Lazy Sunday? No not really

we all know that Sunday’s are meant to be the lazy day of the weekend. Well for me that’s only partly true. I don’t actually think I can remember the last fully happy weekend I actually had.
I’m always trying to be a positive writer. Well the truth is, it’s hard for me to be. I sometimes feel I lack my addictive sparkle, and my life came right out of an yet to be shown Eastenders episode.
Life is full of twists. Dramas. Complicating factors and hurt.
Don’t get me wrong. I get times where I can share happy moments with the one I love but it’s just not always. Like it should be.
Lately weekends in general are a continuum of arguments and hurt, leading to stress, anxiety and the odd migraines.

Im 100% certain that I am not the only person in this world to have weekend routines. BUT and this is a big BUT, when you sit comfortably on the sofa with your cup of coffee scrolling on Facebook through your phone looking at the fabulous excitements that the rest of the word seem to be having it does get a bit mind numbingly depressing.
Ive been thinking of plans, dream and goals a lot lately (as well as the future that I almost have in my grasps) to realise that maybe some optimistic planning and goal setting could be the way to go! SO my new goal this week is to have one new thing each weekend!… I am in no way saying it has to be huge.. but even a simple walk somewhere new would seem a massive adventure!

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