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Christmas films to watch on festive nights in.

Christmas may not be quite the same this year, but we are all busy making the best of the situation we are in! So this year we don’t really have much excuse but to enjoy a few Christmas films to watch snuggled up on the sofa, a festive movie night in. Grab the popcorn, the blanket and the remote, and snuggle down and watch some of the best Christmas movies around.

Christmas films tend to go on from around October in this house, Living with the queen of Christmas films, my Emma, She can’t get enough of Christmas films.

The Best Christmas films (according to me anyway)

The Grinch

My Number 1 film, is and always will be The Grinch! My favourite film to watch at Christmas, It’s funny, its Fictional, and Jim Carey absolutely Rocks this Grimy Christmas Hating Character. 

The holiday calendar

christmas films

The Next film I have literally fallen in love with is The Holiday Calendar witch is a Netflix.com original! A single girl, who’s best friend is clearly in love with her, misses all the signs that the magical calendar is giving her, to find her true love, whilst she persistently dates the wrong one! A festive love story! Perfect! 

The Christmas Chronicles

christmas films

Next up, Netflix wins again with me. The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russell. which was released literally a few days ago. When Christmas goes terribly wrong Santa is put to his paces to make sure all the boys and girls receive their Christmas gifts. Yup. Really enjoyed this film and would definitely suggest this to my friends! 

Santa Girl

christmas films

All she wanted is to go to college and fit in, But for Cassie it isn’t that simple. She is the only daughter of Santa clause and must marry as part of a contract. Whilst trying to rebel Cassie faces some massive challenges whilst her, and her elf friend attends college. Yep, This is another romantic comdey. Although the story line is pretty obvious, the magical twists and creepy Jack Frost in this film, kept me glued to the screen!

The princess switch

Christmas, romance and comedy all rolled into one royal tale with this movie. And if you can get over high school musicals Gabriella playing a royal princess. This film is brilliant. 2 complete strangers, one princess, one baker swap lives and find themselves in love with the other ones man.

A muppets Christmas

christmas films

Oh I do love the muppets, but th muppets at Christmas, even more. The Muppet characters tell the classic tale of an old bitter man who hates Christmas is haunted by ghoasts and ghouls until he finds redemption on Christmas Eve.

Christmas with the Kranks

christmas films

Imagine not being in the mood for Christmas, so much so that you tell everyone not to bother with you and Christmas, as you plan to head out to the tropical islands for a beach paradise holiday. Only to find out your daughter is coming back for the traditional Christmas that she loves so much, and now you have to struggle to do it all at the very last minute. This is what happens with the Kranks.

Jingle Jangle

christmas films, jingle jangle

I absolutely loved watching this film, so much so that I was surprised that Em wanted me to turn this one off. (Like I said she’s the queen of Christmas). Jingle Jangle is more of a musical one, and is quite cheesy in places. A story of a fathers failing inventions that has a massive twist when the children put their belief in. I honestly felt there was a warming Christmas message in this tale, that magic only really happens when we believe. Cute, hey?


christmas films

Dude where’s my Donkey, Dude where has it gone?

Nativity is a series of 3 hilarious movies, based around a school, moody teachers and a brilliant Mr Poppy, Who is more of a child, than a teaching assistant. The songs will get stuck in your head for days, and you really will feel in the festive spirit from watching these Christmas films!

Santa Clause the movie

I couldn’t miss these classic Christmas films off my list, Santa Clause, and I do mean all 3 of the funny Santa Clause Films with Tim Allen. It’s hard not to picture Tim Allen in Home Improvements or his voice as Buzz light year, But he really does make an excellent Santa! I remember seeing clause when it first came out, It’s been on my top Christmas film list for a long time now.

Love Actually

Finally, Love Actually, is my number 5 top Christmas film to watch! You can’t really miss this one! it’s on every year! especially over Christmas week. Stories of Love, Christmas Cheer, and Nativities. They didn’t go wrong with that one.

On a side note: none of the above pictures is my own, but has been used in a non-profitable way to include joy on my post.  

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