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Goodbye November, Hello the month of Christmas!

month of Christmas

Well Hello there guys, Today’s post is coming to you pretty last minute. My intentions where to get this post written up yesterday, but an unexpected trip to the hospital and the emergency department followed by a rather sleepless night last night did however get in the way. I am still feeling in pain and unconfortable but thought I would throw myself into this post ready for the 1st of many posts this month as we say hello to the month of christmas.

So instead of my general monthly round up I thought today would be a great opportunity to give you guys a proper update on what’s been going on in our lives, to also talk about my Christmas expectations and bucket list!

What we got up to in November

The dreaded second lockdown.

I am gonna have to start by saying that really November has been a very quiet month for us, obviously with facing another lockdown we haven’t been out and about like we would normally be. It feels quite weird for Novemember to be a quiet month, normally when we get to november we have tons of plans and days planned as we begin to get in the festive season. Instead along with the rest of the UK, we have been stuck indoors, only going out for shopping and getting on with things the best we can.

On a positive note…

Here in Southampton, Hampshire, we have been placed into the Tier 2. Which means what? well I am still trying to work this out for myself! I am not going to lie I am not facing the high street this year for christmas. I really doubt my anxiety would be able to cope. So this year our christmas shopping has been supermarkets and online based! I cant wait to talk to you guys about some of the superises we managed to find our loved ones in the new year (would want to ruin any surprises now, hey)

It was Alfi’s Birthday.

We were lucky enough to enjoy Alfi’s birthday with him during lockdown this month, as this little monkey turned 8 years old. It was a hectic and fun day.

We tried to help make his birthday fun for him, even with the lockdown, and having to self isolate by preparing a scavenger hunt with a few presents from us.

We met Dotty.

This beautiful little Jack Russell Puppy is called Dotty and she is Emma’s dads new addition to the house. This little one is so cute and full of energy! She also definitely knows how to hold her own! She’s already met our Bella, and I can see them being the best of friends. I mean isn’t she just a cutie!?

She’s as big as Bella already so, definitely going to be a bigger Jack Russell.

Instagram update

Admittedly luck has not been on my side this month, not only with health but also technology!

Sunday morning I woke up to find out I have been locked out of my @AlexaJadeBlogs Instagram account. Since I hadn’t update my phone number when I changed it, this meant I was unable to verify my account as mine, and I have been completely locked out without any options. This means I am starting again and using an older account. So If you would like to help me regrow my Instagram please give me a follow on @JustAlexaJade.

month of Christmas
Bring on the festive season!

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas in this house!

So we decided along with so many others it seems, to bring some positivity into the lockdown period (and our house) by getting out our Christmas decorations nearly a month early.

Our tree went up in the beginning of November this year, and it honestly has helped the positivity in house. I love our tree, and we are slowly adding some more decorations around the house to make the festive season really christmasy! I can’t wait to show you this month in one of my Blogmas posts, what we have put up and done!

Preparing blogmas posts.

Well I have to admit, being secluded to our house this month has had one very positive. Although I haven’t posted to the blog much in November, I have been busy planning, scheduling and preparing some pretty awesome blog posts for this years Blogmas.

I love a good blogging challenge and blogmas is brilliant for bloggers to share a few festive posts for the year, whilst of course, challenging yourself.

My 2020 Christmas bucket list

  • Create a hot chocolate bar.
  • Make the house feel Christmasy.
  • Complete Blogmas.
  • Be more creative with my Christmas wrapping.
  • Take some quirky Christmas photos.
  • Enjoy some Festive activities at home.
  • Take a Christmas lights drive.
  • Make and decorate aGingerbread house.
  • Decorate my own ugly Christmas sweater or t-shirt.
  • Make a Christmas playlist.
  • Light some festive candles.
  • Make some mulled wine.
  • Read a Christmas story.

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