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My Autumnal wardrobe wishlist.

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A random thought that I had the other day was I love clothes. Yet I never share my outfits or anything like that with you guys! so I thought I would make the change and start sharing something else that I am really passionate about on the blog too. It didn’t take me long to think of a blog post either. And of course that is Autumnal wardrobe favourites.

Autumn is my favourite season! Especially for the cosy clothes that we get to wear to keep us warm! So today I am talking you through my recent Amazon wish list adds.

Amazon is actually an amazing source for finding unique and reasonably priced items! So I am constantly buying from there.

My Amazon Autumnal wardrobe favourites…

For the love of Scarfs…

Superdry Women’s Heritage Ribbed Scarf

The first thing on my autumnal wardrobe wish list is this beautiful Superdry ribbed scarf! I love a cosy scary and literally, it does look so cosy! I have so many scarfs already I must admit, and I definitely have a few that I prefer and wear a lot compared to somewhere you could honestly say there as good as new… This scared comes in multiple shades, I prefer the grey colour though.

StyleSlice Leopard Print Scarf

To pick just one scarf isn’t fair though! I really do love my scarfs.

Ankle boots are a must for my autumnal wardrobe…

Rocket Dog Women’s Camilla Chelsea Boots

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of Chelsea boots to rock the autumn in! my boots are old and definitely need replacing but I have owned the Rocket Dog Chelsea boots before, and they are so cosy that I think I’ll be going back to my old faithful brand!

The best bottoms to have…

Yoga Pants with Pockets

Ok I don’t know what it is with thicker leggings, and yoga pants right now, but I am obsessed. Literally the most comfortable where and can look so smart with just a nice top added to the outfit! I have definitely been living in leggings a lot recently.

Roman Originals Women Denim Jean Jeggings

And If it isn’t leggings it’s more likely to be jeggings. Again ever so comfortable! I always find jeggings warmer than jeans as well. Is that just be being weird?

Beautiful autumnal wardrobe outfits…

Yidarton Women’s Winter Teddy Bear Coat

I love the feel of a teddy bear coat, so fluffy and warm. These have been so popular in the past few years. It’s a trend that I could not wait to jump on. I love the creamy colour. This colour fits in with the autumnal colours so nicely.

Women’s Knitted Cardigan

I love chunky knit cardigans! I literally can not wait to be able to pull out the already owned chunky knits from the wardrobe! I have been pretty much living in these for the past few weeks already. I am pretty certain I would wear them all year if I could.

Baggy Off Shoulder Sweatshirt

Cosy sweaters, especially off the shoulder sweaters are a massive love of mine. To be honest I already own so many sweaters but I always have room for more in the wardrobe. This sweater has actually been on my Wishlist since the summer! My ultimate choice would be the grey colour. However, it comes in so many different lovely shades.

WearAll Women’s Plus Batwing Shirt Dress

Personally I am one of those who loves to wear a shirt, but only does so on and off. I own a couple of checked shirts now so I really would love to have a plain shirt that isn’t patterned. The black is so smart looking, and can be easily accessorised.

Cute bags…

KALIDI Backpack

Any excuse to get my hands on one of these beautiful and so cute backpacks. I’ve been eyeing up these backpacks for so long now!

If I am honest! I love all of the colours! so picking one colour is going to be hard! But yes! I am swaying towards think beautiful pink!

Miss Lulu Women Top Handle Bag

Also whilst thinking about bags! I found this beautiful Miss LuLu grey handle bag. It is so cute. So I had to give it a mention! It would make the perfect accessory to most autumnal outfit.

And some lovely accessories…

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Ultra-Matte Nude Lipstick 03 No Doubts

I am in love with this shade. I already own it, but it’s running out. So this will be a repeat purchase in the near future. The Matte colours are so beautiful and feel nicer on your lips.

Dry flower pendant

I wouldn’t say that I am a floral person. However, I do love flowers, and dried flowers are beautiful. I am literally obsessed with pressed flowers at the moment. This beautiful necklace is such a cute little accessory to wear with your Autumn outfit.

Mylee Nail Gel Polish

Ok, so you may already know that I am obsessed with Gel nails, and own my very own nail lamp. Salon style nails at home. I have done my own gels for the past 5 years now. Honestly, Once I got my nail LED lamp, I did not look back. I still own my nail polish collection, and have a few autumnal wardrobe colours. However I am growing my gel colour collection at the moment! and this dusky purple is so needed! It is lush!

What Autumnal wardrobe favourites do you have your eyes on?

What are your must have Autumn wardrobe favourites that you need in your wardrobe? Are you like me and love this season for its lush comforts. Let me know in the comments below what you with my Autumn favourites, and tell me some of yours.

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