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January 2020 – wrapping up the month.

January is known for being the longest month of the year. The excitement of Christmas and then the January sales. Then there are all the January bills. Bigger bills than other months. So we pretty much go all of January skint. Every single year.

This January has been no different for us. We have spent most of the month completely skint. Which is no fun at all? However, even though January has been a month with no money, Emma and I have had the busiest month ever. Therefore it is the first time January has ever flown by. For me anyway.


BIG news

At the beginning of this month, we began a scary and incredible journey! It started off by house hunting.
We have known for a long time now that this would be coming up this year, that we would be finding our own place to live. Unfortunately, there is no option to stay where we are. We currently live on a farm that is being sold for housing. Really sad, because this place is beautiful and I love living here.
It’s absolutely horrible watching the builders tear up the grounds which has already been happening for months.


So at the beginning of this month, I and Emma set off to a couple of estate agents. Before we knew it the whole week was booked with appointments to see varies different houses. By the end of the week, we were knackered. but we had decided there was 1 specifically we wanted a second viewing on.

It is the house we have chosen. It really is beautiful, inside and out. The seller wants a quick sale as well. The house has only been lived in for 6 months. Meaning its pretty brand new. especially being a new build.

We are hoping that we will find out a date this week, we’ve started packing, and buying new furniture. Believe me its so bloody exciting! I can not wait and neither can Emmy! I’m pretty certain once we have moved in I will do a blog post with lots of piccies.

Another thing that happened this January…

This is something that really grits my teeth. So I am taking the opportunity to name and shame on my blog.
Back in march last year we paid the deposit to our wedding venue. The Botleigh Grange Hotel. As you can see from the website they have now gone into administration. There is a news article here.

So after much back and forward, frustration and many tears on my part. We have secured a new venue for the same date! Great, right? the only thing is we have now lost £1000 on the deposit of a wedding venue we cant have.

Ironically we did receive an email from their admin team saying that they are trying to seek out a buyer and what are our intentions for keeping with the venue for our wedding date. I can assure you guys that I have emailed back demanding to be put on the creditor list.
Firstly, who in their right mind would stay with a venue at the risk of spending more money to have stolen from them, which has closed? If someone knows the logic in this please share! I myself am gobsmacked! But of course, this does leave us confused about what will happen next. They never responded to my email. Great communication. (Sorry but it is hard not to be sarcastic about this).

I am pleased that we can now move forward with the wedding planning. So we are very lucky to have been in a position where we can put a new deposit down. This does not change the upset on the bad treatment from the Botleigh Grange.

That’s enough for one month!

So that has been my January! Hectic, emotional, busy and more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. If this is what its gonna be like this year, I can’t wait to see what next month brings!

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  1. February 4, 2020 / 8:13 pm

    Wow, looks like this is going to both a busy year and a beautiful year with all these new adventures of yours. Don’t let the moving become too stressful, takes the fun out of shopping for all those items to fill your home up with. That is always my favorite part when moving, the decorating.

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