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My open love letter to the one I love…

As I write my open love letter to the one I truly love, I feel the need to say words could never fully cover how I really feel.

So here is my open love letter.

I hold on to the moment I fell in love with you with my heart every day, that memory is the specialist memory I hold.
At times our life, it has been hard. Harder, then it should be, we sit and dream of the time to come when our moment comes and the freedom we fantasise of becomes ours.
We look back to the past and remember the times we’ve gone through. Not always good. But neither of us can deny that we shared special memories and magical sparkle moments. As the years have gone by we have changed in so many ways.
I know the pain we share now is my fault. I’ve made some choices that I regret, and yet there is no real way that I can apologise because I am sorry is not enough. I’ve been a fool at times, a gullible
I hold on to the feeling of one day, not because I am not ready, and no. I’m not scared.

open love letter
Photo by Jasmine Carter on Pexels

Sometimes I just can’t help but watch you, not in a weird way, but because I just cane help myself, I see such a beautiful loving girl, one that doesn’t even know her own value.
It breaks my heart to see your pain. You don’t deserve what you go through. The way you are treated by others. You are a person…
You are always there for me, your smile, your words, your kind heart. What did I ever do to deserve someone like you?
Our first kiss still stays in my thoughts, the shivers that ran down my back. It was a surprise that I had longed for, but in reality, was so much more then I could have known. It was as if you could read my mind.
The moments we share, they to me are magical, even the discreet ones. We don’t just make moments that we know that we will keep, photo-ready we always do that. We make memories.
I know at times I can look at you and I just know you can read my thoughts, I see you looking back and your eyes, your beautiful eyes, they tell me things. I know you can read mine too.

With this open love letter, Please remember the hard days. If I could do just one thing for you, that would be to keep my promise, a promise I made the very first day…
….I will not let you down.

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