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Christmas Gift Ideas for Him under £50.

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Christmas gift ideas for him

Buying Christmas gifts for the opposite sex can be a challenge at the best of times, especially when it’s the general family gifts and there are only a few men to buy for. You know them, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to buying for them. I thought with Blogmas going well this year it was about time I shared some gift guides to help you guys get through the chaos that is Christmas shopping. So in today’s post, I am sharing some pretty awesome Christmas gift ideas for him, to make the stressful Christmas shopping a little less stressful.

Christmas gift ideas for him to get your hands on…

Beautiful fleece-lined gloves by Salt & Hyde.

These beautiful fleece-lined gloves make a smart winter warmer for them. They are beautifully designed. You can check out these gloves and many more beautiful products from Trendhim.

1. Parker Jotter London Trio Discovery Pack

I’m not gonna lie, I do think of pens when I think of gifts for the men in our family. My dad lives in a house full of pens, but if you think he can find his own for one minute, you have another thing coming.

Parker is a beautiful brand of pens, and this set is such a reasonable price to bring joy to a loved one.

2. Bedside Pocket

Keeping there stuff all together instead of floating around the bedroom, this cute little organiser is so handy for shoving the TV remote, and their book and what ever it is they need besides them.

This would be the perfect present for anyone who loves a day in bed!

3. Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Men’s Ginger & Lime Beard Tin Giftset

Baylis & Harding is such a sweet and popular brand of self-care/beauty products. The Ginger & Lime set smells divine, and is such a reasonable price to gift for Christmas to an uncle or cousin!

Christmas gift ideas for him
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4. Things I Hate Programmer Gamer Gift T-Shirt

This T-shirt really speaks out to me, novelty t-shirts based on their personality make a brilliant gift for your loved ones!

I mean besides the fact that who doesn’t relate to hating a crap wifi/battery or a loading sign that doesn’t load. Novelty t-shirts are something we all have a secret love for! Amazon is the perfect place to get something that is personalised to them.

5. Handmade Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Spectacle Holder

If they wear glasses then this is the perfect bedside gift for them. This holder gives them a safe space to leave their glasses at the end of the day, and it looks pretty trendy too. I am constantly taking my glasses off and loosing them by the morning because I have no idea where they have got too. So basing my own experiences this would be the perfect present for anyone who wheres glasses daily!

6. Anker SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves a bit of music! These portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for bringing the music to the memories!

Portable bluetooth speakers are so handy! Easy to shove in the bottom of the bag for when you don’t know that you are going to need them! it doesn’t take very long to charge and isn’t a bad looking speaker!

7. Beard grooming kit

If they have a beard, what could be better than a beard/self-care kit for them? This one contains cute scissors in the shape of a bird! would they be bothered by this? maybe, maybe not, but as it goes for reasonable gift ideas for him, this is a pretty handy one!

8. 2021 Pocket diary

Anyone else has a man in their life that has the inability to stay organised? Getting them a planner is the perfect organisational hint that you could give! A smart, plain planner will be perfect for him!

9. Don’t forget a lynx set!

To be honest you do not need to be a him to expect a Lynx set in your stocking this year! Its pretty much a Christmas right of passage.

So thats it from me when it comes to ‘useful gift ideas for him’. If you have any other suggestions of what would make some perfect Christmas gift ideas for him that drop me a comment below! I can’t wait to surprise our loved ones with the things that are coming there way this year! but I am always on the hunt for some more ideas for things that could put a smile on there face…

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    thanks for your ideas

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