special, I said yes to my beautiful girlfriend proposing to me at Disneyland! (SHE NAILED THE DREAM PROPOSAL)
She pretended to want to take a selfie, to send to one of our friends! and within seconds pulled out the ring.
I won’t lie I cried a lot, and there was a lot of hugging and it was just perfect, So yes, I can officially say that I went to Disney with my girlfriend and came back with my Fiancee (Eeeee. We’re getting married)

So needless to say! that was the most magical moment of our trip for me!

There is so much I can talk about from our trip. That it is not possible to cover it all (keeping some memories to ourselves of-course).

The parades were so good! whilst we were there Disney was celebrating the Princess and Pirate Festival, so there were 2 parades to watch, the main one being once a day which we loved the most.
The main parade was so fun to watch, there was so much to look at the floats were huge, and so amazing!
But the Princess and Pirate song are so catchy! I’m definitely the princess, Em says she’s a pirate! and we still have the song stuck in our heads!

I could have stayed with stitch all day!

Stitch was both Mine and Em’s favourite character we met!, He was so naughty, he tried to get in my backpack as we walked away, and was really really well played! Em has come home with a Stitch teddy and has definitely been bumped up on her favourite character list to the top since our trip!

Disneyland Paris in January…

Being at Disneyland Paris in January turned out to be the best! the parks were busy, but I never needed to use my fast past once! The longest I cued was 20 minutes, and that wasn’t even for one of the bigger rides, it was not bad for queuing at all, I could imagine how busy they would be in the summer.

Before we left we were originally a bit daunted by the fact it had been snowing and would be snowing whilst we were away, but honestly It was so amazing. Disney staff cleared the snow from the paths to keep the area safe so quickly and you could see they were working non-stop on clearing the white stuff.

The fireworks…

Another amazing part of visiting Disneyland was the fireworks. Oh my GOSH. Disney illuminations were literally spectacular, and so much of a bigger firework display then what I was expecting! the Castle lights up animated with characters from different Disney films, whilst water shot out and fireworks fly in the background, It was amazing, and so fun.

The money…

I’m not gonna lie! Disney is probably the most expensive place I have ever been too! so we spent so much money whilst we were there. We really did treat ourselves to souvenirs, and things to bring home! but we did find that it was easy to go through money very quickly!

We had our breakfast and dinners included in our meal plan, and only brought snacks during the day, which were costly! and we also drank a lot of hot chocolate to keep warm!
My favourite treat snack at the park though was the Disney princess macaroon that I found at one of the smaller stands! I was very chuffed to have a pink raspberry princess!

Is it bad that I was super excited to be in a Disney Starbucks?

I am pretty certain I am not surprising anyone here when I say! YES, we found the Disney Village Starbucks, More than once. It actually it wasn’t hard to find the Starbucks at Disney because there was also one in our hotel! Perfect for any coffee lover hey?
But yay! I achieved one of my Disneyland trip goals right here! by having a Starbucks at Disneyland Paris!

I’m so glad I did my research before we left! we did so much walking so I am glad I had taken my comfiest shoes! on our full day in the park, we hit over 23,000 steps, and it didn’t matter how tired we were cause we just wanted to get as much as we could in within the few days! honestly, I would suggest comfy shoes that you could hike into anyone going!


Disneyland is overall AMAZING!

Ok, So the travel was the only bit of our trip that I hated. That’s ok since it wasn’t part of our actual time at Disney! it didn’t let it down too much.

On the way to Disney, we had to change trains at the last minute, due to the snow in France. So we headed on a train to Paris, and then took the very confusing french underground to Disney! The snow in France was immense, as soon as we got out of the tunnel, we were going through miles and miles of countryside, covered in the white stuff, it was really pretty. The Way back as-well, the train was delayed and the train station in Lille Europe was hectic as! we were so lucky we didn’t miss the train back. But the travel bit to any holiday is always going to be the stressful bit, Right? (maybe we will fly next time).

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