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I am definitely one of those girls who really loves picking up magazines and reading the page to page. There’s nothing better than chilling with a cup of coffee whilst flicking through a glossy mag! And with that, I am literally addicted to reading a cosmopolitan magazine and have been for years. This months cosmopolitan magazine cover has sparked a media debate which quite frankly I found shocking. #effyourbeautystandards

Who is Tess Holiday?

Tess Holiday is an inspirational woman who made it to the cover of this month cosmopolitan. For anyone who does not know who Tess Holiday is she is a 300-pound supermodel. That is a UK size 26! 

Quoting cosmopolitan themselves Holiday goes from living in a trailer park to becoming a supermodel icon.

Beautiful inside and out

I absolutely admire how this woman has not let her curves stop her from doing what she wants in life! I mean let’s face it, what do you sit and think when you think about the stereotypical model? Skinny? Flawless skin? Tall? And certainly, no imperfections allowed.

Confidence is so important, and I am constantly Working on mine! Read how, here.

With a kick-ass attitude is encouraging woman of all shapes and sizes, to be themself in every way possible, and so many people have joined her in an Instagram campaign #effyourbeautystandards. 

Social media is a place for trolls these days, including morgan.

The internet and social media is now a very dangerous place that so many girls are falling into its trap where the so-called perfect image, whether it comes to body image, fashion or lifestyle can be Filtered, photoshopped and faked so well that it seems real, and the high standards that we try to aim for, really are not possible after all. Let’s face it we are all criminal to going the extra mile to make our photos look perfect…er? 
If we slow down for 5 minutes could we not just start appreciating what we already have? Love our lives, selves and bodies for what they just are. 

As a dedicated ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine buyer and reader! I am absolutely appalled by Piers Morgans recent tweeted aimed at this month’s front cover of Tess Holiday! To the point, I had to mention this. I mean we go from expressing ourselves, finding body confidence and being who you are (and not to mention not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks) to a low blow comment like this? 
It’s clear that he is supporting empowerment to the full, hey?

Social media is a big part of our day to day lives now, but are we becoming too addicted. Read my post on this, here.

I’m not saying that being overweight is a healthy body image! but there are thousands of woman above a size 12. Just because you’ve got curves, it does not mean you can’t do anything. we are all just as beautiful, sexy, ambitious, and amazing as one another. I really do think Holiday’s next tweet should be at Piers Morgan himself, just to say #effyourbeautystandards.

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