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How to cope with the feelings of, abnormal Christmas time.

Hey guys, it’s getting pretty close now. Christmas eve is just 7 days away, and we have been busy doing the normal getting everything ready for the big day, although as I’ve said before we all know that this year, being an abnormal Christmas, as we still undergo the impacts of Covid 19.

It is easy to get yourself in a tiz, especially as Christmas day lurks quicker and quicker.

abnormal christmas
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Communicate with your loved ones.

We all know that the normal gatherings are a no go this year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t contact them. Make a special effort to get together virtually, for a Christmas chat. Or agree to meet them whilst following the government social distancing rules. You never know they may need the company, just as much as your feeling right now. Don’t forget we are going through this abnormal Christmas period, together.

Take it easy.

It isn’t often that you do not have to be surrounded by too many people in one house, this year you have every excuse to let the day go as it pleases. The rule of having no more than 6 actually puts less pressure on the Christmas day.

Remember it’s not forever.

Coronavirus may have taken up our lives in 2020, and led to an abnormal Christmas season. However, there is hope for the future, since we postponed our wedding. I am in high hopes of restarting the wedding plans, very soon!

And the same goes for now, staying positive is so important. Because although we feel sad at the moment, and we miss seeing our loved ones regularly and the normal things that we would be doing. 2021 is a new year, and it can only be onwards and upwards from here.

Enjoy yourself.

Christmas only comes once a year. Just enjoy it, it doesn’t matter if you have not afforded what you could normally, or if you have forgotten to buy something for the menu. You will survive that, just like any other day.

Merry Christmas.

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