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Crafter life – You know you are a crafter when…

When you’ve been into crafting hobbies as long as I have, there are some real tell signs that you have become a crafter. I thought that it would be a funny idea to list the signs that you know you are a passionate crafter.

You know you are a crafter when…

♡ You can’t just work on one project at any given time. You have about 10 or more on the go, but that’s ok. Your finish them all one day.

♡ When your crafting you lose all concept of time. You are literally in your own world and reality doesn’t matter.

♡ You don’t particularly like to tell anyone how much you spend on crafting supplies because you know they would not understand it’s needed not wanted.

♡ And speaking of your stash…no one needs to know just how much stuff you have. You’ve learnt how to Tetris your stash so you can fit more.

♡ You spend more time scrolling through Pinterest more than anything else.

♡ You always keep the door to your crafting space shut because, well… it’s one massive creative mess. But that’s ok it’s your creative mess and your desk is just how you like it.

♡ Trying to clean your crafting room is pretty impossible and the problem is always the size of your crafting room. You don’t have enough space and you probably never will.

♡ You own more embellishments then jewellery and you love all of them so much. So much so that your collection is still growing and your reluctance to use some things because you are waiting for the perfect project.

If that wasn’t enough, I have more…

Img Src: Canava

♡ You subscribe to crafting and homemaking magazines . . . You then scrapbook your favourite magazine pages.

♡ You believe that there’s no such thing as too much glitter. In fact, it’s everywhere. Including the floor.

♡ You don’t throw away ANY scraps. Honestly, who would do that? You might need them later.

♡ If someone asks, “Where did you get that?” and you get to say, “I made it,” You are unable to hold back the proud exciting feeling in your voice.

 ♡ You don’t understand anyone who thinks that storing their photos on their computer or on social media is “good enough.” It’s just not the same, no way.


♡ You frequently see things at the store and think, ‘I could honestly make that myself for hardly anything’

♡ Using your favourite crafting materials to create a gift for someone else is slightly heartbreaking.

♡ Your passion for the craft is constantly growing and the list of future projects you plan to do is never-ending.

♡ Your hands are covered in cuts from blades and scold from hot glue guns, but it was worth the pain and tears.

♡ If you are a vinyl crafter. You find that you get it everywhere. Even in your hair. Or maybe it’s even stuck to your face for hours before you even realise.

♡ When you pack for a holiday, the first thing you pack is your current crafting project.

♡ you own scissors, glue, and plenty of variety of tape. Yet when someone else needs them, they’re never around.

♡ your dreams consist of craft friends. Well, my friends, I mean tools (I’m honestly hoping I am not alone)

Fact – Crafting is so good for our mental health! I wrote a post about this, here.

If you are a crafter or have a passion for arts etc. Let me know in the comments what else gives us away.
Also, be sure to check out my Instagram corner for craft here.

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  1. January 25, 2020 / 6:58 pm

    This is so relatable! My craft stash is incredibly large but I refuse to tell my partner because then he won’t let me buy more craft supplies. Also, throwing away scraps should be a crime. There’s always something that you can do with them.. ♡ Great post!

    • AlexaJade
      January 26, 2020 / 5:45 pm

      Literally this is so true. I love keeping scraps. Cause every now and then you find it and think of new ideas for them and they turn out perfectly!

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