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iOS 14 – How to customise your phone.

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How the iPhone iOS 14 is the most customisable iPhone system yet.

When it comes to apple software, I have been a fan from the very start. My first iPhone was the 3GS. Do you remember that one? With its very rounded corners, it pretty much seems like a brick now. I have had my share of iPhone versions, and I have always released my inner geekiness when a new iOS came out. This week (Wednesday 15th September) the iOS 14 came out.

iOS 14 is definitely the most customisable iOS to have been released yet! which is why we love it! the iOS update is compatible with all devices able that have been able to run iOS 13.

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Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

So what can we now do to customise our iPhones with iOS 14?

Widgets on the home screen.

One of the most loved and customisable features of the iOS 14 update. We can now personalise our phones to the max with the new widget on Home Screen feature! Personally I love this new feature.

So this is my current Home Screen first page…

You can customise your apps to show an image of your choice, by using shortcuts. I have something to admit here. I did start changing my apps to look pretty, but I did not like how it brought the shortcuts screen up every time you open a new app.

Changing the app icons has been the most atheistically pleasing feature, alongside the widgets, however can take hours to actually complete! So make sure you have some time to kill to do this.

you can change the size of the widgets now too, so you can fully choose what your screen looks like.
To stack your widgets just simply drag the widgets on top of each other so you can stack them up! Saving space on your home screen pages.

Want to know how to customise your screen more? To add my image I have Widgetsmith and my clock and Calendar with ColorWidgets. However, I’ve been playing around with a few of the apps that allow customisable widgets on your app pages. And these are all good for different things.

iOS 14 iPhone screen

The app library.

In iOS 13 and before I would constantly add the apps that I didn’t want to look at, or only needed on occasion into a folder. Finally, we don’t even need to look at those apps at all! We can now remove them from our home screens and they are still on the device but in the App Library. THANK YOU APPLE GODS. This is literally my personal favourite feature.

Homescreen pages can now be hidden!

I kinda get why this is an awesome feature for the new iOS 14, however I don’t feel like it is useful to me. I have no reason to hide any of my app screen pages! (Just the boring apps like I said before).

There again! If you like your privacy when it comes to your apps, this is a pretty neat feature. For example if you don’t want your work colleagues peering at your phone to see your gambling or dating apps. (Well you never know).

Memoji has got bigger and better!

Oh my goodness, I literally love the new Memoji options! theres so much more to choose from. New hairstyles, accessories, Colours, tones and even the option to age.

New Memoji stickers for a hug, fist bump, and blushing.

iOS iPhone memojis

Pinning favourite messages.

Another amazing customisable feature in messages. You can now keep your favourite people/conversations at the top of your screen by pinning them as a favourite. There name and picture will appear in a circle at the top of messages.

Your favourite mail app can now be used as a default.

personally I don’t mind the apple mail app, however I know a lot of people prefer to use gmail or outlook. It’s something I keep meaning to look at and keep forgetting! But you can now update your preferences on iPhone to open your favourite app for emails. Now when you click an email address link your phone will direct you to your defaulted choice.

You can now create captions or notes on your photos.

I love this feature! you are now able to write personalised notes about the photos and images you have captures and saved to the camera roll.

  • New space-saving measures meaning incoming phone calls and Siri no longer takes over the entire screen.
  • Camera and microphone usage indicator.
  • Video play whilst using apps!
  • Messaging now is even easier to reply to specific messages!
  • It is now even easier to have a group chat on iMessage, as you can now include @who it is you want to speak too. Saves avoiding confusion! This is a brilliant feature!
  • There is a new app on your iPhone and it translates your conversations!
  • More secure with password monitoring!
  • Share your approximate location instead of your exact!
  • Emoji searching is now a thing.
  • You can now change your font for notes.
  • Zoom Zoom Zoom… You can zoom your photos now even more.
  • Find your photos easily with filters
  • Compact calls
  • You can now secure what photos apps see.
  • Fiddle around like a pro with exposure.
  • Mirror your selfies
  • Music discovery
  • Assign your reminders
  • Smart suggestions for Date/Time/Locations

What about our other favourite apple iOS products?

The new iPad features seem primarily Apple Pencil based. But these are still very cool. You can now handwrite to type on most apps. Although I find this pretty hard to control.

what have I missed?

The new iOS 14 has a lot of new customisable and useful features. So far I am loving exploring and playing with the new options that we have available as an iProduct user.

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  1. Demi Le Huray
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    I am in love with your ios14 Home Screen. It’s so cute and aesthetically pleasing!

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  3. November 16, 2020 / 8:34 am

    Your phone is really so pink and cute 😍

    • AlexaJade
      November 17, 2020 / 1:34 pm

      Pink has always been my favourite colour. I always like to have a bit of pink, where ever I can!

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    April 14, 2021 / 12:52 am

    Very easy way and guide about customize the iPhone, I really love this reading. Thank you for sharing it.

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    Very useful article but the one drawback is, please make your letters bold. It is hard to read. You have a white background and the letters are faded and lite. It is not that comfortable to read. A suggestion. Other than that the article is good.

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