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My December Playlist – top 10 Christmas tunes you need to have.

Evening guys, So it’s that time of year that we’re listening to all that upbeat festive music, more than anything else. I am no different especially when it comes to plugging my headphones in on the train. Never mind the embarrassment when I finally realise I been pretty much singing out loud on the train! So I wanted to talk a bit about my December playlist.

December Playlist

There are so so so many songs! and I always like to create a new playlist for every Christmas, So this year I’m giving you my top 10 Christmas songs that will be being played at our Christmas table! 

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  1. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas
  2. The Pogues – Fairytale of New York 
  3. Michale Buble – Santa Baby 
  4. Bing Crosby – White Christmas
  5. Wham – Last Christmas 
  6. The Jackson 5 – I saw mummy kissing Santa Clause 
  7. Carrie Underwood – Do you hear what I hear
  8. Elmo & Patsy – Grandma got run over by the Reindeer
  9. Justin Bieber – Mistletoe
  10. Dean Martin – Let it snow 

There are absolutely 100’s of songs that you could add into your December playlist, maybe songs that make you just feel christmasy and the ones that make you feel like it is winter. I mean there is no reason to have summer songs making you long for summer at this time of year right?

Just imagine it now! Summer songs blasting by a cosy fire, matching pjs with loved ones and a malt wine smell filling the house! it just doesn’t add up does it.

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I would love to hear what music is in your December playlist this year?

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