Christmas films to watch on festive nights in.

Christmas may not be quite the same this year, but we are all busy making the best of the situation we are in! So this year we don’t really have much excuse but to enjoy a few Christmas films to watch snuggled up on the sofa, a festive movie night in. Grab the popcorn, the blanket and the remote, and snuggle down and watch some of the best Christmas movies around.

Christmas films tend to go on from around October in this house, Living with the queen of Christmas films, my Emma, She can’t get enough of Christmas films.

The Best Christmas films (according to me anyway)

The Grinch

My Number 1 film, is and always will be The Grinch! My favourite film to watch at Christmas, It’s funny, its Fictional, and Jim Carey absolutely Rocks this Grimy Christmas Hating Character. 

The holiday calendar

christmas films

The Next film I have literally fallen in love with is The Holiday Calendar witch is a original! A single girl, who’s best friend is clearly in love with her, misses all the signs that the magical calendar is giving her, to find her true love, whilst she persistently dates the wrong one! A festive love story! Perfect! 

The Christmas Chronicles

christmas films

Next up, Netflix wins again with me. The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russell. which was released literally a few days ago. When Christmas goes terribly wrong Santa is put to his paces to make sure all the boys and girls receive their Christmas gifts. Yup. Really enjoyed this film and would definitely suggest this to my friends! 

Santa Girl

christmas films

All she wanted is to go to college and fit in, But for Cassie it isn’t that simple. She is the only daughter of Santa clause and must marry as part of a contract. Whilst trying to rebel Cassie faces some massive challenges whilst her, and her elf friend attends college. Yep, This is another romantic comdey. Although the story line is pretty obvious, the magical twists and creepy Jack Frost in this film, kept me glued to the screen!

The princess switch

Christmas, romance and comedy all rolled into one royal tale with this movie. And if you can get over high school musicals Gabriella playing a royal princess. This film is brilliant. 2 complete strangers, one princess, one baker swap lives and find themselves in love with the other ones man.

A muppets Christmas

christmas films

Oh I do love the muppets, but th muppets at Christmas, even more. The Muppet characters tell the classic tale of an old bitter man who hates Christmas is haunted by ghoasts and ghouls until he finds redemption on Christmas Eve.

Christmas with the Kranks

christmas films

Imagine not being in the mood for Christmas, so much so that you tell everyone not to bother with you and Christmas, as you plan to head out to the tropical islands for a beach paradise holiday. Only to find out your daughter is coming back for the traditional Christmas that she loves so much, and now you have to struggle to do it all at the very last minute. This is what happens with the Kranks.

Jingle Jangle

christmas films, jingle jangle

I absolutely loved watching this film, so much so that I was surprised that Em wanted me to turn this one off. (Like I said she’s the queen of Christmas). Jingle Jangle is more of a musical one, and is quite cheesy in places. A story of a fathers failing inventions that has a massive twist when the children put their belief in. I honestly felt there was a warming Christmas message in this tale, that magic only really happens when we believe. Cute, hey?


christmas films

Dude where’s my Donkey, Dude where has it gone?

Nativity is a series of 3 hilarious movies, based around a school, moody teachers and a brilliant Mr Poppy, Who is more of a child, than a teaching assistant. The songs will get stuck in your head for days, and you really will feel in the festive spirit from watching these Christmas films!

Santa Clause the movie

I couldn’t miss these classic Christmas films off my list, Santa Clause, and I do mean all 3 of the funny Santa Clause Films with Tim Allen. It’s hard not to picture Tim Allen in Home Improvements or his voice as Buzz light year, But he really does make an excellent Santa! I remember seeing clause when it first came out, It’s been on my top Christmas film list for a long time now.

Love Actually

Finally, Love Actually, is my number 5 top Christmas film to watch! You can’t really miss this one! it’s on every year! especially over Christmas week. Stories of Love, Christmas Cheer, and Nativities. They didn’t go wrong with that one.

On a side note: none of the above pictures is my own, but has been used in a non-profitable way to include joy on my post.  

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The Mind Post subscription box

AD – This post contains PR samples (Gifted items) but all thoughts are my own.

The box wasn’t lying… The mind post really did make me smile.

In this post I have been lucky enough to get to work with such a brilliant With getting the chance to collaborate with The Mind Post, I was so excited to read their hard work and support towards the mental health community with there brilliantly prepared happy post is such a treat to anyone who subscribes.

Mental health is something that we all face at some time or another, it doesn’t matter who you are. We all need to look after ourselves and our mental health.
filling your life with positivity if one thing I strongly believe can have a huge benefit on your mental health, though this is not always easy and life turns against us at times there are things we can do to help ourselves.

Subscription boxes are a brilliant way of keeping some positivity in your life.

This cute box from the Mind post is the cutest happy post you can receive.

The Mind post subscription box

In the first line of the about page of the Mind Post, they say ‘The Mind Box has been created to help children who suffer from anxiety.’ You can really see how the mind post has stuck to their goals successfully as they have achieved a brilliant source of self-care and wellbeing inspiration.

I received the Medium sized Mind post box, which you can purchase as either a one off for £14.30 or as part of a subscription for £12.99, which is a brilliant price for the priceless positivity that you are receiving.

What was received inside my Mind box happy post?

  • ‘I matter’ Red band bracelet
  • Strawberry and cream lollypop
  • Hand drew Self – Love guide book
  • Positive quote card
  • Positivity notepad
The mind post subscription box

One of the best things about this happy post is that it really does put a smile on your face, you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the contents as well as the preparation for these boxes.

Receive 10% of your order with The Mind Post when using discount code ‘ALEXA10’

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Win £50 of swag with Lemon Loco

This post contains gifted items. However all thoughts are my own.

Today I am excited to be working with Lemon Loco and there amazing naughty twist products.

I’m a huge fan of quirky gift brands, as I love the fact that something a bit quirky is more of a personalised and thought out gift for our loved ones!  

Competition time!

Lemon Loco are currently running a giveaway, with a prize that is absolutely ideal for Halloween with their witchy and ghoulish products, not to mention their gifts are perfect for the up coming Christmas season.

The competion is completely free to enter. All you need to do is, Sign-up to their newsletter for a chance to win £50 worth of swag! The winner will be selected at random in a random prize draw at the end of the month.

Who are Lemon Loco?

Lemon Loco are a daring and quirky, definitely nsfw greeting card and gift company. If you like the quirky, sweary and down to earth slogan style like I do, I’m sure you’ll appreciate their products.

These are the type of products that you and your friends could have a laugh with… Maybe not your gran or that though.

Also, the products are very fairly priced too. I think £3 to tell someone that they are ’Your weirdo’ or that they are a ‘wanker’ but you love them, is money well spent in any case. There is a hilarious range of cards for all seasons, Absolutely loving the fact that Halloween is included, as this seems to be missed off radar from many company’s.

Seriously I am in awe with ALL of the products Lemon Loco are producing! Give me all the boobs and swears!

I have to give a special mention to my favourite 2 products which are, then you’re my weirdo greeting card, because this just reminds me of my Emma and what I would say to her.

Also, The Carole Fucking Baskin notebook, or even the mug. I absolutely loved watching the Netflix series Tiger king. when I see the Carole Baskin products I want to literally sing the Tiger king TikTok… Seriously… it is stuck in my head right now!

Let me know in the comments below if you have entered the completion in the comments below! What would you purchase with the £50 Voucher?

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The best scary films to watch for a Halloween night in.

food snack popcorn movie theater
Photo by Pixabay on

As we know that seems Halloween won’t be the same for anyone who enjoys this spooky time of the year. Coronavirus hasn’t stolen our spirit, and Autumn will be spent with COVID regulations whilst still having fun. However, I am gutted that we won’t be dressing up and heading down to the frog & frigate in Southampton this year. So anyway, it got me thinking and I thought instead of our normal Halloween partying It would be awesome to have a cosy night with a scary movie. Then I started pondering, what is the best scary films to watch?

As much as I am a Disney fanatic, When it comes to horror films and thrillers I’ve got to admit I’m pretty obsessed. I’m always watching the latest scary films as they come out on Netflix and Sky Cinema.

so since we’ve already watched so many. I thought I would share my favourites and best horror/thriller films with a scary/Gory rating.

The best scary films to watch for Halloween

1. 13 ghosts

There is a really good reason why 13 Ghosts made it to the very top of my list! That is because I still remember the first time I watched this film. I was still in Junior school, and feeling really chuffed that I was getting to watch a horror movie with a friend for a sleepover. So genuinely it is one of the best scary films that I have ever watched.

13 ghosts horrified me, and a few years later I watched the film again, to feel as horrified as the first time. 13 ghosts, and a family locked in a ghost house, trying to escape. It is a gruesome and weird film!

2. US

The film ‘us’ When a family travels to Santa Cruz, where they are having a vacation, the husband and children filled with excitement for a fun-filled time away. The wife, however, has bad memories of where they are going. With no real clarity of something, she may have seen as a child. The vacation suddenly turns sour when the family is attacked by another family of four. They realise that the people attacking them look very much like them. In fact, they are exactly like them. They now must fight for their lives. Soon to realise it isn’t just them with a doppelganger problem.

3. The Perfection

I had never been so confused about watching a horror film before, and then I watched the perfection. rated to me by my 16-year-old cousin, this film gave me the chills!

The film is a Netflix original, about a troubled musical prodigy that meets an upcoming new star pupil who then embarks her down a sinister path leading to psychotic illusions forced by the other. To seek revenge the scorned musician tricks the other into removing her own arm forcing her out of the musical school. You will literally need to watch this one to understand it fully.

4. Mother!

What can I say about the film ‘Mother!’. Just wow. I am not going to lie I found this film really confusing at times, but yet it also had me tied into an ‘I need to know what is going on’ kinda thing.

The explanation of Mother! is really hard to write, Confusingly about God and the Earth. Drawing on stories that have come from the Bible, The Giving Tree, mother! It is one of the films that you need to see to believe, however, I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone who is triggered by abuse, or pregnancy-related topics.

5. Nightmare on Elm street

‘1…2… Freddy is coming for you’ you must know this story… right?
5 neighbourhood friends who share the exact same dream of a horribly disfigured man who wears a tattered black and red sweater. He has a glove made of knives. That man, of course, Is, Freddy Krueger, who then terrorizes them in their dreams, and the only escape is to wake up. However, if Freddy catches them, they are dead. For real. As you watch deeper into the film you then learn why Freddy seeks revenge by death from these 5 particular children.

You do have a choice when it comes to this film. There have been many different films and versions of this movie. The newest version released in 2010 is the one I most enjoyed. Mainly because the newer film was more informative in the story and the special effects were way more satisfying to watch.

6. Saw 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8?

So many Saws, so little time. If you really fancy binging on horror movies for the night, how about watching all the Saw movies in chronological order. I did question putting this in my best scary films post, however, I thought about it, and thought, yep! Halloween horror, I think of Saw.

if you haven’t heard of the saw movies, well I’m shocked. Saw is the series of movies where a cancer-ridden psychopath plays a game with carefully picked players till they are either all dead. Or survive by the skin of there teeth. With his games and traps, Surviving Jigsaw is unlikely.

7. Annabelle

Honestly the creepiest looking doll you will have ever seen.
Annabelle is part of ‘The conjuring’ series of films who tell the story of how a satanic worshipping couple use the dolls evil spirit to make another couples life hell.

Annabelle is a real doll. Kept in a glass cabinet at The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

8. The invisible man

A woman who has escaped an abusive relationship, with a controlling personality (narcissist) fears that he has faked his own death, and haunting her.

He is a crazed scientist who has achieved the impossible and made himself invisible. He uses his power to stalk and terrorised her. Of course the police refuse to believe her story, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back. This film I highly recommend, It is less a horror but more suspense/thriller! and it will keep you hooked to the TV set.

9. IT – Chapter one & two

Ok, I have something to admit. I am yet to watch the original IT movie. However I have watched the newest 2 IT movies. And honestly, I loved those. In the first movie 7, helpless and vulnerable children are forced to face their worst nightmares. A shapeshifting clown, known as Pennywise, is an ancient evil torments children before feeding on them.

In the second movie, ‘Chapter 2’ The children are all grown up and have to return to the home town to face the evil Pennywise who haunted them as children, as the clown has yet again returned.

10. Insidious

The best thing about Insidious is that is is actually a film that was successful in being actually scary. It’s something that a lot of horror movies are failing to do recently. Insidious has many intense moments that actually scared me whilst I was watching the films, leaving me hooked wanting to watch more.

The Insidious series currently has 4 movies to its name! A rumoured 5th movie may be on its way! Insidious is quite long to explain however what I did want to talk about is how to watch Insidious in the correct way, for it to actually make sense. Enjoy.

How to watch Insidious films in timeline order so they make sense:
  • Chapter 3
  • The Last Key
  • Insidious (The first one) 
  • Chapter 2

11. Happy Death Day

If you’re wanting to watch a horror, but you are not the biggest horror movie fan, Happy Death Day is the perfect Horror Comedy. You could almost call this film, a horror comedy parody to Groundhog day. A sassy girl, filled with the wrong attitude Wakes up to the same day, being killed by the end of every day. Not knowing who or what was killing her. She learns to become less of a bully to her friends and family whilst she realising her behaviour was causing her issues.

12. Get out

An African American man plans to meet with his white girlfriend’s parents for a weekend in their secluded estate in the woods, should be fine, right? Not for this poor but before long, the friendly and polite ambience will give way to a nightmare.

scary films

13. Split

Arguably Split is classed as a horror movie. However its more of a psychological thriller and it isn’t much of a gory movie. 3 girls have been kidnapped by a man that has been diagnosed with 23 distinct personalities. The girls must now try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th. One thing I do say about this movie is James McAvoy plays such an amazing part of this film, with each personality strongly displayed.

14. Hostel

The hostel film is where Three backpackers head to a Slovak city for a group getaway, it should be the time of their lives. However, their adventure is cut short when their vacation turns to a hellish deathly experience.

Hostel is a very gory film, with a lot of horror included in the film. Admittedly the Hostel movies are one of the best scary films I have ever watch, because I genuinely did poo myself watching these! If you don’t like too much gore! This one you should give a miss!

15. The Cabin in the woods

5 Average college friends find themselves taking a trip to a remote forest cabin for a little vacation. As you can imagine The cabin in the woods is not exactly as it seems, and many horrors are awaiting them. One by one, the youths fall victim to backwoods zombies, but there is another factor at play. There are 2 scientist geeks that are manipulating the ghoulish goings-on, as they watch the events unfold from the safety of a screen.

This is a horror that is genuinely scary and at the same time funny. Also, the Film has been co-written by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon. So if you are a Buffy fan you appreciate this film.

scary films

16. Escape room

I am not going to lie, I have watched a few ‘Escape room’ films. and I am now debating whether I would actually like to take part in an actual escape room. In this version, Escape room 2019, 6 completely unrelated people are participating in an escape room competition they have been invited too, in order to win ten thousand dollars. However, Once all of the participants arrive to their location things changed when they find themselves in some horrifying circumstances.

17. Sinister

When looking for inspiration An ambitious, however currently stumped writer discovers a roll of film showing the deaths of a family, that has been brutally murdered. The writer aims to solve the mystery and decides that he will move his own family into the victims home.

If it was me I would not be happy if my partner chose a home to live in that had been the place of death. However, He does not realise what he has done until he learns from clips of the murder has connections with the presence of a supernatural force, he learns that living in the house may be fatal. This film is brilliant at suspense that has you guessing what will happen next.

18. Velvet Buzzsaw

I am not going to lie to you, Velvet Buzzsaw is not the best scary film I have ever watched. However, I did enjoy the film and thought it was quite an interesting film to watch.

Basically, after some interesting looking paintings by an unknown artist are discovered, a supernatural force enacts revenge on anybody who has let their greed to get in the way of the art worth. Which is pretty much all of the museum staff who have got their hands on this painting. It is a bit psychedelic which is what gives the film edge.

scary films

19. Polariod

A camera fanatic and High school loner Bird Fitcher finds a vintage Polaroid camera that holds dark and mysterious secrets. She is soon to realise that those who get their picture taken by it meet a tragic and untimely death. I did enjoy this film. It has a very standard story line however. As in group of friends being picked off one by one. However I’d still recommend this.

20. Halloween

From a classic original horror film, this film has been modernised and explained in so many ways, they surely couldn’t do it again? Well they did and they probably will again if rumours are right. The 2018 Halloween is the best of these scary films however. IMO After a nearly meeting her match over four decades ago, Laurie Strode comes face-to-face with Michael Myers yet again, after he has escaped from captivity. She must confront her worst fears and putting an end to his killing spre and fight back.

21. Paradise Hills

A group of young women have been taken to an island where their families have sent them to, to train to become the perfect woman. However unbeknown to them the girls are not actually being trained but studied until they are no longer needed. The girls then band together to escape from a seemingly perfect island that holds a rather sinister secret.

22. Truth or Dare

A game of truth or dare turns into a game of murder when a group of friends realise that the ones who lie or do not follow the rules of the game end up dead, mysteriously. It isn’t long until they realise what is going on and have to find a way of escaping the torture. It’s another of the best scary films I have watched that has actually had my heart racing.

23. Unfriended – Dark Web

This is a brilliant film filled with suspense. There is definitely a more creepy feeling about watching horror movies based on the internet and social media, I find this anyway. As the concepts mostly used are too connected with reality.
unfriended is a mainly computer shot film, so your need your glasses for this one. I did.

When a teen finds himself with a laptop he thinks he has hit the jackpot, but when he gets into the computer he discovered a cache of hidden files, and that the previous owner has access to the dark web. He soon realises that they are watching over him and his friends.

24. The Platform

One thing I want to say about this film is, it’s a weird one. It took me a while to get it, but once I got it. I got it. The film is based In the future, where a bunch of people Volenteer red themselves in an experiment. This turned out to be a prison where they prisoners suck in vertical cells. The lower levels forced to watch as inmates in the upper floors are fed while those below starve.

25. American Horror Story

Ok So no this is not a movie! Should I be including this in a list about the best scary films to watch though? Yes. American Horror Story is a brilliant scary, gory and weird to watch at times series and if you love a horror movie. Your love this. You could easily binge on a few episodes on a cosy sofa night!

What is your Favourite scary films to watch?

Out of all of my best scary films to watch, I have watched so many more. So what are your favourite horror movies to watch? and what will you be planning to watch this halloween?

Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear one I have not watched before!

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iOS 14 – How to customise your phone.

apple device cellphone communication device

How the iPhone iOS 14 is the most customisable iPhone system yet.

When it comes to apple software, I have been a fan from the very start. My first iPhone was the 3GS. Do you remember that one? With its very rounded corners, it pretty much seems like a brick now. I have had my share of iPhone versions, and I have always released my inner geekiness when a new iOS came out. This week (Wednesday 15th September) the iOS 14 came out.

iOS 14 is definitely the most customisable iOS to have been released yet! which is why we love it! the iOS update is compatible with all devices able that have been able to run iOS 13.

person holding iphone
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

So what can we now do to customise our iPhones with iOS 14?

Widgets on the home screen.

One of the most loved and customisable features of the iOS 14 update. We can now personalise our phones to the max with the new widget on Home Screen feature! Personally I love this new feature.

So this is my current Home Screen first page…

You can customise your apps to show an image of your choice, by using shortcuts. I have something to admit here. I did start changing my apps to look pretty, but I did not like how it brought the shortcuts screen up every time you open a new app.

Changing the app icons has been the most atheistically pleasing feature, alongside the widgets, however can take hours to actually complete! So make sure you have some time to kill to do this.

you can change the size of the widgets now too, so you can fully choose what your screen looks like.
To stack your widgets just simply drag the widgets on top of each other so you can stack them up! Saving space on your home screen pages.

Want to know how to customise your screen more? To add my image I have Widgetsmith and my clock and Calendar with ColorWidgets. However, I’ve been playing around with a few of the apps that allow customisable widgets on your app pages. And these are all good for different things.

iOS 14 iPhone screen

The app library.

In iOS 13 and before I would constantly add the apps that I didn’t want to look at, or only needed on occasion into a folder. Finally, we don’t even need to look at those apps at all! We can now remove them from our home screens and they are still on the device but in the App Library. THANK YOU APPLE GODS. This is literally my personal favourite feature.

Homescreen pages can now be hidden!

I kinda get why this is an awesome feature for the new iOS 14, however I don’t feel like it is useful to me. I have no reason to hide any of my app screen pages! (Just the boring apps like I said before).

There again! If you like your privacy when it comes to your apps, this is a pretty neat feature. For example if you don’t want your work colleagues peering at your phone to see your gambling or dating apps. (Well you never know).

Memoji has got bigger and better!

Oh my goodness, I literally love the new Memoji options! theres so much more to choose from. New hairstyles, accessories, Colours, tones and even the option to age.

New Memoji stickers for a hug, fist bump, and blushing.

iOS iPhone memojis

Pinning favourite messages.

Another amazing customisable feature in messages. You can now keep your favourite people/conversations at the top of your screen by pinning them as a favourite. There name and picture will appear in a circle at the top of messages.

Your favourite mail app can now be used as a default.

personally I don’t mind the apple mail app, however I know a lot of people prefer to use gmail or outlook. It’s something I keep meaning to look at and keep forgetting! But you can now update your preferences on iPhone to open your favourite app for emails. Now when you click an email address link your phone will direct you to your defaulted choice.

You can now create captions or notes on your photos.

I love this feature! you are now able to write personalised notes about the photos and images you have captures and saved to the camera roll.

  • New space-saving measures meaning incoming phone calls and Siri no longer takes over the entire screen.
  • Camera and microphone usage indicator.
  • Video play whilst using apps!
  • Messaging now is even easier to reply to specific messages!
  • It is now even easier to have a group chat on iMessage, as you can now include @who it is you want to speak too. Saves avoiding confusion! This is a brilliant feature!
  • There is a new app on your iPhone and it translates your conversations!
  • More secure with password monitoring!
  • Share your approximate location instead of your exact!
  • Emoji searching is now a thing.
  • You can now change your font for notes.
  • Zoom Zoom Zoom… You can zoom your photos now even more.
  • Find your photos easily with filters
  • Compact calls
  • You can now secure what photos apps see.
  • Fiddle around like a pro with exposure.
  • Mirror your selfies
  • Music discovery
  • Assign your reminders
  • Smart suggestions for Date/Time/Locations

What about our other favourite apple iOS products?

The new iPad features seem primarily Apple Pencil based. But these are still very cool. You can now handwrite to type on most apps. Although I find this pretty hard to control.

what have I missed?

The new iOS 14 has a lot of new customisable and useful features. So far I am loving exploring and playing with the new options that we have available as an iProduct user.

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What are the benefits of wearing a face mask for the ‘new normal’

AD: This is a paid advertorial including gifted items, all thoughts are my own.  

Can you believe how this year had literally been flying by considering 2020 has been a year of worldwide madness, to put it nicely? and of course, the hottest topic of 2020 has been the Coronavirus and the global pandemic that the coronavirus has caused. From being in complete lockdown to only being allowed to enter a shop wearing a face covering. So how appropriate to be talking about the benefits of wearing a face mask! since we all have to do it right now.

Today I am partnering with and their Armor London beautifully designed face mask coverings. There are so many benefits of wearing a face covering. Especially since it is part of the ‘new normal’ life that we are all experiencing right now.

 benefits of wearing a face mask

I thought that this would be a brilliant chance to review something that is highly spoken about as well as argued about right now.

So, What did I think of the masks?

As we headed out for a morning at the arcades, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test the masks out properly. So I can assure you guys that before writing this post, I have tested the Armor London masks fully.

Honestly, I have been so impressed with these masks that I have been sent, the material is so comfortable. The camafolague pink mask is a cotton material that feels quite soft and really didn’t feel too heavy or restricting.

My favourite mask is the Dusky pink colour made from hemp materials. This mask is again ever so breathable. It didn’t irritate my face at all, and I even forgot it was there after a while.

The fit feels snug to the face but ever so breathable. It is actually the only mask that I have had so far that I haven’t had anxiety with halfway around a store. Which is a massive thing for me, and is really helping my confidence when it comes to face mask-wearing.

The masks are brilliant colours, with quite a beautiful range of colours and styles, as well as a range for children.

face mask

What are the benefits of wearing a face mask?

Some of the major questions on everybody’s lips are what are the benefits of wearing a facemask. Should they really be wearing one and where?

There are many benefits of wearing a face mask. The reasons for wearing them are for our own benefit as well as other people. Although the face mask may not fully beneficial to the person wearing the mask, there is some protection as well as being a requirement to wear to ensure the safety of others.

Wearing a mask helps protect you and others from contracting germs.

The main reason behind wearing a face covering is to prevent the spread of the tiny particles that come from your mouth and nose whilst out and about in the community. Although a face mask alone has not been proven to be completely affective, alongside other methods a facemark is said to be the most effective method of prevention.

You may not realise that you are contagious.

If you were to contract the coronavirus, you may not realise that you have been affected for up to 2 weeks, before you begin to show symptoms. So imagine if you were positive for the Coronavirus and didn’t realise, for 2 weeks you then see 10 people, they then see 10 other people, and that happened every day for the 2 weeks that you do not realise you are contagious to others. The world would be heading back to lockdown again. Not that the world has fully recovered in the first place.

Face masks help the economy recover.

With everything that has happened this year, the business world has taken a really big hit. The idea of protecting the community and supporting the return to business as well as education, so that we are not suffering in the future to come.

There is very little alternative to face coverings.

Wether we like it or not, there are very little alternatives to wearing a face covering, and being vigilant when it comes to social distancing. Although there are many debates about the benefits of wearing a face mask, and if they are actually useful or not. There is no cure/vaccination to beat the covid-19 virus.

benefits of wearing a face mask

What else can you do to prevent spreading or contracting the virus?

Washing your hands frequently.

Good old soap and water, you cant beat it. Washing your hands regularly, especially having touched items from outside of your house setting with soap and water kills bacteria that lingers on your hands. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, ensuring your rub in-between all of your fingers and above your wrist.

Use anti bacterial gel.

The use of hand sanitiser gel is a way of cleansing your hands as much as possible if you are in a situation where you are unable to use soap and water. It is highly recommended that as soon as you return to a setting where you are able to wash your hands, you do so.

Continue to adhere to social distancing measures.

However much the lockdown regulations have eased, we are not back to how life was in the slightest. Instead, life is turning to the ‘new normal’ (not that we are sure what exactly normal is yet!). The virus still exists and we should be remaining to stay vigilant as the virus is still catchable. You can do this by trying to stay at least 2 metres away from anyone you do not live with or anyone who is not in your support bubble. Although it may feel like at times that some have started to get bored of the mention of COVID, this should not stop you from ensuring your safety.

Catch it and bin it!

I personally feel like this is quite an obvious thing to say! but yanno… No matter where you are if you feel the need to cough or sneeze you should ensure that you are covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands). Single-use tissues are the safest, as you are able to bin these immediately and wash your hands after.

benefits of wearing a face mask

Helpful resources:

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Love Crafts – Life is a wild ride cross stitch

This post contains gifted items. However all thoughts are my own.

I was absolutely filled with excitement when Sarah from Love Crafts contacted me for a collaboration with the opportunity to take a look at their craft kits.
As a massive lover of a variety of crafts, it is so nice to experience having a go at the different kits there are.

When I was a child I learnt how to cross-stitch. It was one of those things my mum taught me how to do when I was going through all my surgeries on my legs.

Back then my mental health wasn’t very good either. I was going through a time where I wasn’t able to walk whilst I recovered from surgery. So I went through a lot of cross stitch kits.
When lockdown started I decided to start picking up the cross stitch kits I had started a while ago. I hadn’t yet finished these because of a general lack of time and motivation.
Over the past few weeks, I have been posting on my Instagram my progress of this beautiful cross stitch kit!
Finally, I can tell you more about my experience with this kit and what I loved. As talking a bit about cross-stitching crafts positive impacts.

Cross stitch is so good for your positive wellbeing!

A while back I wrote an entire post on why crafting is good for your mental health, here. One of my favourite crafts that I find the best for my mental health and anxiety is cross-stitch. One of the things I absolutely love about cross Stitching is how its such a relaxing and therapeutic hobby. I am completely cross-stitching obsessed recently for that very reason. I really love being able to sit down and chill out for a few hours relaxed with some embroidery things. Stitching is a craft that is so relaxing. I would suggest it to anyone who is having stress or anxiety. This is an amazing method of release. Or of course, anyone that is just bored.

love crafts

So. let’s talk about the Love Crafts life is a wild ride kit that I completed.

The link to this specific kit is here.

One of the things I particularly loved about this kit is complete unique bold style.

One of the first things I really noticed when unpackaging this kit was the threads. The threads in this kit are absolutely lush! the vibrant colours are so bold and really stand out against the Aida. I also noted how soft and silky the threads are. The threads staid smooth the whole time that I was using them. which proves they are a really good standard thread. The silky texture made the threads easy to separate and generally I just felt they looked very neat throughout.

This kit is marked as intermediate. For cross stitchers who are more experienced/confident. However, I feel if you feel confident with counting the squares and stitch spaces, I would say that you would not have any problems completing this kit!

The kit took me a week to complete. Cross stitching for an hour or more every evening.

Its not just the Love Crafts kit I love…

Love Crafts run such a lovely website as well as shop. The Love Crafts website and social media are full of crafting tips and tricks. As well as this they have interviews with some pretty amazing crafters. I definitely suggest adding their blog to your bookmarks list, as I found there website rather inspiring as a crafter!

If you love crafts how about papercraft, check out how to make 3D roses with Cricut, Here.

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13 shows I am loving on Netflix right now


With us all being at home so much in the past few months, we have been resorting to the television quite a lot. So a lot of our time has been spent watching Netflix, can you blame us? I am not gonna lie though, Netflix really has been the best for video streaming. There is so much choice on what to watch and Both myself and Emma have found us completely hooked on these series.

Most of these are Netflix originals.

1. Tiger King

Tiger King

Without even commenting on the wardrobe of Joe, Tiger King just had to sit at the top of the list for me. Truly an outrages man is Joe Exotic who runs/owns his own family of tigers. The series is a documentary that reveals the feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, Joes tiger owner rival.
Carole is accused of killing her former husband who mysteriously disappeared. Seriously, Everyone is talking about Tiger King, if you haven’t watched it yet, You NEED too.

“Carole Baskin. Killed her husband, whacked him. Can’t convince me that it didn’t happen. Fed him to tigers, they snacking.”

If you are not busy watching Netflix series what else are you doing? How about reading lockdown activity suggestions, here.

2. Too hot to handle

A group of the hottest & horniest girls and guys put together in a villa, and told they can not have sex, cannot touch, and no kissing. What could go wrong? well If they break the rules, money is deducted from the jackpot! Absolutely brilliant and hilarious series! similar to Love Island, or Ex on the beach! so if you are into those I would definitely suggest watching Too hot to Handle.

3. American Horror Story

AHS is a brilliant series for anyone who loves a bit of weird and wonderful. I was so excited when I found out I could watch AHS from the beginning on Netflix. There is plenty of blood, plenty of murder, and I would say a lot of weirdness. I absolutely have loved watching AHS from the beginning again.

4. Sex Education

Average schoolboy, trying to make it through high school years. His mum is a sex therapist. Before he knows it he’s being paid by fellow classmates for sex advice… The young sex councillor who is still a virgin! This series kept leaving me in stitches.

5. The Stranger

From the very first episode I was wanting more and more, there is so many twists, and lack of expectations leaving you wanting more. Could you imagine having a stranger come from out of nowhere and start revealing personal secrets connected to you? Having your life completely turned upside down. Then to face your partner’s disappearance as more lies unveil.

6. Brew Brothers

Two rather immature brothers fighting to keep a brewery from going out of business. It is a fantastic comedy, for a Netflix original. I only put this on as we were having a day where we couldn’t find anything to do or watch and we were at the point we were feeling a bit like we had outwatched Netflix. However, I really don’t think it is possible to outwatch Netflix, especially not when there are so many golden nuggets like this little show.

7. You

The infamous Joe, Book shop manager. Friend? Boyfriend? psychopath? Cold-blooded killer? He is all of the above and more. The man who would do absolutely anything for love. Joe falls in love with Beck, Stalks her till she is his. An awkward romance becomes something even more sinister when the writer Beck, becomes the obsession. Using social media and the internet, he uses every tool at his disposal to become close to her, even going so far as to remove any obstacle and any person that stands in his way of getting to her. I completely rate watching You, its a brilliant series.

8. The Good Place

Anyone else loves a comedy series? I promise I am not always watching dark and weird, I also love inspiring and funny! The good place is definitely funny. A group of people sent to a good place supposedly to be their very own heaven! but they soon work out that the ‘good’ place is not quite what it seems! Without giving too much away! this is such a good series.

9. Girl Boss

Girl Boss

When I watched Girl Boss, I was absolutely left inspired by Sophia Amoruso. It all started with a jacket. Which she sold on eBay for way more than she purchased it from when she brought it from a vintage thrift store. Sophia started her empire from nothing, broke girl turning girl boss. She is Nasty Gal. A now huge business that sells fashion clothes. After I watched this I brought the book straight away! if you are in the need of some creative inspiring than watch Girl Boss!

10. 13 Reasons why


13 Reasons why is one of the netflix series I literally was glued to for a few days! Literally because I binged on it so much! I had watched it within 3 days. The character ‘Hannah’ leaves 13 tapes, after her death, explaining why she took her own life. So many people involved, as we watch the journey of naive ‘clay’ as he listens to the videos.

Mental health is something that is so close to my heart, how about checking out my recent post on mental health awareness week, here.

11. Sabrina

I was absolutely hooked on Sabrina the Teenage witch! So I was absolutely buzzing when this came out! were now a few seasons in and Sabrina has not been letting us down! a so much more adult and darker version of the original Sabrina the teenage witch! Just one warning though, if your looking for it to be funny and light-hearted this is not for you!

12. iZombie

Can you imagine waking up dead?? like literally you are now a zombie, and you need to survive by eating brains, but the only way you can taste any flavour is to have extra hot sauce all over the brains. This is a brilliant series where not only does Liv use the brains of the people sent to the mortuary where she already worked! she then sees visions of how the person died! And obtains that persons personality, whilst she solves crime!

13. Santa Clarita Diet

Ok yep, another series that involves zombies/grossness. I see a theme with my favourite programs lately! but Santa Clarita diet is another ‘Horror comedy” making my list! This one is so funny! Turned zombie mum keeps up her perfect appearances as well as eating people. it doesn’t take long to arouse suspicion from the neighbours!

Admittedly after all this, we have now downloaded the entire box set of Keeping up with the Kardashians!

I would love to hear what you have been watching whilst stuck in lockdown? I love new suggestions on what to watch, and I probably will get to them still.

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Should you be considering taking CBD oil?

AD: This post contains affiliate links and gifted items. However, all thoughts and content are my own.
If you decide to try CBD oil, Bristol CBD are offering a fabulous 15% off with code “ALEXA15” on their website here.

Good morning everyone, Happy April! And positive thoughts to everyone who feels that they have been in isolation forever. We have certainly been feeling the effects that the Lockdown has on us. So I am feeling quite grateful this week as I am talking about something completely not Coronavirus related. Today I am taking CBD oil from Bristol CBD.

I had been really excited when Bristol CBD offered me the opportunity to test their CBD oil product. I have already been taking CBD for a while now and already know of the benefits. So to try a new brand new product is always exciting.

What is CBD oil?

For those of you that do not know what CBD is, it is a Cannabidiol. A food supplement that has been being used across the world to help aid health conditions.

The usage of CBD has been highly discussed and debated by many health officials as the most controversial supplement available. Mainly due to the source, being the Marijuana plant.

Cannabidiol may be sourced and extracted from the Marijuana plant paste, that lives within the flowers of the same plant as ‘weed’ however dose not contain the THC chemical which is often used by smoking. (So basically no you can’t get high off this). The WHO (World Health Organisation) stipulates that CBD oil is non-toxic, non-addictive and non-psychoactive product. 

Why I have been taking CBD.

I started to take CBD a few months ago when it was recommended to me by a friend who had been suffering from cramps and anxiety. So for me, it sounded like something worth trying, as I am always open to trying new natural methods of improving my pain symptoms and anxiety.

At first, I found the taste of CBD oil really hard to swallow. However, I have found that not giving up and persisting I got used to the taste pretty quickly.

The longer I have taken CBD oil the more I notice the benefits of the supplement, I feel more relaxed and this has been improving the continuous pain I’ve been having in my stomach.

I previously wrote a post explaining how being ill has affected my mental health, here. Some of these issues have improved since I started taking CBD oil in November, (After having written this post).

How do you actually use CBD oil?

To take CBD oil in liquid form, you need to take a few droplets under your tongue, 2 – 3 times a day. There are a variety of different percentages of CBD you can take. I have been taking 5% happily, which is also what Bristol CBD sent me.

CBD oil

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

The benefits of CBD oil are wide and varied and it is sold legally in the UK as a food supplement. CBD has been known to help with the symptoms of Anxiety Depression, Muscle Pain, Sickness and nausea from treatments such as chemotherapy, Acne and some other skin problems. The supplement has also been linked to having improvements for blood pressure and benefitting a persons heart and circulatory system.

What do I like about Bristol CBD?

Bristol CBD is such a caring and helpful shop. On their website, they say “We want everyone to be able to afford premium quality CBD oil” and honestly I have to agree. As I compare this to the high street and some other brands I have brought in the past. The CBD they supply is really good quality for the money it costs to buy. They also offer free delivery! which is an epic bonus!

The Bristol CBD team are really supportive, and informative about their product. I would highly recommend their CBD to any of my friends.

Don’t forget – If you decide to try CBD oil, Bristol CBD are offering a fabulous 15% off with code “ALEXA15” on their website here.

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