My blogging FAIL!

I’ve been blogging for over a year now. As the time has past, my blogging skills have been changing, my writing style improving. I’ve made friends and learnt so many new things already. So this week I felt devastated at the thought of loosing the whole thing!

My heart stopped a second when I went to log into my WordPress dashboard to find that my site was being diverted to spam sites. I rang up my hosting, Who explained, websites have the same needs as computers and that I was lacking protection on my blog. I mean, am I being stupid? am I the only person that didn’t know my blog needed protection from viruses?

So, The reason this has happened, I hadn’t updated my software on my blog, It hadn’t been that long since my last login, BUT because I had an update waiting, a virus had been able to attack my site, and took over. There was nothing I could do other then letting the very helpful guys at GoDaddy fix my website there end! 

On top of a very crappy week I was literally gutted, the thought of loosing my content was devastating, and I really feel that I’ve been rather lucky to get it all back. Unfortunately I hadn’t made a back up in months! I was told over the phone there was no guarantee that they would be able to fix the issue without wiping everything. I would have lost content! 

so I have definitely learnt a major blogging lessen that I thought I needed to share! just incase I am helping someone not have this happen to them. 
Firstly! Back your blog up regularly! Ive now set a monthly reminder on my phone to remind me its time to back it up! whilst also keeping up to date with updates! as out of date software was the main cause of this nightmare! 


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