What we did during October 2020.

Hey guys, here we are again a new month. Ok I admit that I am a little bit slow on my normal monthly catch up and round up, October 2020 has been pretty hectic at times, but I am pretty sure that November is going to be completely the opposite since we have managed to find ourselves back at home, in lockdown.

I am not going to lie, the fact that we are facing yet another lockdown is so depressing. As I generally try to be positive about most things, I can’t help but reflect on this year, as we enter the final months and feel completely crap. It still feels like 2 minutes ago that we postponed our wedding.

We don’t actually have any update about that at the moment, because the coronavirus leaves us so uncertain on what we would like to do.

I know that this month is going to be trying for so many of you! and as always I lend my ears to you all. Please do not suffer in silence, If you are struggling then reach out! We are all in this together.

Pumpkin picking

Admittedly the beginning of October was so much quieter. but We did still get up to quite a bit. My favourite autumnal activity of them all. Heading to our local patch for some great photos and to have a laugh.
This year I am not going to lie, was probably the funniest year because for some crazy reason we went and did this in half term with the pouring rain! Argh!

Mud sliding, and getting completely soaked by the rain really didn’t seem so bad though. We had a lot of fun, just enjoying the moment.

longdown activity farm

This month we took a trip to see Crazy M and the beautiful Demi working at Longdown farm. We took Alfi for a fun day of feeding the farm animals, riding on the go-karts in the mud! and some crazy golf, too which I learnt that I am absolutely rubbish at.

pumpkin carving

I am not going to lie, I am a little bit cross with myself right now, Pumpkin carving was so messy and I literally forgot to take photos, which is not like me at all. However, I tried to get a bit more technical with my pumpkin this year. I attempted to do Disney stitch which was tricky but I did sort of well considering!

Our first Halloween at home.

Although Halloween was not the same for anyone this year, we always try to make the best out of a crappy situation. This year for us was our first experience at decorating our house for halloween! Which we really enjoyed! With the help of our friends, our very cute pumpkins, and the inflatable named frank. The front of out hose looked particularly awesome!

Emma’s weirdo card.


This month I told you guys about a competition that Lemon Loco are running. I was gratefully given a voucher myself to use on whatever I liked! I just wanted to give another mention to Lemon Loco, as this card, quality and humour is absolutely brilliant.

Posts from October:

Happy November everyone! Have a beautiful month!

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Win £50 of vouchers for Mål Paper

AD – This post contains PR samples (Gifted items) but all thoughts are my own.
Daily Goal Planners from Mål Paper
Mål Paper

I am so excited to be back with another post letting you know about a brilliant competition that Mål Paper is currently running! You have the opportunity to enter their competition to win a £50 gift card to use on any of Mål Paper products. You will need to subscribe to their mailing list, and a winner will be selected at random in a prize draw at the end of November.

Who is Mål Paper?

Mål Paper

‘The word Mål, pronounced ‘mo-l’, means goal in Swedish’.

They have successfully produced a variety of planners that all have a stylish, modern, simplistic look as well as being effective in its contents. The planners aim to allow us to be more productive in reaching our goals.

The daily goal tracker which is my favourite planner, in the tan colour in-particular. Although I feel that picking between Tan and grey would be a tough choice. As they are both as beautiful as each other.

Another product of theirs I wanted to give a specific mention about is The #checkin Journal. For this journal, Mål Paper is working in collaboration with Matt Johnson, a Mind Ambassador. For each journal sold £2 will be donated to the Mind charity.

This journal focuses on your mental health and wellbeing, as you use this to check in with yourself in the morning, focus on your tasks for the day, and then to check out with how you are doing in the evening. Which is a brilliant way of keeping yourself on track.

I would highly recommend that you take 2 minutes to enter their competition and get your hands on one of these amazing planners.

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Why is it important to keep a balanced diet?

AD – This is a paid advertorial but all thoughts are my own
bowl of vegetable salad and fruits
Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

When it comes to keeping a balanced diet I know for a fact, that I am always looking to improve. There is a massive difference between dieting, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Which seems to be a common thing that people forget quite regularly. I often see people attempting FAD diets. I’ve tried so many of them myself.
The truth is the only real way to conquer your eating habits and health worries is to change the way your thinking about food.

What is a balanced diet?

Having a balanced diet means that we eat the right things. Whilst controlling the quantity of the things we eat that aren’t really so good for us.

To have a balanced diet is another way of saying to maintain a healthy diet or a healthy lifestyle. A diet which contains a variety of foods in the correct quantities and proportions as well as ensuring that your body is receiving an adequate amount of nutrients that we need to survive in life.

It does not have to be complicated, honestly and don’t forget that it is never too late or too early to make healthy changes to your diet to help prevent disease, manage your weight, and feel generally better.

What is included in the best diet?

A balanced diet means making the correct choices to eat the correct varieties of foods from the different food groups.

This should specifically include things such as:

  • vegetables and fruits
  • protein – Such as meat, fish, eggs, beans and soy.
  • dairy – Such as low-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt.
  • carbohydrates – Such as starchy foods like rice, pasta, potatoes and bread (wholegrain or wholewheat varieties would be better for you)
  • A small number of healthy fats such as the unsaturated fat from things like olive oil.

Why is a balanced diet so important for us?

Control Body weight

It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet help control our body weight. Alongside as keeping active where possible.

Fight disease

Keeping our diet balanced also ensures that our bodies are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals into our system. Think of our bodies like a flower. To keep that flower glowing and beautiful, you need to provide the correct lighting and keep them hydrated. We are completely no different.

More energy and better mood.

By maintaining a balanced diet you will notice that your mood will improve and you have more energy than normal. It’s all of them vitamins and minerals that do you so good. A friend said something to me that really makes sense. Food is your mood. Eating crap will not make you feel any better basically.

Better sleep

So as I have just mentioned, maintaining a healthy diet improves your energy, however, Did you know that keeping a balanced diet improves your sleep? And can improve the content of our dreams.

Brain power

Not getting the correct amount of nutrients in your body effects us being able to think straight! How can you stay productive when your body is crying out for a detox?

What should I be avoiding in my diet?

  • Highly processed food & drinks
  • Added sugar & salt
  • Red or processed meat
  • Alcohol
  • Trans fats.

One simple and relatively easy way of decreasing the amount of crap we are putting into our bodies is simply reducing the amount of sugar and salt that we input into our bodies, we can do this by avoiding sugary drinks and foods, and foods with added saturated fat like processed meats, chips, pastries, and pies.

balanced diet
Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

Tips for achieving a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Take multivitamins.

Life gets super busy at times. I know for certain that sometimes it is so difficult to stick to our routines and plans. For example, nights where we probably should have cooked the meal that we had planned to make, however, it hasn’t gone to plan and we’ve ended up with a take out. When life gets like this for me I always find that ensuring that I take multivitamins in the morning, it helps me feel brighter and more productive throughout the entire day.

Plan your meals & get creative with your meal planning.

There our plenty of healthy recipes and food ideas from all over the show on the web. Pinterest is a brilliant way to inspire a healthy meal.
also using a planner and sitting down and organising your meals before shopping day is ready way to keep yourself on track and probably save you some money!

Aim to get your 5 a day.

As the NHS recommends. You should be eating 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day. It really is so easy to do as well. I love mixing fruit and healthy products to make a homemade smoothie! They taste amazing and our so nutritious for you!

Eat more fish.

Fish contains huge amounts of protein as well as omega 3 so not only is it good for your body! It’s amazing for your brain too.

If you really don’t like fish. This one will be challenging for you. However, increasing the amount of fish into your diet is really for you.

Hydrate, always.

Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and to help your body function better. Your body literally needs water and hydration to survive. I always find that volvic water, the flavoured versions

Stay active.

Get your body moving and your heart racing when ever you can! I use a Fitbit! To count my steps and monitor how active I have been! Most phones have a stepomoter on them. I find that using these helps you create your own challenges to beat.

Don’t skip breakfast.

you’ve probably heard this one a million times before. I know that I am the worst for this but it is something that I am genuinely trying to get into routine of doing. Having a healthy breakfast not only sets you up for the adventures of the day it also regulates your metabolism so that you are able to loose weight.

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The Halloween tag – Answering creepy questions.

Happy Halloween! I literally got so excited when I found this Halloween tag.

Oh, how I do love Halloween really, the spooky going on. I can’t believe how different this year is. It absolutely sucks how corona virus has literally stopped us all from doing the things we love.

trick or treat sign
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

The Halloween tag… Here are my answers.

Have you ever used an Ouija Board?

No, I think I would be too terrified! I do love the films that involve Ouija boards, and the idea of having a go. However, if I actually came face to face with using an Ouija board, I would probably bottle it.

What is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were alone?

Sat watching a horror movie, I was not alone but its the creepiest thing to think of. It was a scene was the phone randomly went, and basically we jumped out of our skin. The next thing was my phone bloody rang, I dont even remember putting it on loud!

Are you superstitious?

Honestly, yes I am. I probably have watched too many horror films. Oh and I am definitely superstitious when it comes to things like not walking under ladders and mirrors breaking.

Which urban legend scares you the most?

Freddy, Of-course! He kills you in your sleep. You cant avoid sleeping, so really you’re screwed. Plus he has a hand of knives. like OMG.

If you were dared to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

I would like to think that I would say no! but I know me, therefor the temptation and curiosity would most likely get the better of me. But have no doubt! I would take a survival kit with me.

Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?

Definitely, I believe when you die, you don’t go far, and there’s a world that we cant see where our loved ones hover over us and keep us safe.

Ever made a potion of any sort?

I used to be obsessed with Wicca as I was growing up. My literal obsession was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don’t ever remember trying to make a potion though… Only mess about with reading about them, etc.

You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?

Freak out a little… Why are there footsteps in the house… there shouldn’t be… If it was something like, I am upstairs, I would creep back down. Or creep around the house looking for it. I think my curiosity would get the better of me.

jack o lantern and halloween candy
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Would you rather go to a Halloween party of trick-or-treating?

Well, I am not a child! So I much prefer the party option. However, last year we did go with our friend’s children to take them trick or treating, and it was a lot of fun.

In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?

Definitely some long-ass sword of some kind. That would be the best method of keeping the zombies away. Emma is a big fan of the walking dead, she has a whole plan in her head for a zombie apocalypse. Oh and we love the dead island Xbox game.

Are you the one who gets scared or the one who does the scaring?

I am rubbish at scaring! I am the one who jumps the most! but in the same breath, I don’t mind that!

What is your favourite Halloween movie?

EEEEE I love horror movies, I am not sure if I can pick just one. The invisible man is my most recent favourite

What was your first Halloween costume?

Oh my goodness, I can actually still picture it. The black bag wrapped around me, as my mum dressed me up as a which. With a wooden broom in one hand, and a halloween sack in the other. The which hat on my head that had fake hair coming down from it. It was good times.

If you could have a Halloweeny pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf, raven) what would you pick?

100% an owl. I think it would have to be a harry potter like owl though. A beautiful white one. Yeah, I have definitely had this thought before!

Want to do the Halloween tag? Here are the prompts:

Have you ever used an Ouija Board?
What is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were alone?
Are you superstitious?
Which urban legend scares you the most?
If you were dared to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?
Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?
Ever made a potion of any sort?
You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?
Would you rather go to a Halloween part of trick-or-treating?
In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?
Are you the one who gets scared or the one who does the scaring?
What is your favourite Halloween movie?
What was your first Halloween costume?
If you could have a Halloweeny pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf, raven) what would you pick?

Post your tag your Halloween tag posts in the comments below…

I would love to hear your answers to this tag! Let me know in the comments below if you have done this tag and link them in the comments.

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My Autumnal wardrobe wishlist.

This post contains affiliate links that if you choose to purchase from them. It will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

A random thought that I had the other day was I love clothes. Yet I never share my outfits or anything like that with you guys! so I thought I would make the change and start sharing something else that I am really passionate about on the blog too. It didn’t take me long to think of a blog post either. And of course that is Autumnal wardrobe favourites.

Autumn is my favourite season! Especially for the cosy clothes that we get to wear to keep us warm! So today I am talking you through my recent Amazon wish list adds.

Amazon is actually an amazing source for finding unique and reasonably priced items! So I am constantly buying from there.

My Amazon Autumnal wardrobe favourites…

For the love of Scarfs…

Superdry Women’s Heritage Ribbed Scarf

The first thing on my autumnal wardrobe wish list is this beautiful Superdry ribbed scarf! I love a cosy scary and literally, it does look so cosy! I have so many scarfs already I must admit, and I definitely have a few that I prefer and wear a lot compared to somewhere you could honestly say there as good as new… This scared comes in multiple shades, I prefer the grey colour though.

StyleSlice Leopard Print Scarf

To pick just one scarf isn’t fair though! I really do love my scarfs.

Ankle boots are a must for my autumnal wardrobe…

Rocket Dog Women’s Camilla Chelsea Boots

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of Chelsea boots to rock the autumn in! my boots are old and definitely need replacing but I have owned the Rocket Dog Chelsea boots before, and they are so cosy that I think I’ll be going back to my old faithful brand!

The best bottoms to have…

Yoga Pants with Pockets

Ok I don’t know what it is with thicker leggings, and yoga pants right now, but I am obsessed. Literally the most comfortable where and can look so smart with just a nice top added to the outfit! I have definitely been living in leggings a lot recently.

Roman Originals Women Denim Jean Jeggings

And If it isn’t leggings it’s more likely to be jeggings. Again ever so comfortable! I always find jeggings warmer than jeans as well. Is that just be being weird?

Beautiful autumnal wardrobe outfits…

Yidarton Women’s Winter Teddy Bear Coat

I love the feel of a teddy bear coat, so fluffy and warm. These have been so popular in the past few years. It’s a trend that I could not wait to jump on. I love the creamy colour. This colour fits in with the autumnal colours so nicely.

Women’s Knitted Cardigan

I love chunky knit cardigans! I literally can not wait to be able to pull out the already owned chunky knits from the wardrobe! I have been pretty much living in these for the past few weeks already. I am pretty certain I would wear them all year if I could.

Baggy Off Shoulder Sweatshirt

Cosy sweaters, especially off the shoulder sweaters are a massive love of mine. To be honest I already own so many sweaters but I always have room for more in the wardrobe. This sweater has actually been on my Wishlist since the summer! My ultimate choice would be the grey colour. However, it comes in so many different lovely shades.

WearAll Women’s Plus Batwing Shirt Dress

Personally I am one of those who loves to wear a shirt, but only does so on and off. I own a couple of checked shirts now so I really would love to have a plain shirt that isn’t patterned. The black is so smart looking, and can be easily accessorised.

Cute bags…

KALIDI Backpack

Any excuse to get my hands on one of these beautiful and so cute backpacks. I’ve been eyeing up these backpacks for so long now!

If I am honest! I love all of the colours! so picking one colour is going to be hard! But yes! I am swaying towards think beautiful pink!

Miss Lulu Women Top Handle Bag

Also whilst thinking about bags! I found this beautiful Miss LuLu grey handle bag. It is so cute. So I had to give it a mention! It would make the perfect accessory to most autumnal outfit.

And some lovely accessories…

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Ultra-Matte Nude Lipstick 03 No Doubts

I am in love with this shade. I already own it, but it’s running out. So this will be a repeat purchase in the near future. The Matte colours are so beautiful and feel nicer on your lips.

Dry flower pendant

I wouldn’t say that I am a floral person. However, I do love flowers, and dried flowers are beautiful. I am literally obsessed with pressed flowers at the moment. This beautiful necklace is such a cute little accessory to wear with your Autumn outfit.

Mylee Nail Gel Polish

Ok, so you may already know that I am obsessed with Gel nails, and own my very own nail lamp. Salon style nails at home. I have done my own gels for the past 5 years now. Honestly, Once I got my nail LED lamp, I did not look back. I still own my nail polish collection, and have a few autumnal wardrobe colours. However I am growing my gel colour collection at the moment! and this dusky purple is so needed! It is lush!

What Autumnal wardrobe favourites do you have your eyes on?

What are your must have Autumn wardrobe favourites that you need in your wardrobe? Are you like me and love this season for its lush comforts. Let me know in the comments below what you with my Autumn favourites, and tell me some of yours.

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The Mind Post subscription box

AD – This post contains PR samples (Gifted items) but all thoughts are my own.

The box wasn’t lying… The mind post really did make me smile.

In this post I have been lucky enough to get to work with such a brilliant With getting the chance to collaborate with The Mind Post, I was so excited to read their hard work and support towards the mental health community with there brilliantly prepared happy post is such a treat to anyone who subscribes.

Mental health is something that we all face at some time or another, it doesn’t matter who you are. We all need to look after ourselves and our mental health.
filling your life with positivity if one thing I strongly believe can have a huge benefit on your mental health, though this is not always easy and life turns against us at times there are things we can do to help ourselves.

Subscription boxes are a brilliant way of keeping some positivity in your life.

This cute box from the Mind post is the cutest happy post you can receive.

The Mind post subscription box

In the first line of the about page of the Mind Post, they say ‘The Mind Box has been created to help children who suffer from anxiety.’ You can really see how the mind post has stuck to their goals successfully as they have achieved a brilliant source of self-care and wellbeing inspiration.

I received the Medium sized Mind post box, which you can purchase as either a one off for £14.30 or as part of a subscription for £12.99, which is a brilliant price for the priceless positivity that you are receiving.

What was received inside my Mind box happy post?

  • ‘I matter’ Red band bracelet
  • Strawberry and cream lollypop
  • Hand drew Self – Love guide book
  • Positive quote card
  • Positivity notepad
The mind post subscription box

One of the best things about this happy post is that it really does put a smile on your face, you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the contents as well as the preparation for these boxes.

Receive 10% of your order with The Mind Post when using discount code ‘ALEXA10’

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Win £50 of swag with Lemon Loco

This post contains gifted items. However all thoughts are my own.

Today I am excited to be working with Lemon Loco and there amazing naughty twist products.

I’m a huge fan of quirky gift brands, as I love the fact that something a bit quirky is more of a personalised and thought out gift for our loved ones!  

Competition time!

Lemon Loco are currently running a giveaway, with a prize that is absolutely ideal for Halloween with their witchy and ghoulish products, not to mention their gifts are perfect for the up coming Christmas season.

The competion is completely free to enter. All you need to do is, Sign-up to their newsletter for a chance to win £50 worth of swag! The winner will be selected at random in a random prize draw at the end of the month.

Who are Lemon Loco?

Lemon Loco are a daring and quirky, definitely nsfw greeting card and gift company. If you like the quirky, sweary and down to earth slogan style like I do, I’m sure you’ll appreciate their products.

These are the type of products that you and your friends could have a laugh with… Maybe not your gran or that though.

Also, the products are very fairly priced too. I think £3 to tell someone that they are ’Your weirdo’ or that they are a ‘wanker’ but you love them, is money well spent in any case. There is a hilarious range of cards for all seasons, Absolutely loving the fact that Halloween is included, as this seems to be missed off radar from many company’s.

Seriously I am in awe with ALL of the products Lemon Loco are producing! Give me all the boobs and swears!

I have to give a special mention to my favourite 2 products which are, then you’re my weirdo greeting card, because this just reminds me of my Emma and what I would say to her.

Also, The Carole Fucking Baskin notebook, or even the mug. I absolutely loved watching the Netflix series Tiger king. when I see the Carole Baskin products I want to literally sing the Tiger king TikTok… Seriously… it is stuck in my head right now!

Let me know in the comments below if you have entered the completion in the comments below! What would you purchase with the £50 Voucher?

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Mental health in teenagers

TW: Post mentions depression and self harm.

Good morning Beautiful people! Today’s post is a beautifully written guest post by Demi Le Huray speaking about her experiences and thoughts around depression and mental health in teenagers and young adults. Demi is a young lifestyle and mental health at DemiLeHuray.com.

Mental health in teenagers is such an important subject that needs to be voiced and understood much more than it already is. It is fully

Mental Health in teenagers by Demi Le Huray.

Having depression at any age is super tough, however, I believe being diagnosed as a teen is very hard to handle. Therefore I am writing my story and experiences of when I was diagnosed with a mental health condition at a young age.

Study Reveals How Teens Communicate Depression – Supportive Care Matters

My diagnosis:

A couple of years back, I started to feel rather low and get depressive episodes frequently. I was constantly feeling down, so I spoke to my school and they referred me to CAMHS. After many visits and assessments, they were able to diagnose me with depression. Although it hurt, it made a lot more sense! My depression was pinpointed because I constantly struggled with dark thoughts, being positive, carrying on with day to day life etc. I have been diagnosed since starting secondary school.

What is it like?

Having depression as a teen, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. It was so overwhelming and I was judged by my peers in school. I got comments thrown at me such as “why are you always so sad.'” “you look so depressed.'” “why are you never happy.” “you’re going to fail your GCSE’s” and so much more… I felt I wasn’t ‘normal.’ I felt I didn’t belong there as I was considered different. It was so hard to wake up everyday battling with yourself and your thoughts within your mind. Nothing was ever enjoyable anymore and there was a lack of motivation. It was so hard to wake up everyday and keep on going. I was exhausted.

What are the impacts of teen depression?

My depression really affected my education massively. I struggled attending school, going to lessons, completing work etc. I found it super hard to concentrate in class and be able to learn at school. People often asked and made comments about my capability to do well. (Check out my post on Surviving school with anxiety! )

I found it hard to socialise with my peers and keep relationships, as I barely went out with or texted them. I felt it impacted my bonds with others and was paranoid they wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who was not the same. This made me feel I had to change, but its not that easy.

My mental health also affected my sleep. I rarely got any rest as I struggled the most at night times overthinking and feeling down. I tried everything to get a night of better sleep, but nothing worked. Whilst everyone was asleep, I felt alone. Night times were the worst! (Check out my post Tips on how to sleep 😴)

Having depression can also impact on your physical health too. I started becoming very insecure about my body and had gone through a eating disorder and made myself really ill from it. I lost a lot of weight, was in a lot of pain, I kept fainting, I was sick. It was exhausting! It wasn’t a nice place to be.

Depression - Anxiety, Trauma & PTSD Specialist Therapy


CAMHS was a massive part of my diagnosis and were able to help me through my depression. They were able to offer me courses and medication that has saved my life! The service are an amazing team that have been through my whole journey and supported me throughout it, with no judgement. CAMHS helped me overcome my eating disorder too! I honestly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them!

CAMHS - support for teenagers mental health


School has also taken a massive part in my diagnosis. The support at school has been absolutely amazing and have helped me get through my time of education. Make sure you find someone you feel able to talk to, mine is school!

How I have overcome it!

Now you have heard my story, you must be wondering ‘how did you overcome it?’ There are still many times I find myself down, but I pick myself up again using these tips!

Helping yourself:

I believe that one of the most important things is helping yourself. In order to see an improvement, you need to engage with others and want to get better. At the end of the day, it’s not all down to support services, you need to play your part too and work as a team.

Counselling/support services:

When battling with depression, I had a lot of support in place to help me. This included counselling, support from school, CAMHS and just generally talking to people that can help.


To help my mental health condition, I take medication. At first I wasn’t too sure however I wouldn’t be able to cope without them now. If you are thinking about this option, make sure to speak to your doctors!

Mental health in teenagers


Although this may not be for you, I find blogging really helps me deal with my mental health. It allows me to utilise my stories and experiences to help and inspire others which is what I love to do!

Mental health in teenagers


Going through dark times, I felt that helplines were really beneficial to me to be able to get out of crisis. I felt more comfortable using text services rather than calling, but do what is best for you!

Here are a few examples:

  • Hopeline Uk (0800 068 41 41)- this service is completely free and for under 35’s. You can also email them: pat@papyrus-uk.org
  • Samaritans (116123)- this service is free and for anyone. They are there day and night to listen without any judgement. You can also email them: jo@samaritans.org
  • Calm (0800 58 58 58)– this service is free for men who hit crisis point. You can also use there online webchat.
  • Childline (0800 1111)- this service is free for people under 19 and is private/confidential. If preferred, you can email them or use their webchat.
  • Young minds (text YM to 85258) – this free text service is for under 25’s. I tend to use this one the most as they get back to you reasonably quickly, are super friendly, you don’t have to give information if its uncomfortable etc.


Sometimes I feel that apps can distract me and help me through dark times too! Here a few examples:

app to help depression

Stay Alive- Free for any age.

This apps supports people to stay safe through crisis.

Calm Harm - manages self harm - Apps on Google Play

Calm Harm- Free for any age.

Private and protected app to help prevent self-harm.

distrACT – Apps on Google Play

distrACT- free for 17+

experts in suicide prevention.

Mental health matters

At the end of the day, depression can be hard no matter what age you are. You all go through different difficulties. Here is my story and my tips for depression! If you have any other suggestions, what’s yours?

Thank you for such an insightful post on Mental health in teenagers, Demi.

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Using CBD for its benefits for Skincare.

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So as you probably already know that CBD has been a hot topic for self-care and wellness for quite a while now! with CBD having so many benefits to your physical health and mental wellbeing, (for example, Anxiety) however, that is not all. Did you know that by using CBD for skincare can be a complete game-changer for your beauty regime?

CBD, AKA, cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant. Yep, the one that has been famously known for the Marijuana drug. However CBD may have been extracted from the hemp plant, it does not contain the element THC which is the part of the plant that gets you high.

Hemp has also been used in beauty products for a long time now but is not the same thing. So you when purchasing you will need to check the ingredients for CBD or cannabidiol.

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Really? Using CBD for skin benefits?

Especially over the past few months, I have noticed more and more beauty care products being released containing CBD, such as hair conditioners, toothpaste and body lotions.

So is CBD trend actually beneficial for your skin? and should you be adding some CBD products to your own skincare routine?

Well, even though the full benefits and effects of CBD are still being investigated there is significant indications that CBD is good for you and your body overall!

What does CBD mean for our skin benefits?

Since there has been a rather large selection of the population raving about CBD for skincare we know a few conditions where CBD is due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to deal with a variety of skincare complaints.

Such as the following…

Dry Skin

Dry skin is something that affects most of us at times, especially when we are in the colder months of the year. Personally, this is something that I struggle with, And I have certainly noticed a positive effect by using varies CBD skincare products.

For years I have been suffering from dry skin around my elbows in particularly. I do recommend CBD intensive cream by Holland & Barrett, As this has been a favourite product of mine for a while now.

By using CBD products regularly in your regime, your skin will heal over time as it is great for moisturising and giving you a glowing complexion.


Firstly, let us cross out the myth that only teenagers get acne. That isn’t true at all. I am someone who can definitely raise my hand as an acne sufferer, especially when it comes to my PCOS. Anyone can suffer with Acne, and there age is not a factor of this.

Acne has the ability to leave your skin looking inflamed and this can feel quite sore. By introducing a face wash that contains the CBD element can improve the issues that Acne is causing you. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD work by soothing your skin and reducing acne pressure.

Tip: If you are using a face wash and this is helping but not enough, then using a CBD based facial moisturiser alongside your facewash, can reduce symptoms even more then the face wash alone.
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Wouldnt it be wonderful if we just didn’t age at all? I suppose that is like saying we want to live forever though, and we cannot live in denial and we are all going to age, sooner or later.

However just because we are naturally ageing does not mean we cant aid our skin into looking fresher. Using CBD based products to reduce the effects of ageing is possible, Such as Using serums directly on the skin, lotions or oil tinctures (These are the ones designed for use under your tongue).

Eczema and psoriasis conditions

It is not just Acne that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are helpful for. CBD lotions, act as a soothing balm and are capable of being able to soothe the itching and irritation that has been caused by skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Using CBD seems to be able to slow down skin cell division in order to reduce these symptoms of these common skin irritations.

So to summarise, we love CBD for skincare because…

  • It has anti-ageing elements to its use.
  • Can be used to treat psoriasis and Eczema.
  • It is rich in Omega 6 & 9.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants.
  • Improve and nourish dry skin.
  • Can prevent and decrease acne.
  • Helps boost the immune system.

What to bear in mind when picking CBD products…

CBD is completely legal, this is because it does not contain the THC element. Which means it is easily purchasable and you will be able to find reputable sellers.

I would always suggest the companies such as the previously mentioned, Holland and Barrett when it comes to buying CBD for skincare and wellbeing. I would highly recommend only purchasing from sellers that you are familiar with and trust. Especially so you can ensure that the product you are buying is of good quality and has the correct amount of CBD in them.

Fact: Although CBD products are legal, you will probably find that some stores have set an 18+ age limit on their CBD products.

What are your thoughts on using CBD in your skincare routine?

I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on using CBD based products in your skincare routine? Are there any products that you have used and recommended? Let me know in the comments below what your favourites are.

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