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How to Find the perfect career

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I’m gonna be straight with you. When it comes to my career path I have not always been consistent. Finding the perfect career has always been a mission of mine. I definitely would not say I have got there yet though. In fact, I still have miles to go to find where I’m truly meant to be in life.

when I was leaving school my dad turned to me and told me there was no way I would get a job straight away. So I started handing a few CVs out and I filled in an application form to the local store about a 3-minute walk from our house. Well, I then got invited to interview at that shop and was offered a position. The day of my prom, I was having my hair and makeup was done at the time. I rang my dad up and said ‘you told me I couldn’t get a job. So I went and did it.’ Oh, the pride in my voice. Honestly, I was over the moon.

I worked at the local store for around 3 years. And I hated it. I never actually wanted to work in a store. But hey. It earns me some money through my college years.

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I’ve done a variety of things.

Having finished 3 years of college I was ready for my next adventure. A friend of mine suggested an outdoor activity centre. Living on site, Seasonal work, working With children and having fun whilst we’re at it. Hell yes. I wanted in to that. Off my application went and come February I found myself spending my 20th birthday on a 10 day training course In Hindhead Surrey. 2 years later I had completed 2 seasons as an outdoor instructor. AIGL’s we were called.

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EEEE. a rather embarrassing selfie of me as a rope instructor.

After that I decided to continue working with children. I did a year apprenticeship at one nursery before changing to a second nursery to complete my qualification.  I worked in 3 nursery in total over the space of a few years. Working with the children was amazing, I loved playing and teaching the kids new things. The adults were the pain though, I just didn’t like the way the adults were treating each other. 

New opportunities… 

During this time, working at the nursery I was given the summer holidays off. I was invited to work as a steward at Glastonbury Festival with a security company. Best experience ever, at the time. So I decided (After being convinced too) I would take a course to become an SIA door supervisor.  AKA,  a bouncer.

Could I actually see myself as a door supervisor? I’m 5ft nothing and within a year was facing up to 6ft drunk idiots. Um, yep. not something I saw myself doing but it meant I always had an option to find work when I needed. 

I later left the childcare and worked fully as a security guard, with weekend work in town and work as a static security guard. I worked for 6 months for a company and was often put on the reception of a GOV building. One day a friend I had made who worked in the building asked me to hand my CV to his desk by the following Monday. I threatened all bloody weekend, and then late Sunday night I emailed it across. 

I worked for them for 3 years before my health caused me to quit that job. So Instead now, I work for myself, around life and my health.  Which is exactly what I want to continue doing. Ive ran my own selling business for a while and now I am looking to branch out with a few other ideas I am doing including my blog. 

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So why have I told you my CV pretty much? Well, I never had a Career plan, but its a lot lately I have been thinking of my career. ‘Finding the perfect career’ is a subject that hot for so many of us. And as younger people go through the struggles of picking subjects for college has really got me thinking. Sometimes it isn’t easy to find your dream career. In fact, how can anyone really be expected to know what it is they are going to do in life? 

Finding the perfect career
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Firstly what even is the perfect career?

Before we go any further one thing I did want to say is a perfect career is what’s perfect for you and your personality. so finding the perfect career is finding what makes you happy. No one else can tell you what that is.

Your path might be a different one to what you expect. 

I think one of the main lessons of what I am trying to say is to explore your options. There is so much options in the world for you to explore there is no reason for you to make a decision straight away. Get out there and experiment with what you want to do.  its one of the best pieces of advice I could give when it comes to career. 

When it comes to picking your college subjects its so daunting because its going to build your whole life… if you want to become a nurse your pretty much heading for science and nurse school, right? 

Want to know what I studied at college? Music performance, performing Arts, Graphics, Media Studies and Photography. Photography being my favourite subject and something I am still continuing now. 

Otherwise, I really haven’t done a lot with the rest of those subjects. In fact the only other subject I loved was graphics, and I didn’t pass that at all.  (Thanks life). 

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You will know when you are truly passionate about something!

The thing about working, and having to have a job is the end goal. Yep that shiny money. We all hate having none of it, and love having it to spend. 

Passion has a massive influence in what we do when it comes to a job. You try to steer close to something that you have further ambitions for. If your not passionate about your job, is it time to ask yourself, what’s next?

You are your only obstacle when it comes to finding your perfect career. 

I used to hate being told this. How can you be your own obstacle? The day that I actually realised I was my worst obstacle allowing my confidence, anxieties and shyness not allow me to head down the paths I wanted to go. Allowing yourself to grow is one of the biggest things you can give yourself. Developing your drive, motivation and succession. 

Don’t be afraid to admit you made a wrong choice. 

How many qualifications I have that I do not even mention, ever. It is ridiculous really. Although I can be proud of each and every one of them, They were pointless subjects. Actually I am not saying I made a mistake. But I didn’t choose the most academic subjects. I was never thinking long term career. So I sometimes wish I had. 

Say yes to new opportunities.

Sometimes there are opportunities to things, and we miss them or don’t take them. We should always make use of the opportunities we are given. There are so many different ways to look for opportunities as well. In the newspaper and online. Lets face it you can find an opportunity anywhere now a’days. Im not saying the same about a full time job mindue. Thats pretty hard right now. 

Just be you.  

Lastly just like anything else in life, Just be you. You do not need to be convinced into doing something that isn’t for you. If it is not for you to be grateful for the opportunity and move on, be passionate and be you. 

Whether you get the buzz from cutting hair, taking photos or even something sciency. There is something out there waiting for you. 

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    Choosing the career s the most important and sensible decision for everyone, and choosing the right career is also important for our mental health. Thank you for sharing such an amazing post. Really love it.

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