New beginnings…

……….. And this time I mean it…

Ive been a bit out of it with everything for the last month. I literally have done no blogging! no scrapbooking! no craft at all!
Ive had nearly a month of life change. with everything being up in the air.
So as figures its about time I start focusing on things in life that really matter. My concentration has been so bad after everything that has happened has been awful everywhere. Including work.

I was talking to a work pal yesterday about their experiences. They had gone through the same thing. They had had enough of the way their own life was so they left. Sounds really familiar right now.

Its horrible to have a feeling of being watched, that everything you are doing and going to do is being stalked. I found a quote. You may think you know, but you don’t. Unless you are in the brain of someone twenty four seven, you honestly really don’t know what they are going through yet alone what they are thinking! Whats sad is it isn’t the first time Ive felt this way. This has been going on for months in different ways.

No matter what happens in life you should remember the most important thing. You are strong.
Its something I never thought I would ever believe. But with the right support network, and people by your side you really will get to where you want to be.


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