Good bye August ….

See what I did there? Hey! 
Its officially a warm welcome to September! and this makes me happy because one of my favourite seasons of the year is now on its way! Thats right! Autumn. 
I can’t wait to go for walks in the park surrounded by all those warm browny orange colours. The sound of leaves that have fallen crunching beneath your feet, and the smell. Is it weird to say I absolutely LOVE the smell of autumn? 
Plus as its the very beginning of the month its time for fresh new monthly goals
So I thought I would share a few of my goals for this month….
♥Be more positive and focus on getting over this illness crap once and for all. 
♥ Find some time to actually read a book!
♥Blog & Network more
♥Get through my interview successfully! 
♥Take new steps towards my happiness goal and to the life I wanna live. 


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