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How to survive seasonal stress.

Every year we can feel our blood pressure being raised as it is time to face the Christmas season. There’s so much you have to, barely any time to do it, the cost seems to get more and more each year, and you literally have no money to do it on, even though somehow we manage to pull it off, every single year we seem to get more and more stressed and closer to pulling our hair out. So, what can we do to ease the seasonal stress this year?

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How to avoid the dreaded seasonal stress…

Remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Firstly, and the most important thing to take away from this post, if nothing else. Take a moment and remember the true meaning of Christmas, the real reason why we do this every year.

It’s not about getting the biggest and most expensive presents, or about how much food and drink we have.
we are so lucky to receive anything at all. Our loved ones buy as gifts to show their love, and appreciation of that person.

Keep organised and plan ahead.

If you know me, you will probably know that organisation is something I am hot on. I am often ready with a planner, notebook and a pen ready to organise any project or event.
And I am no different when it comes to Christmas. Present lists, card lists, shopping lists and to-do lists. Recipes planned out, and prep is done whenever possible. Ensuring I keep on top of as much as I can when it comes to the Christmas time chaos.
Keeping lists of what you’ve brought and who it’s for is the best list to keep! Literally making it so easy when it comes to wrapping up the presents and checking who they were actually brought for.

And then try to remain on plan.

It’s all very well organising, planning and probably making an insane amount of lists, it’s time to actually follow your plan. Remind You planned it this way for a reason. That reason was to make your life easier whilst getting it all done.

Don’t leave everything till the last minute.

Obvious, but sometimes needed advice. It’s so easy sometimes to fall into a trap of ‘oh there’s plenty of time to do that later’. It can become easy to fall into a trap of having a massive list of things to complete, and only getting half of them done because you’ve allowed yourself too much time to actually complete them.

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try to avoid family drama and conflicts.

If you are already stressed with family members, family gatherings can be such a pain in the ass though. It will be so much kinder on your own mental health to avoid getting into heated disputes and tension.

Know exactly what it is your doing.

Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially when you are waiting to be told what it is you need to do from other people. However, having an idea of what your role of participation is for the Christmas period is

Stop with the social media expectations.

One thing I can’t stress enough. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are amazing on your own, the most beautiful Instagram profiles I see are the ones that are natural. With houses, people and lives all being different and unique no one needs to try and copy or create unrealistic expectations for posting on the gram. Instead spend time enjoying yourself, and capture moments instead of staged happiness.

don’t overdo it on the sugar.

Remember your self care, too much sugar is bad for your health as well as containing too many calories. It’s known that your diet can increase anxiety that is already there. Sugar plays a massive part in this. Anxiety and stress being highly linked together.

Or caffeine.

If you struggle with stress as it is, without the seasonal stress added on top, caffeine is literally the worst thing for you. The more coffee that you drink the less sleep you get. Which can then become a vicious cycle. High amounts of caffeine can lead to a negative effect on your health anyway.

make sure you make time for yourself.

It might be busy, and you may have a ton of stuff to do. However, making sure that you make time for yourself is a top priority that you need to remember. Self-care is so important to ensure that you do not burn yourself out.

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Shop online where you can.

Try and make it easy for yourself where ever you can, try shopping online for Christmas presents, and food whenever possible. Meaning you take a break from the stressful situation that heading to the shops bring! At least if you do your shopping online, the chances are you are finding it at a cheaper price then the high street, as well as avoiding the long ques and stressful shopping in the town centre. So you can sit back, chill out and wait for your deliveries to come to you!

Prevent future stress and don’t overspend.

One of the biggest things to cause seasonal stress is the money. Quite often we fail to stick to our budgets, and manage to overspend on the gift and food buying. Don’t worry if you do this, you are not alone. We all manage to do it somehow. The month that we really notice it, January. One of the longest months of the year, mainly long because we’re all waiting for the next pay day, so that we can finally go back to our normal spending routine.

Most important of all… Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

It’s Christmas! Common! It’s time to let loose and enjoy yourself for the Christmas season! The work can wait, and so can your phone. it’s time to spend valued time with family, enjoying their company.
now your probably thinking ‘I’ve done that already too much in the lockdown this year.’ However, Christmas is different. Christmas gives us hope and reminds us to believe in the magic. Don’t allow the seasonal stress to take over.

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