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Gift ideas for bloggers that they will love!

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When I started thinking about blogmas posts and what I wanted to include this year, I was quite excited at the thought of writing a few gift guides. Then when it came to who I wanted to write gift guides for. I thought what better than writing a gift guide for the blogger in your life. I already have brought so much of my Amazon account towards my blogging. So a few of these I am really passionate about. Especially when it comes to useful gifts, the others are a few things that I have on my wish list in the hope to purchase myself soon. So let’s get started… Here is my recommendations of Gift ideas for bloggers.

The only gift guide you could possibly need for the blogger in your life.

Gift ideas for bloggers

1. Bluetooth Keyboard

when it comes to blogging I use a range of devices to keep my blog going. I generally use my iPad when I am out and about or in bed, so I currently have this keyboard on my wish list. The pretty pink style is so aesthetically pleasing also!

2. LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

I am obsessed with my LED ring light tripod. It makes creating videos and photos a breeze. The light simply plugs into a USB port, normally I plug mine into my laptop! And I use this the most for creating cute craft videos when I need too.

3. Little Miss Blogger Mug

Bloggers love mugs as it is but this cute little miss Blogger mug is the perfect gift ideas for bloggers. it says exactly what they do on the tin!. Plus keeping them caffeinated whilst working on their blog is something that honestly is appreciated. Believe me.

4. Felt Letter Board

When it came to thinking about my gift ideas for bloggers, I wanted to include things that would be useful for the blogger with their photos. Media is really important for blogging after all. Felt letter boards are something I am completely obsessed with! especially for creating flat-lay images with! You can create whatever message you want and add a few props around the board for a really nice pic to upload for the blog.
I have a few letter boards now. I like to write positive messages on them when I can, or countdowns to things we are looking forward too. It’s an idea a blogger, influencer or vlogger will love.

5. Clip-on Microphone For Bloggers And Vloggers

having a decent microphone when you are creating video media is essential. It’s all very well having a decent picture but if nobody can understand what you’ve got to say they won’t be tuning back in in the future.
this cute little condenser microphone clips to your clothes and allows recordings to be clear with little sound distortion.

6. Photo Studio Light Box

This is an amazing tool for taking photos of things with a clear and non-hectic background. I have used mine for around a year now, I love the fact I can use optional backgrounds depending on what I am shooting, and I would highly recommend this to bloggers. Since even if you don’t have a camera, and are using your phone to take images, the lighting and optional top access allows professional like photos to be taken.

7. Wall Bulletin Board

One thing I highly rate is vision and memo boards, and it’s nice to have a board to work with when it comes to tracking your goals and creating vision boards. This cute little set would suit any blogger, all they need to do is fill it with things that keep them positive and inspired.

8. Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk

one thing is for certain. If you blog, then chances are you are on your devices a lot, and I mean hours at a time. The thing with computers is even laptops should be used on a suitable surface such as a desk. Laptop stands not only keep your laptop safe from overheating but it also allows you to position yourself in the most comfortable position whilst working.

9. A motivational notebook

I couldn’t not include a notebook in this list.

if you know me your know how obsessed I am with making notes and lists.

Notebooks are always a simple but well appreciated present to a blogger… we go through countless amounts of note-taking, idea jotting, researching. I can fill up a full notebook in a short amount of time.

10. Apple Pencil (1st Generation)

if they own an iPad, then an Apple Pencil could change the game for them! Open even more doors to there content, etc. Being able to draw your own graphics, be even more creative and take notes and things digitally! This is an amazing tool.

11. Tablet stand

finally, a tablet stand may sound simple but it’s the perfect desk accessory. Especially now that your iPad can connect with your Apple Mac to allow for split-screen functionality. Having an iPad that slips down constantly won’t have to be a bug-bear for them anymore.

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