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Embracing vegan food options as a dairy-free girl.

Now I wanna make this very clear! I am not a Vegan. Right now, I have no intentions to become Vegan either. I don’t think at this point, if I really thought for one minute I could live without meat, and especially eggs! I’d be kidding myself.
I swear that since I and Em started slimming world, we’ve been eating eggs pretty much every day!
I know, however, that a lot of people that wouldn’t consider a vegan option for 2 seconds. but if you are like me having to find alternatives on the menu all the time, that the vegan option is a pretty safe bet. Vegan-friendly isn’t just for the eco-warriors out there.

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In 2011 I got ill… and I mean really poorly, went on for months. After months of stomach-clenching pain, I had to cut out most types of food that I really loved the most. Diary. That’s right, Cheese, milk, yoghurt… They were all making me worse.
I had developed Lacto intolerance. It always makes me laugh when people say ‘oh I couldn’t do that I love my cheese too much’. Well me too, I’ve had a naughty pizza now and then and really regretted it afterwards. However, when I had to cut out all things dairy, the free-from section was not what it is now! It was rubbish, A few cartons of dairy-free milk and some rubber tasting Dairy-free cheese!

vegan pudding at my favourite restaurant!

The vegan craze has really opened dairy-free options for me!

Since Veganism has become so fashionable (and I’m sorry to use the word fashionable but it really does seem to be the IN thing!) The menu and food availability for non-dairy products has greatly improved!
A few weeks ago we went to TGI Fridays! they had Vegan brownie with orange sorbet on the menu! I was like in my element! … but then we went to Franky and bennies recently and O…M….G vegan Ice-cream and Vegan whipped cream! I had my first Ice cream Sunday in 6 years! So yeah to the average pudding lover, an ice cream sundae from the desserts menu isn’t a big deal, but to go out for a special night out and not feel limited in what you can eat because there is plenty of dairy-free items! crap that’s more than a novelty, that’s a miracle.

Now whenever I go to a restaurant, or I’m shopping I check because if its marked Vegan, its safe for me to eat! (and 9 times out of tending a healthier option) so to anyone else struggling with Dairy-free options! check out the Vegan safe options! it is my favourite lesson learnt.

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