Stocking filler ideas you can’t really go wrong with.

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It tis the season to be jolly and The season for giving. So with not long left till the big day, time is beginning to run thin. At this point, present buying can become quite stressful, especially when you are clueless. What do you get? Christmas shopping has probably had about 3 levels. Super organised and Finished their Christmas shopping by November. Those who have not even started yet, and I literally mean those who haven’t brought one single present. Then there is those who will probably do it all Christmas eve. Which one are you? Need some ideas? Good, Today I am talking stocking filler ideas.

Were now all asking the question of what to buy, and so I have created my list of stocking filler ideas that you can’t really go wrong with when creating the Christmas sacks for our loved ones. and this year, of course, has its challenges. So online shopping is a massive relief so we can at least get some bits done!


I can’t be the only person in the world who has a slight sock obsession I mean who doesn’t love a few good pairs of socks!? Decorative ones of-course! Disney socks for certain! I am not being funny but especially as you get older socks are a well-loved present! especially if they’re a little bit funky like these ones, by the sock exchange.


Bubble Bath, Bath Bombs, Body sprays, Perfumes, Candle and the list goes on! Everyone baths, everyone likes to be clean and smell nice! so Smelly things are perfect as stocking fillers for Christmas! I particularly like the Baylis and Harding Beauticology set its such a reasonable price, and I have been gifted these for Christmas before and loved using the set!

No matter what your gender is, is it really Christmas unless you have received a Lynx set in your stocking?


Tis the season of festive chocolate giving. Chocolate is great for stocking filler ideas. For years my mum has always put some chocolate coins in are stocking, along with an orange! It’s like a must! Pink Gin Truffles. Or if you are really trying to push the boat out. Hotel Chocolate. Oh My Days, There so lush. I am craving them right now!


Its winter, it is cold at night! Lazy days are always a possibility. What’s better than a pair of pyjamas, who wouldn’t want to receive these in their Christmas gifts? How cute is the Mickey and Minnie Pyjama set above? And those socks! Not just socks, slipper socks for the perfect cosy night in!


I love mugs, especially funky ones. most of the mugs in our cupboard are Disney or friends. I have a collection of quirky mugs too, the 3D ones, that look like characters and animals… yep, them. Everyone loves a new mug, whether for its at home, or to have at the office, it could be a cute mug, or maybe a funny one, Mugs can never go a miss! even if that person owns way too many (like me).

Things to do

Books, DVDs, Puzzles, and crafty things. So many things that you could include in a stocking. Sometimes the little things are the best things a person could ever receive. Things to do is brilliant for some boredom busters.

One last thing…

The most important thing that you remember when you go out shopping this year, that it isn’t what you buy. Christmas isn’t about how much money you spend. It is certainly not about how many presents are under the tree. It’s the time you spend with your loved ones, putting arguments aside. Making memories, and living life to it merriest. With the year that we have had this year, we need to fill our lives and days with positivity! Good luck!

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7 must have apps for bloggers

Generally,  we spend so much time using our mobile phones. Phones are not just phones anymore, they are more like mini personal assistants. As a blogger, if we are not tied to the computer the chances are we’re steaming from the iPad or phone, or maybe that is just me?  Whether it is checking social media, reading through a million emails,  which I as a person can be quite bad at doing, It is probable that it is blog related in some form. There are millions of apps out there afterall. 

I have learnt so much from blogging lately I share more here

So what apps are best for blogging? Well, these are my top 7 personal preference, these apps I connect to me promoting and building my blog. 



This had to be my first mention because Canava has literally become my favourite app for making blog graphics and logos! I also find it useful for some of my other hobbies (I’ve recently been using Canava to make labels for penpaling) Canava is great and has a wide range of stock photos that you can use and include on your blog, and there is a free version. It is definitely worth checking this one out.


Have I mentioned how much I have fallen in love with Twitter recently? I use this a lot more then I do Facebook, and I have met so many friends and learnt so much through the blogging community just by being on twitter. not only the massive community and support that being on twitter has given me though. Twitter is great for promoting your work.


I am still a new user to Blog Lovin! but I am loving this more and more every day!


I am often saying ‘Pinterest is life’ I am constantly inspired by others. I am able to share my own pins promoting my ideas with links to my blog. Its a social platform heaven. I would suggest to any new blogger to take a look into Pinterest in a heartbeat.


Depending on your blogger platform you should definitely have your blogging app installed to your devices. This will keep you up to date with your blog constantly. It does not really need a big explanation for being a top app.


When I do not have one of my many note books to score down my thoughts and blog ideas for later, I’m using OneNote? Now Why would someone who owns a million notebooks need a digital one?
I have One Note installed on all devices, I keep digital back ups of most of my notes, and I always try to use One Note when Im out somewhere where I don’t have access to a pen and paper, After all you never know when your gonna have a brain wave. If you are not a massive stationary fan, then you definitely need to consider OneNote for blog planning.

Hoote Suite

Finally Hoote Suite, This is a great app for scheduling content to multiple social media accounts. I’m also a fan of the calendar view that this app had to show when your posts are scheduled for!

What apps do you use to keep your blog on its toes?

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Garson’s garden centre at Christmas. A wonderful woodland walk.

We all have our favourite places to visit at this time of year, but sometimes its the simplest places that have the most festive atmosphere! One of my favourite types of days out is a little trip out to Garson’s garden centre we have around Hampshire. 

Looking for some festive activities this Christmas, try my 24 festive activities list, here.

This week we took a trip out to Garson’s in Titchfield. It honestly is such a lovely family-friendly place to visit during the Christmas season. Since we got there early. We decided to take a trip upstairs to the cafe for a Costa Coffee and cake! It was lovely seeing how busy it was, with friends and families clearly doing the festive walk round like us.  If you get a chance. I would definitely suggest that a trip up there! 

Garson's garden centre

One of my favourite things about Garson’s garden centre is seeing reindeer. Frosty aged 7, and Cloudy aged 3. Speaking to the staff, these 2 have been rescued from the wildlife where they were being hunted. which is so sad to think that anyone would hurt such a beautiful animal. There is nothing more magical than seeing little kids faces light up as they are introduced with these furry friends. I mean they do live busy lives having to head back to the North Pole soon. To be ready to head out with Santa Clause, Hey? 

Need some last minute Christmas gift inspiration? try here

There is so much to get in and look at whilst you are there that you can easily lose hours by wandering around a garden centre just like Garson’s. The staff at Garson’s have clearly put so much effort into their lovely displays. With Singing Santas, A train that kind of reminds me of the one heading to Hogwarts, and twinkle lights galore! Garden centres are just the perfect way to make you feel the Christmas festive spirit. it is so easy to get carried away! 

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I am definitely one of those girls who really loves picking up magazines and reading the page to page. There’s nothing better than chilling with a cup of coffee whilst flicking through a glossy mag! And with that, I am literally addicted to reading a cosmopolitan magazine and have been for years. This months cosmopolitan magazine cover has sparked a media debate which quite frankly I found shocking. #effyourbeautystandards

Who is Tess Holiday?

Tess Holiday is an inspirational woman who made it to the cover of this month cosmopolitan. For anyone who does not know who Tess Holiday is she is a 300-pound supermodel. That is a UK size 26! 

Quoting cosmopolitan themselves Holiday goes from living in a trailer park to becoming a supermodel icon.

Beautiful inside and out

I absolutely admire how this woman has not let her curves stop her from doing what she wants in life! I mean let’s face it, what do you sit and think when you think about the stereotypical model? Skinny? Flawless skin? Tall? And certainly, no imperfections allowed.

Confidence is so important, and I am constantly Working on mine! Read how, here.

With a kick-ass attitude is encouraging woman of all shapes and sizes, to be themself in every way possible, and so many people have joined her in an Instagram campaign #effyourbeautystandards. 

Social media is a place for trolls these days, including morgan.

The internet and social media is now a very dangerous place that so many girls are falling into its trap where the so-called perfect image, whether it comes to body image, fashion or lifestyle can be Filtered, photoshopped and faked so well that it seems real, and the high standards that we try to aim for, really are not possible after all. Let’s face it we are all criminal to going the extra mile to make our photos look perfect…er? 
If we slow down for 5 minutes could we not just start appreciating what we already have? Love our lives, selves and bodies for what they just are. 

As a dedicated ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine buyer and reader! I am absolutely appalled by Piers Morgans recent tweeted aimed at this month’s front cover of Tess Holiday! To the point, I had to mention this. I mean we go from expressing ourselves, finding body confidence and being who you are (and not to mention not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks) to a low blow comment like this? 
It’s clear that he is supporting empowerment to the full, hey?

Social media is a big part of our day to day lives now, but are we becoming too addicted. Read my post on this, here.

I’m not saying that being overweight is a healthy body image! but there are thousands of woman above a size 12. Just because you’ve got curves, it does not mean you can’t do anything. we are all just as beautiful, sexy, ambitious, and amazing as one another. I really do think Holiday’s next tweet should be at Piers Morgan himself, just to say #effyourbeautystandards.

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The semicolon project

This week has been recognised in the UK as national health week, May 14th – 20th. Mental health is such an important subject, over the past few years it becomes something that we have encouraged to talk about more and more. One thing that I hugely support is the semicolon project and their message towards the symbol.
Depression, Anxiety, Paranoia, Suicidal thoughts. These are just some. Mental health covers so much more.

semicolon project
img src:

what is the semicolon project?

Back in 2013 the SemiColon project was started, in aid of promoting awareness of mental health issues and Suicide prevention. A powerful project that has inspired so many. So many people decided to get the SemiColon tattoo in aid of showing their support, and telling there story. “your story is not over” and these are such powerful words.
I dont have the tattoo myself but I’ve always thought that one day I might add this as a new addition to me. This is just one of many inspiring projects.

mental health is so important, read my post on how being ill effects my mental health, here.

So many of us have untold stories. Mental health is an invisible problem that ignorance can be the biggest killer. Can anyone really say that at one time or another, wether its been your own story or been part of some one else, that you have not been affected by mental health issues?

Personally I have! more then I would of liked to of admitted, But then thats the thing, somethings need to be told and said. One of the most hardest things to do in life some time, is  one of the most common, most normal thing that we do on a day to day basis. Talk.

In 2013 I lost one of my closest friends who’s story was cut to short. She was a beautiful soul, who had so many friends, so many people in this world who loved her. Even to this day, I still think about her, and wonder what could of stopped her. In this day and age its astonishing that we as people are still afraid to speak up. At the age of 26 I can confidently say that I’ve been through a lot. Ive been through pain, heart ache and loss. Just like each and every other person in this world. One thing that has always been help on my side, is talking. Learning to talk about experiences and feelings that I’ve had, because there are so many others out there that may not of been through the same thing, but they can relate some way or another.

confidence is also something that has a massive part of our mental health, read what I am doing to improve my confidence, here.

I’ve suffered from anxiety and gone through times of depression and taking medication to help for a long time. My anxiety has been so bad that I did not even know at times how bad my anxiety actually was, or how it was controlling me, and my life.  I can be thankful for everything that I have faced. Every down day that I have had, I have always had close friends and family around me, supporting me, and making me get through the wars.
My advice to anyone. Learn to talk. Find away. Never be scared to ask if someone is OK because just by being there for someone else, you could be saving a life, you may never know.

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