Christmas pet peeves

Since I have shared my Christmas loves, I thought I should probably share my pet peeves as well. It seems as you get older the list grows! 

Christmas Tack: 
We’re getting to the time of year were we start to overbuy, and the shops are filled with things that we really don’t actually need in our lives. Now let me be clear, When I say tack, Im talking over the top decorations, clothing, presents, that do not have any meaning. OR things that were a good idea at the time! but they was never a good idea. 

Over Crowded Shops:
As the big day looms we do seem to loose the plot and go shopping at every opportunity. thousands of shoppers fleeing to town centres, You can’t breathe yet alone think. Shopping is normally my Forte, add crowds into the mix and No. Not for me. 

Over Buying: 
Ok I am a sucker for doing this, but Im talking massive extents, common guys its not about how many presents are there to open on Christmas day, or how busy the tree is you should never forget Christmas is about love, families coming together and making memories. 

Christmas songs on repeat:
Ok So I love Christmas music! but! when that same Christmas song has been on the radio for the 15th time in one day! you have to admit that its starting to get a bit much! Variety is key. If you could send this message on to the shops as-well! Seems every shop you go in at one point has the same bloody song playing. 

Seasonal Weight Gain: 
Finally we all say that were gonna try and be good over the Festive season I know that I do, but when it comes down to it, there is too much nice food and we all seem to indulge, Never-mind guys, New years goals for this one.  🙂 

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