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Christmas decorations for our first Christmas in our house.

We have been really enjoying the novelty of putting out the Christmas decorations for our first Christmas in our house…

And as my blogmas posts continue I have been super excited about this one (editing a little last minute too, of-course.)

I’ve been so excited to talk about Christmas decorations as well as getting to show you guys what we have got up too so far with the festive house decor. It’s our first Christmas decorating our very own home.

The cute festive Disney bedding!

We always said that we would never bother with Christmas themed bedding. We normally just do Christmas decorations. However, when we found this bedding in Asda a few months ago we fell in love with the idea of having Disney Christmas covers!

This cute set is finally on our bed after ages of waiting to the ‘appropriate’ time to put it on.

The Snowglobes

Christmas decorations

Emma loves her snow globes, and we seem to have grown a small collection over the past few years. They look really cosy as a few ornaments on one of our living room tables!

This year’s newest addition to the tree.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations to reflect our personality. Of course, our Disney Christmas tree decorations are getting more and more as we now have a few on the tree. So far we have Olaf, Stitch, Angel and some Mickey baubles. These cute little Mickey baubles are £1.50 each in Asda, and they look adorabauble!

And the tree itself…

Putting up the Christmas tree so early this year has really brought some positive vibes to our house. Especially when facing the 2nd Lockdown.

I love our tree this year! The only thing I could possibly wish is that we had better lights! but this will have to wait till next year…

A special new addition.

This beautiful Christmas decoration was brought for us and put together by my lovely mum, which really cheered me up this week. Its sparkly, and personalised, and although I am not sure where we are going to put this yet (due to the battery) I cant wait for it to be displayed and cherished for years to come.

As December continues I am sure we will do more and more to give the house its festive vibes. I can’t wait to share more with you guys soon! Have a lovely day!

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