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One of the reasons I love Poundland!

Happy Thursday! it is nearly the weekend, and I am trying to put my tough rollercoaster ride of life to the side and think positive! Waheyyyyy. Today’s happy vibe comes directly from a small trip to Poundland.

Poundland is just one of those shops that we all secretly have that love for. I mean how wrong can you go at anything for just a single pound!
I’m not wrong now am I? Doesn’t matter if you pop in just to grab your essentials or as I’m often saying, I’ll have a quick look and only spend a fiver, it seems to be that you can find too many nice things!
Especially recently. Especially if you are a stationery lover like me! Even though I have left school long ago now this is still my favourite time of year! the shops are fighting for the attention of anyone going back to school with numerous back to school sets and styles.

The Craft Vine is one of my favourite stationery subscription boxes, read one of my reviews, here.

So my recent trip to Poundland left me with all these goodies! and I’m pretty chuffed. pretty rose gold, pinky colours. which is totally my favourite right now!
I’m not gonna lie I have enough stationery and probably enough notebooks to fill an entire bookshelf, but I can never seem to get enough beautiful stationery!…
Its defiantly worth a trip a month, or more. Not just stationary, but I’ve recently found some amazing home decor bits.

Stationery has always been a passion of mine. How about reading my signs you also have an addiction to stationery, here.

Love you all…  

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