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July 2020 – Wrapping up the month (back with it)

I have not done a post wrapping up the month in ages now! So I am back with a July 2020 wrapping up of the month. The whole Lockdown really threw me and I wasn’t really sure how to wrap up the months that had all been the same. So although I’ve had the new house to talk about, alongside our lockdown mayhem.

Things are slowly returning to normal life, well the ‘new normal’ life we have had to come to terms with. This year really has not been what we expected it to be. I mean with postponing our wedding until next year, we have been refocusing our minds on different things whilst we sort out our new wedding plans for next year.

July 2020

July 2020 for us, has been a month of business for us. Between seeing so much more of our friends and family, small celebrations and looking after my little cousin. Dealing with 3-year-old tantrums was definitely an eye-opener this month.

We did a lot of walking!

July has honestly been the month for walking. This month a group of us did a 7.5 mile walk in the New forest, Brockenhurst. The day before we also did a 2.5 mile walk around Manor farm. Oh, it has been challenging. Neither myself or Emma ever complain to be fit, and we find some long walks a challenge. I am so proud of us for the amount of walking we achieved, and it was so nice to be out in the wildlife. We have such beautiful places around us, so it is so nice to explore them whilst getting steps in!

Speaking of beautiful places. this month was my parents 30th anniversary and my Dads birthday, so we did a joint celebration with family BBQ (Social distancing of course). We have the BBQ at Emma’s dad’s new farm around his beautiful lake… It was lovely and we found a maize field on the farm. Which we enjoyed posing in for pictures. As well as running around making each other jump. It was a busy day for us as we headed from one farm to another for parties.

July has got me setting even more goals. Ultimately I would like to take my blog full time, So I am going to start using a bit of space in my monthly round ups to update with you what I have been up too towards my blog. This month has involved a lot of using Canva to make Pinterest pins… A lot of them, but my traffic to the blog has definitely grown since I started this!

Also! I am starting a news letter! so if you would like to have regular updates from me to your inbox! Use my side bar and subscribe! Can’t wait for you to join me there.

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