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February 2020: Wrapping up the month in style.

Happy March guys! Does anybody else think that February 2020 had gone so slowly?. It definitely felt like we were watching paint dry for most of this month! For us, most February has been filled with full-on colds and sickness bugs! which has not been very fun at all!

So its that time of the month that I post my monthly life update and take a look back at the month we have just had! I actually love writing these posts, because of it being a brilliant chance for me to reflect and be grateful for all the good things!

February 2020

So what happened in life for February 2020?

I celebrated turning 28!

I am yet another year closer to 30. February is one of the best months because of course, it is my birthday month. I celebrated my 28th Birthday this year and honestly, I had such a lovely day. Emma took me shopping which was really nice, and then we went for a meal and bowling session with the family! (I played with the bumpers up, for a fairer chance!) It really was a brilliant day. It is safe to say I felt well and truly spoilt!

I finally got my nose pierced.

Getting my nose pierced is something that I have wanted to do for years. However I never really felt confident enough to get it done. So to have finally bit the bullet… and conquered the pain, I did it! Using the money I had been gifted for my birthday. which was a lovely treat out of the I think it looks awesome!

We have a completion date!

The major news for this month! If you read my January Wrap up post here, you would know that I and Emma are currently so excited as we are starting a new adventure getting our own house!
We have officially been given our completion date this week! meaning we know that we are getting the keys on the 20th March! eeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is so bloody exciting.
So we are officially sorting out our calendars, getting ready and organised to spend the time at the house slowly moving our stuff over! This probably means that march will go really slowly for us now since it is 3 weeks to wait! So in the meantime, I plan to carry on creating mood boards and getting ideas for the house off of Instagram and Pinterest.

Since this month has been quieter for us, this is about it for this months wrap up! March will be better with less illness and of course the start of an exciting adventure.

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