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Happy 1st Birthday, Bella

EEEEE. Happy Birthday Bella!

Birthday Bella

Good evening everyone! I thought I’d jump on and do a bit of a spare of the moment post as today is a special day in this house! our beautiful pup Bella has turned one today. (7 in Doggo years).
This pup has made such a difference to our lives since we went and got her in August last year.
I still can’t believe that we have had this little girl since she was just 8 weeks old. It still feels like two minutes ago that we were just picking her up, the excitement of taking her straight to the pet store just to get her like everything she would need.

Since we got a pet both myself and Emma have seen an improvement in our mental health, read why here.

She was the size our sky remote, absolutely tiny when we first got her, and although she has grown… I can hardly call her huge, she is still a diddy little thing. Personality-wise! she is AMAZING! she follows Emma around constantly and is just the most loving friendly doggo.

Birthday Bella

We did treat her like a princess today of course! We took a trip to the range yesterday and brought her some birthday treats, I mean a birthday means presents and cake, right? She is just one of us.

It was so cute giving her the presents and cake this morning. Bella was so excited and loves her little colourful fox!

It has been such a sunny and beautiful today. We’ve been sat in the sun and cooling off in the pool! Bella even went for a birthday paddle. The sun definitely has taken it out of her, as well as us. (So hot and so tired) bless her as she’s knackered curled up next to us at the moment.

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I hope everyone is having a positive and safe time in the sun this week! It has been so lush! Just remember social distancing and staying safe, we are not quite out of the woods, yet.

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