Garson’s at Christmas

We all have our favourite places to visit at this time of year, but sometimes its the simplest places that have the most festive atmosphere! One of my favourite types of days out is a little trip out to the Garden Centres we have around Hampshire. 

Who can say no too coffee and cake?

This week we took a trip out to Garson’s in Titchfield, and it honestly is such a lovely family friendly place to visit during the Christmas season. Since we got there early, we decided to take a trip upstairs to the cafe for a Costa Coffee and cake! It was lovely seeing how busy it was, with friends and families clearly doing the festive walk round like us.  If you get a chance. I would definitely suggest that  a trip up there! 

Hello I’m Frosty, and I am real cute!

One of my favourite things about Garson’s is seeing the reindeer, that they have come to visit throughout the month. Frosty aged 7, and Cloudy aged 3. Speaking to the staff looking after them, these 2 have been rescued from the wildlife were they were being hunted. which is so sad to think that anyone would hurt such a beautiful animal. There is nothing more magical then seeing little kids faces light up as they are introduced with these furry friends. I mean they do live busy lives having to head back to the North Pole soon, to be ready to head out with Santa Clause, Hey? 

There is so much to get in and look at whilst you are there that you can easily loose hours by wondering round a garden centre just like Garson’s. The staff at Garson’s have clearly put so much effort in to their lovely displays. With Singing Santas, A train that kind reminds me of the one heading to Hogwarts, and twinkle lights galore! Garden centres are just the perfect way to make you feel the Christmas festive spirit. it is so easy to get carried away! 

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